Sunday, 15 October 2017

Should talk or shouldn't talk

Hi beautiful!

I watched Reese Regan's video on YouTube about anxiety and I somehow thought that she actually spoke my mind. My feeling even. Well, except I never cried like she told she did. Poor girl I almost sobbed too watching her. But I know, I don't deserve to talk about something like that here.

Or I should only talk about something like that here... I dunno... enough said.

Anyways I'm quite busy nowadays *rolls eyes duhh* but I like to do inappropriate thing like this when I have a lot of works ahaha. It's soooo me weyyy πŸ˜‚. I need to submit a secret video tomorrow (won't tell what kind of video it is because I truly suck at editing videos) and it isn't finished yet lol.

I guess I shouldn't mention about midterms, quizzes, and assignments now because they are literally my breakfast and lunch *puke water*. And oooh I forgot to tell you about one more interesting thing. Yesterday (Saturday!) I went into the forest at as early as 8 am you know muehehe please be proud of me. (let me repeat, yesterday is Saturday tau tau tau!!!) We were divided into two groups. Our purpose was non other than to do some clearance on our 10km track for AGX Eco-Challenge. Very interesting. Honestly I'm a bit nervous about our route umm... however I'm more worried about our contestants. Because, well it is in the forest obviously, plus the distance is a-freaking-10-kilometer, gaiss! Do you want to see the map?

I can't show you unfortunately, im so sorry T.T (cam nak kena lempang jer kan?)

There are too many pacat there. Sooooo many of them and they are very aggressive. Forget about pigs or other wild animals, right now I'm only focusing on that small creature called 'pacat'.

The baby pacat could get into your socks too goshhh idk how they do it. Maybe they... stretch their bodies until they become really really thin... and long(?) and then they sneakily slip into our socks. Or maybe my socks are just cheap and there is a hole somewhere. Nope,there's none. I just hate pacat, no kidding! At first cam geli-geli jer... and I can still hold them on my own, pastu aku dah jadi meluat betul sekarang rasa macam nak curahkan semua minyak cap kapak atas pacat-pacat tagunee tu -.-

We finished at around 1 pm. I went home and bathed and prayed then I slept. I set my alarm at 4 pm because I had to go for usrah later at 5 pm. But you know,,, I was too tired.

I woke up at 4.40 pm. Everybody was sleeping too hekhek >_<. Siapa yang kata nak bangun study tuuu and janji nak kejutkan iolls tuuuu? 😝 Hehe takpe, yang penting niat tu ada. So I went to usrah but a little bit late lahh and we played a game after that.

Then last night there's a meeting for PRS. Thank God I still had a drop of strength left in me so I went to that meeting too.

Well that was my yesterday's story. Last week? I can't even remember kekeke >_< My planner is as clean as an A4 paper, such a shame rite? Seriously I just don't feel like writing now. Typing is fine !

Bye bye ^^ nak sambung buat video.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Hello beaches!

I wasn't allowed to go to Penang, so my mum let me go to the beaches. Yay!

I followed Asma and her housemates. We went to Pantai Senok, Irama and D'Aur Beach Resort. I never know that most of the beach(es) here in Kelantan are so beautiful! And yes guys, it was my first time going to that famous Pantai Senok lol so malulah kata pure Kelantanese πŸ™Š

This is the best picture from my trip so... yeah pathetic.
I was like "Kemonnnn angin, you wanna ruin my tudung rite? GO ON! DO THAT!!"

Thank you for inviting me, peopleeeeee!!!

Whose friend is this?

This is Asma guys. The owner of the bicycle with disfunctional brake tuu. Remember her? Comel khenn? Kurus lak tu...

At this point, I just couldn't care less about my tudung ヽ(^。^)δΈΏ

Ewah-ewah ^^ hahaha

My family would definitely say
"in what way are you wearing that shade? eyy wait whose shade is that?" 😴 *not mine obviously*
But whatever, we literally shooed a group of kids away to get our photos here. Hehe sorry kiddos, your sisters datang dari jauh kott. Kasi chance ok?

P/s : I'm not ready for final year. No kidding. Oh btw I hope the title doesn't sound too rude... oookay it's not rude but it does sound rude πŸ‘‹

Tuesday, 3 October 2017


Of course you do! (jk)

My fever lasted two weeks later (not a surprise) because I didn't take any meds :P In fact, I'm still coughing till this day. Batuk 100 hari my mum said. But no worries because this thing always happens. Moreover I already have someone taking care of me.. hehe - It's me, ofcos!!! I got my own back ^^

Btw I miss you too, readers.



And that my diary. You will find a black paper at the very first page where I wrote my password for every social media that I have. Correction : actually there's only ONE password - for an app in my phone where I keep all my passwords kekeke. Just in case I die you know (Izrail comes to see us more than once a day ok), someone can deactivate all of them for me. My family especially, but while I'm still breathing now, don't you dare to touch that book. Ever.

Nobody has seen it though.


Moving on. My friends invite me to join their trip to Penang this upcoming weekend. OOOOOhhhh I soooo want to go (actually not sure yet)! I even ask Asma, Uyun, Syura, Finaz and lots of people to come with me and I just can't wait anymore ^^ . Everybody is like 100% sure that I'm gonna join it. But...

Hehe πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

Little did I know,

my mum doesn't allow me to go.

"If you want to go, then I want you to come home this week" - Ma

I just came back from home last Saturday kott...

Love you MUUUUUUUM! Now I don't need to do solat istikharah regarding this issue anymore.
My friends sure are disappointed wuhuhu... I'm so sorry (for being too excited lol XP).




Well truth is, I just dontreallywannajoindaurahpembangunannuqaba... that's why I try to run away to Penang. Kononnyeee~ What a bad, bad girl. Hahaha XD omg what's got into me??


Saturday, 23 September 2017

Bukan farewell pun

Everytime update blog, mesti tulis pasal benda yang dah lepas, macam tulis report pulak. Haih.

So semalam ada agm kelab Explorimba (still a baby club sebab September lepas baru approved) and also JT punya penyerahan jawatan. Aku join agm Explorimba sebab dah dapat makluman awal yang aku handle bahagian teknikal then baru dapat tau JT pun buat event pada masa yang sama T___T sobs... untuk JT tu lagi penting kott.

Agm tu habis awal sikittttttt so sempat aku menyibuk kat JT kejap heheh.

Everybody can tell which one is me. The one who spoils the photo kekeke XD
Some of them actually wear niqab, that's why I make it blur. (One more time insta!)

Niatnya nak pakai baju ikut tema JT (jubah hitam + tudung maroon) then pergi agm, tapi tak boleh sebab aku naik basikal takkan nak pakai jubah khennn... -.- btw, basikal dah ada brek, sebab orang lain punya pulak kekekke XD

Next week, sepatutnya kena pergi jumpa Dr. Boon tapi tetiba he's not available so... minggu sekali lagilah. Tak sure nak pergi seorang ker berteman. Kan nangis lagi habis aku >_< hahahha. Takdelah.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Yayyyy ^^

I think I did the stupidest thing again today. I rode a bicycle with a non-functional brake. Craaaazy yassss, I could have had an accident! Asma (the owner of the bike) already told me so many times to get off the bicycle if I met any hill but but but.... I didn't listen obviously. πŸ˜‚

It was scary mannnnnn!
Ok well, that's not the reason why I'm writing right now, so let's skip it..

Yesterday, I got a good news... well, kinda good news I think.

I was allowed to stay inside the college hostel again this year. See, all the involvements in/outside the uni finally paid off.


I don't want to go.

My mum called yesterday once she knew that and to be frank I still couldn't believe that it was so easy to convince her that I like where I am staying now, at a house.

I love my bed, I love my room, and most importantly I love everyone here. Who would want to leave such lovely housemates and roommates who truly know the acronym MYOB? 

I wouldn't. :) Hehe goodbye~

P/s : I dunno why I'm so rajin updating stories when this blog is on private mode.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Honeymoon week, what?

Manchester United babies are playing against Everton right now and I feel like crying because we're also against Rooney Valencia just scored for us, one nil! πŸ˜‚ oh please I need to release this excitement as fast as possible. Help!?


Hi! So I went to Sabah last Thursday.

Sponsored by my sister (or brother in law idk). Thank you! It's my first time going there hehe. We stayed at Kota Kinabalu and then on the second day we only went to Kundasang. To get the ice-cream!
Well, I think their ice-cream is so overrated.
My homemade one tastes much better!
But this milk is so good :9
 Upload every photo here
So I can delete them from my phone :)

I'm not gonna bore you with my mundane description about what I did/got there so let me just tell you my most unforgettable moment. Kekeke πŸ˜‚ Durra almost lost at the airport ya know *rolls eyes*. I won't forget this incident like seriously why was I the one who had to face that hardship?! I didn't know what exactly happened until there's a middle-aged man carrying her came to me and asked, "Sister, is this your daughter?".

I, who was holding Iskandar at the moment blankly answered, "No, not my daughter" because Durrani is indeed not my daughter but then I remembered...

"Ohhh waaaaaait! That's my daughter, MY DAUGHTER! hehe" *can't believe I actually hehe-ed like that too πŸ™Š

He only laughed and put Durra beside me. (Durra and Iskandar wore the same shirts, no wonder that man came to me out of all people)

But still... If I was him, I wouldn't have left any little kid beside someone like me you know... I mean hellooooo I said that Durra's not my daughter at first ritee? Then suddenly I admitted that she's my daughter. Whose aunty is acting stupidly like this? >_<  I should have said something more intelligent like umm lemme think "Oh that's my niece, sorry I think she just lost her mother inside. Thank you very much for bringing her to me. Thank you 100x." to be truly trusted. Intelligent ke :P

And thank God.. Durra had always been scared of me sooooo she just sat inside her stroller and not running away anymore. Yay me! Then my brother in law came to me but I didn't complain yet because he's my brother in law, not my sister and I just wanted Kakyen at the moment. TO ASK HER WHY DIDN'T SHE TELL ME THAT DURRA WAS ALSO LEFT WITH ME? WHYYYYYY?!

End up, sampai Sabah baru I told her the whole story. I was so nice to let her sleep calmly on the plane :) muehehehe. Now please buy me that Manchester United keychain that I've been eyeing for so long. Tqvm mmmuah!

No lahh, actually I couldn't get mad at my dear Kakyen because she's way too nice and soft and soooooo nice and nice again and she's just nice. Aju nice!

Oooo both of you -.-

End of story.

I could eat seafood btw. Just wanna let you know. Sedap sangatlah seafood kat sini plus I didn't know the price of any single item thanks to Abe Shahrul hehe. He even gave me some pocket money which I returned to Kakyen asap because I didn't know what to buy here. Literally. (But you bought some t-shirts for me too so tenkiuuu ❤)

Pearls? Other jewelleries? Shirts? I dunno...

Let my sister choose. I just wanted to enjoy the moment in a place that I'd never been to before. I'm so easy to please no worries kekeke XP
So many sellers promoting their stalls and we chose this one.

They served a generous amount of drink too! I love it >_<
Ni seaweed mende tah... tak sedap T.T
And one with Iskandar! Oh maybe I do look like a mother lol :P

Before I left my house on Wednesday (my so called house in Jeli), I posted this thing in whatsapp story.
How cheesy~ it's a chain message and whoever replied to me will have to post this photo too in their ws story.

Yeah I know, I have always hated chain-messages or photos but idk what was I thinking on that day... maybe the decision to leave my tablet inside the locker also had some influence with this >_<

These guys... They did it out of sympathy
I know it hahaha XD

I couldn't reply to all of them because... Duhh I hate chain-message okay.
Just let me end it in my phone πŸ˜’

Aha. Sorry, can't resist this one.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

SEH 17/21

I met my new juniors just now and there were only seven of them. SEVEN. JUNIORS. At first I was freaking out because I didn't know what to say. Having the senior feeling was good errrr (not. I feel so old) but to make them feel good with their numbers almost chocked me up. Urgh.

An hour later, I decided that I didn't regret coming to that event. I mean it was compulsory for me since it's under JT, but meeting the juniors is my own choice. So I made a right choice, I guess. They're so happy and excited omaigaddd 😭 major love to all of you! Hehe.

I love forestry very much - I just don't like how some people so narrow mindedly looking down on this course..geddit?

Now let's not think about the future or every unsure thing okay? Somehow everything will fall into place soon. All you need is patience. And hardwork, yes definitely can't leave that one hehe. And oooh always live the moment too, you might miss a lot of things while worrying about the unknown. Come on, we can do this!

(I'm telling this to myself first then it's your turn lol).

Monday, 11 September 2017

What's not to love?

I missed MU's match yesterday oooooh my god. So upset okay, Abah had texted me but I didn't even hear the notification tone. T__T

They only drew though but it's okay, I love them.

Anyway, forget about the match... because right now I'm soooooo in love with my new house (can't live inside the college anymore lulz), because it has a BIG living room where there are enough tables for all of us to study and berguling-guling hehe. See, I told you that I wanted to live here since last two semesters. There's a Harry Potter room also, sahhhh cute! The bedroom is only for sleeping which means I can sleep earlier now ^^ annnd I don't think I'll feel scared to wake up in the middle of the night too. It's safer here (kott..)

 Lol ^^

Lololol >_<
Even my schedule is sooooo lovely. No class again on Thursday yay!!
But I died every Tuesday πŸ˜ͺ, the last class actually ends at 7pm.
Today, lectures and tutorial classes had started and I walked to class. I WALKED.

Then I sweat. Yes ofcos I love sweating because they say sweating is actually the fat crying. But what I don't like is the fact that we'll all smell like an... exploded mammoth. (Sorry, not 'we' it's just me) Can't wait to bring my bicycle here soon.

* * * * *

I am paired with Azifah for usrah this year, you know the angel sent from heaven? Hehe.. I love love looove this girl. Last semester when she told me that I should become a naqibah again, I kindly declined her offer because... I just didn't want to do it anymore.


I was not a good naqibah, that's what I thought and I pitied my anak-anak usrah. See, this girl was done surrendering, like TOTALLY.

But she was so good at convincing me. Long story short, I agreed to join again, but with one condition. She must not leave me alone. Never. (So silly of me to give such condition, ofcos no one will leave me. It's usrah we're talking about not a random backstabbing organization) Honestly I almost forgot about that after listening to Ustaz Khalid's talk during our muzakarah just now. Everything was so inspiring and I felt good once again. Thank you for this feeling, Allah, I will be forever grateful for each moment I spent with them.

Only certain people get to be called 'angel sent heaven' by me and they're included. ❤

Friday, 8 September 2017



We, my family and I went to that place again last month. Shhh. That place which name shouldn't be said due to its bad effect on you guys kekeke. The sweetest thing about it is that we went there as one whole family! ❤️ But I might be forgetting everything already which is lucky for you haha. Oh wait! I remember B ate lotssss of strawberries, I couldn't even look at her without feeling like I wanted to puke. Also remember that I took so many photos of abg. Zul. I swear he was eeeeeverywhere! I did try to shooooo him away of course but it became a legit failure BECAUSE HOW COULD I DO THAT WITH ZAYN AIDAN IN HIS EMBRACE?!

We went to Mossy Hill, Big Red.. oh okay you don't want to know that sorry. Hik hik >_<

Let the pictures speak then~

Meet one year old baby Iskandar!
He's so adorable! tq kakyen for giving birth to this precious jewel >.<
Baby in an attempt to make a duck face.
And me trying not to fall asleep.

We went out for some steamboat at almost 10 pm kottt.

Family photo! Yes it's blurry and I looked so short omg
but everybody was there so let say Alhamdulillah with me hehe. 
Fyi, our raya photoshoot this year had been a total disaster, 
I'll write a separate post about that ok.

Please, appreciate this one. Thank you.
AFHA + Zara + Zarith + Durrani + Iskandar + Zayn Aidan.

Abg. Zul took this photo that's why it's so senget aigooo.. and 
how come Anis looked like she had the same height with me?
I just love this pic! Geng bongsu tak berapa nak bongsu XD
Kakna, what were you pointing at?
Idk how to caption this one.

Blue sky?

Kids and their parents?
#DURRANiSKANDAR family. Kakyen uses that hashtag all the time :)
The unofficial photographer for this trip. She took bad photos too 
but other people were worse than her somehow kekeke XP
We also went to Cameron Square and I tried some of the games there lol *won't tell you which one* because my nieces urged me to. Basically the purpose of doing that was for them to be amused watching their Lion Makteh and for me to look like an idiot. T.T eyyyy

I followed Kakna's family on the last day because the rest wanted to go home already. Sooooo off to tea plantation we went! Kakna (or abg. Zul idk) ordered these:

Mine was the chocolate one (not the muffin) but idk how I ended eating all of them. The drinks too (there were hot chocolate, milk tea, iced-lemon tea and plain water) because KakNa only took a slurp and B also took a slurp and everybody was just so cerewet.

Went home and I lost my voice. Ha-ha not kidding. I totally lost my voice followed by a terrible cough. Then I got a high fever. Then wala!... mood swing.

LION got a mood swing bebeh, party's overrrr!


KakNa baked a marble cake a day before raya haji, and look what happened four days later.... hehhe..

No fungi or mould forming. But nobody wanted to finish it.

Guess what? it was so hard *who's the baker, who's the baker? pahahhaa* Btw if you're wondering why only half of the cake left and which monster actually ate the other half, well...

I did. I did.

Because it still tasted yummy, I kid you not! (can't be a judge for any cooking show this girl hahahhaa)

Ok moving on~

Kak Ummi got engaged on 2nd Sept but I didn't attend it. I still had no voice on that day. It would be so weird to just keep quiet and refrain myself from roaring coughing as loud as I wanted. Congratulation to you, my beautiful cousin! 😘

Third day of raya haji, I'd got some visitors. Nurayunie binti Nafi, Hasni Syahira binti Abdul Ghani, Elunihayati binti Abdul Hamid, and her little cousin. (What's with the full name you may ask? Hihi... you know, just in case someone is searching for any of them, their secret admirer especially, you can find them here! Thank me later, bruh. On your wedding day ;P)

Honestly I was very tired. I didn't even want to get off my bed let alone meeting other people and I would seriously eat those who tried to wake me up then my mum told me that my friends came, sigh...
GOSHHHHHHH which friends mummmmmmm?! Please tell them I just died, pleaseeeeeee..
I'm so sorry hahahha, I love all of you but the fever was killing me... and my mood.

Those three are the queens of impromptu visits so it's nothing weird to my mum. And I thought they only come to see me lol then Luni shoved my face with her external hard disk - for movies. K fineeeee gal! You only want the movies, tsk.. I'll give you my laptop. XP nah hamek kau..

Later, they dragged me to Zulaikha's house for her nephew's aqiqah. I refused ofcos.. buuuuut before I knew it...

...we were all having lunch there. Pretty funny, huh?

I think they're also secretly the queens of convincing others. My friends are so talented...haihh.

Thursday, 7 September 2017


Remember this date Aliaa (7th Sept 2017), you quitted instagram. Oooooo I'm so proud of myself *cries*! So proud that my blog also went private tehee~

This was posted on the 1st Sept. What the hell was I thinking?! Duhh I shouldn't say goodbye if I want to go away, just leave laa aliaa eh kemon~... Leave and let them wonder where you go~ -.-

I had deleted that post tho... Today, no regrets.

Because it captioned this picture and I just realize that I don't like the one on the right. Who on earth smiles like that?

*hands up*

Me. Nobody nobody but me.

Also... Oh actually I'm up to nothing today Just done scrolling some threads in twitter (yasss I got tweet tweet now ^^) because every class was cancelled today (there's an event idk what it is so don't ask) and you know, it really bugs me, like TOTALLY bugs me seeing how some people are shamelessly talking bad about others. Putus tunang. Buat thread in twitter. Gf/bf curang, buat thread. Cerita hantu, sihir semua buat thread. It's like a trend! Don't get me started about the language that they used. So rudeeeee! Bod*h. B*bi. B*tch. Sh*t. F*ck were like their common words!

So sad.

Okay, so I used to do that too in my blog. Literally throwing everything that my heart said about certain persons, except I didn't curse like that... or not at all, you know that huffaz guy and the gossip girl. They did something I didn't like, so I got my revenge and did something wrong by writing here. Not intelligent at all haha >_<

Maybe it's the devil in me. But I don't feel anything about it except serendipity LOL. Btw, I don't trust anyone and that's why lerr I will always prefer my blog over someone else (except my family), just in case you're asking... because,
  1. I think it’s proven that humans are so good at backstabbing half of their own population. WE ALL SEE THAT COMING, admit it 😏 akhir zaman kott.. 
  2. This blog isn't well known, thus the story won't spread far. Heck, no one will ever spread it because they will get bored even before they finish an entry HAHAHA XD
  3. People rarely ask me about those persons. Buat apa tanya because even when they do, never in a million years will I tell them a word. (me being too secretive just annoyed my friends seriously. I'm sorry heheh.)
  4. There's no button for 'retweet' or 'like' here. If you don't like what I wrote, then just go click the 'x' button where it always is. Simple. Why spread something rude if you know it's rude? 
Sooooooooo it's fine. I guess.

Oh I'm not saying that I'm right okay (The REAL right thing to do is to keep quiet, be patient, and pray to Allah so He will give hidayah to those people of course). Everything in life has limits and you set your own limit. We are all grown up now, takkan semua benda nak diajar macam budak tadika lagi. Come to think about it, we'd spent like 11 years from primary till high school learning about morals.

Cannot relate eh?

Seronok maki-maki orang macam itu zikir harian kita?

Pity us.

I am very new to twitter btw and don't know much yet. But rather than finding it addictive, I think it's just a waste of time just like instagram... but don't worry, you can blame me - for wandering aimlessly at some random crappy timelines :P

Please people, don't be too stupid to blabble everything on social media. You could trigger others to create a lot of assumptions. Like, what I'm going through right now...

Allahuuu, I thought that my course is tough enough but these people are even more complicated.

If you hate someone, can you not pull me into it also? Honestly are you a 10 year old? The funny thing is that : if I didn't even budge from your... hasutan? (pfft) you suddenly said that I was already influenced with your enemy. Wutt?! God, it's so annoying.

Why do they even have an enemy in the first place? (actually enemies πŸ˜‘).

So there are two sides here. Two gangs. A and B. I am in between. It's not even my choice to be in between but my life is so sad lol :P and things happen and before I know it, I was there. Surpriseeee!

This is the circle of friends that I'd mentioned long time ago. They never changed.

I know my classmates know everything too since they've witnessed everything in the class and they're sympathy of me. But they can't do anything.

No one actually likes one of the girls from gang A. I repeat, no one. Including me, but mind you I'm still trying so hard to teach myself to dislike only her mean attitude ok. Pheww... I can do this!

The judgmental look from both gangs totally doesn't welcome me as long as I'm still in between of them. Personally I like gang B better because they're nice, both parties are nice (err... noooo) but I'm much fond to the attitude of gang B. Plussssssss what I dislike about gang A is that they treat me like I must choose one side only. Which is crazy. Kerja giler.

Syurga neraka bolehlah nak pilih satu, ni kawan sayang~ you can't eliminate just anyone from your life unless you've got that pass/ticket to heaven or something then... just do what you want. But remember, we have Rasulullah s.a.w as our role model and he... forgives the worst of people.

No one is guaranteed the heaven, now get your feet on the ground, peeps.

Regarding this thing, I will truly appreciate it if they don't tell me anything at all. I'm doing my own thing, whatever it is that they're thinking I'm doing doesn't matter at all. Please, please, please take a real good care of your heart. Fix it. Don't damage it with your sad thoughts about other people, stop overthinking. Okay?

Being a pitiful victim sucks but it feels funny too hahaha XD. Entahlah, this is sooo the end of the world, isn't it? But I'm glad He chose me, because I am forever in need of His guidance :)

Last semester I walked to class alone every morning, all the way from my room because that's the only time I could actually be alone and I always felt like crying. Why did I end up staying with them?It's obvious to my heart that I was not happy being with those people, not at all. But then when I looked up to the sky, the miserable feeling just went away like breeze. That moment, I know He was there and He would help me get through this. Goshhhh...

I'm sorry if everything that I wrote above is also stressful for you.

Now! let me show you these Android names, tetiba kannnn hahaha πŸ˜‚ they're so cute !

Frozen yoghurt
Ice cream sandwich
Kit Kat

Give me all of them!!! Dapnyeee 😚

Next will be P and it could be a pineapple pie or a peach cobbler! :D Till then...

Oh btw Ifah sent a nice message to me awww. Why this girl?! 😍 always at the right moment.

🌹"Jangan pernah mencampur adukkan antara dia dan sikapnya. Karena dia akan tetap menjadi dia sementara sikapnya akan berubah tergantung dari sikap kita kepadanya. Kamu berhak membenci sikap seseorang tanpa perlu membenci orang tersebut."🌹

🌸Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin Bin Alwi Alkaff🌸

She didn't know anything, I swear this girl could read my mind.

Goodbye everybody. Hikhik. ^^

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Sexy lips kinda day

Throwback to the day I got my lower lip swollen like Angelina Jolie's. Wohooo man, so sexaaayyyy! The only difference is that she has the original + permanent + sexy one, while mine is only temporary (read : poorly swollen + not even close to sexy) πŸ˜’ tsk..Wait, do I have to tell you that 'sexy' isn't a correct word to describe myself? πŸ˜‚ Pfft, you already know it.. hehe.

Beeyooteefuuuul woman ❤
Ok, so here is how the story goes.. I was just about to sleep the night it occured when a tingling feeling suddenly shot its way up to my lower lip. However, since it didn't hurt much and was only a little bit itchy so it's okay...bearable still. I ignored. Then a moment later, it started to swell, I don't know how to explain but you know the feeling when any part of your body swells, right? I figured something bad was happening to my poor lip so I quickly took a look in the mirror.

Awwhhh guys... see how cute it turned out! 😍

I even snapped some pictures. Hehe.
Ooo am I vain or... am I vain?! 
My lower lip has never swelled before (that was the first time hence why I took the pictures, not because it looked cute duhh), unlike the upper lip which always cracks a joke anytime it wants so it's not unusual anymore but I won't show it here laa, sorry 😁 hahahha you can imagine how it looks ladies, but you definitely do not want to see it. Not mine. Oh I don't even bother taking any picture actually, because I will end up laughing in front of the mirror instead. Laughing like a hideous maniac because I, TOTALLY LOOK LIKE A DIFFERENT PERSON oheemjii (not kidding, even a monkey will cry seeing my face πŸ™ˆ) before everything becomes a real nightmare -- it bloody refuses to get back to normal.


As if hurting me isn't funny enough.. T.T

I have tutorial classes and lectures to attend, Miss Upper Lip!

Well that is the mundane complaint from me whenever it occurs in uni. Yes. That happens all the time, even in uni. Eyy I won't mind at all if it happens at home okayyy, I don't have to see any lecturer ΰ² _ΰ²  but in university, during weekdays *sighs* a real nightmare, seriously.

How do I recover, you ask? I don't know. Sometimes I put medicine a.k.a my fav minyak gamat or ice cubes and sometimes I just let it swell as much as it wants, but it always takes time to become normal again whether I put something or not. So? Sad... I know.

Other solution : wear a mask.

Nope, cannot wear purdah fwenz, because I'm not ready to be istiqamah with that yet =P

And lastly, to whatever it is that I am allergic of,

I hetchuu.. so much!  Well maybe it's the genius job of an ant or other insects?! Idk, it could be... because I am sweet, remember? >_< HAHAHA *don't you dare to curse at me behind that little screen*

I showed the photos to my mum the next morning and she questioned why did I cover my hair. Haha..whaaat? You think I'm gonna send that to my boyfriend? πŸ˜‚





But here it is. 

To something that is worthy much more than a boyfriend. 

Call me Angeliaa Jolie gaiss..
Oh hey it looks pretty normal when I smile.

 Unfortunately upper lip will never behave like that...

Are you imagining my swollen upper lip again?!
Err..ok but google can help, you know?


Goodbye everyone~ Oh Zlatan is the new number 10! 
❤️ I'm not forgetting Rooney tho. Never will I do that hehhe~

Monday, 21 August 2017

Just a little cut


Hi. Sorry for changing the blog address again. Yerppp.. of course Miss Aliaa here did that again, that was like her fav pastime. And noooow I am very proud to announce that I've known how hard it is to invite people to read my blog. Pfft I must have their email address first! No, I'm not gonna do that anymore -.- btw minta maaf jugak to those who have received the invitation email. πŸ™ˆ I iz malu giler.
It's raining cats and dogs right now and here I am, wrapped in my super comfy blanket and refuse to get off my bed. Don't do this good girls out there... if you don't wanna lose your secret admirers. Lunch? Nahh forget that, I am desperately in need of someone to feed me 24/7 now. Because. I. Am. Spoiled. Like. That πŸ˜‚ Pahahaha!

*Awwww I got that kick, people! So rudeeee, virtually sending me a flying kick like that!*
Yesterday, I helped my mum cleaning the louvre windows in our kitchen (actually she wanted to clean every window in our house but something happened later). Am I a good girl yet? πŸ˜‰ We were happily doing that together before she decided to leave me alone since it would be so much fun to watch me do it all by myself she could do other chores. So, okay no problemo!

I was doing fine until I reached the last row, where I accidentally cut my index finger. Oh no, not fun anymore. Nice one laa aliaa, you never did anything right nowadays *slow claps*. I swear it felt nothing at first and I just stood still looking at my trembling hand. Wooooooh blooooooooood!!! *spent 5 minutes there almost hyperventilated watching the red liquid*

Minyak gamat to the rescue! Hahah >_<

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself due to that small cut until I heard from my friend, Amir that he too was injured last week during a football training and broke his ankle. Broke? Gosh huhuhu kesian that guy. I mean, my finger was all bloody and swollen, but my tights didn’t even rip. This cut is nothing, yeah yeah whatever. I can't even be called an injured person πŸ˜†

Anyway, the incident somehow made me thinking about how much I was depending on my glove at the moment (yes I wore a glove) and felt very confident that all my fingers were going to be safe (when they clearly were not!). I should've known that when you did some business with the dusty windows it also meant your (fingers)life was at risk!

Oh btw I really wore a glove ok, I mean ONE GLOVE not a pair of gloves. Hehe πŸ˜€ I wore it on my right hand only because 1) that particular hand was having some problem (thin/sensitive skin idk) so it always needed extra protection 2) didn't bother wearing both because it felt uncomfortable.

And it was my already-poor-sensitive-right hand that got the cut. Irony much?

The point is. There is no point duhh. It's just that... you can get hurt anytime and anywhere, okee. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, if it is meant to be then it will be. But still, yeaaa prevention is allllwaaaayyyyysssss better than cure!

P/s : I know I shouldn't be typing right now due to my 'injured' finger, moreover this post is very pointless and half-arse (you wanna say that ritee? sokay), but I need to pile something, I mean just aaanything over the previous entry hikhik XD So yep, toodles everybody!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Found your birthday on a Snickers box!

"I think I like someone, what should I do?"

Is that where everything begins?




No, unfortunately.

 I had that chain-message deleted as soon as I received it.




(just kidding! It's still in my inbox hehe)




Ta-dah!! This is the box!
 *look at the expiry date everybody!! >_<

Look at that daaaaate!

This coincidence isn't a novel chapter, babyyyy!

•  •  •  •  •

Earlier this year, I noticed that he had deactivated his facebook, messenger too (forget instagram, he's long gone) and I was like "Mummyyyyy! Finally the time has come! He's gone forever, he's leaving me without saying anything!"

*who is he, you ask? I can't tell XD*
wuuuuuuuuuuuwuwuuu pity me T____T
Buuuuuuuut it's okay, it's okay... *now sit down, woman* because I've never ever gone out there being crazy and frantically throwing :"HEYYY PEOPLE, I'VE MET SOMEONE THAT I'M GONNA MARRY! HE'S THE ONE~ ulala bebeh!" πŸŽ‰

Nope, so nobody knows. Pheww~

Self-pity dismissed 😌


Then I saw his name on Messenger again. *sorry but no emoji can copy my smile here, I am just so happy!*


I still hate Messenger though.


Honestly, he's one of the reasons I'm still having that app in my phone. Other than that ummm.. oh there's none! *fake laughs* lol what a load of nonsense, I want to contact my friends also lah. But don't worry, one day when I finally decide that it is no longer useful to me, I will definitely give him this blog he'll know that I'm still alive..hehe >_<

Ok what? If I didn't post anything in a year, you too can assume that I am dead.




No, just kidding. I will never personally tell him about this blog. Never. Nehi. Fullstop. Being a blogger like me, that is just.. err.. well, embarrassing! You guys don't feel me or what?

That's right, you guys don't. T.T
Actually, there is a possibility that he might've been here before but I'm just too chicken to admit that. Remember when I stupidly put 'Dear you...' entry on facebook? And then when I more stupidly put this blog's address on instagram? Thrice πŸ™ˆ.. I don't know where to hide my face if he really has been here (and never come back).

Alright, maybe I should just ask him. Malu bertanya sesat jalan riteeee?! Wukay, but first we need to make a super short script and imagine his reply. Easy peasy :D

"...err...awak ada baca blog saya ke?"



"Oh pleasssselah, I'm studying engineering! I've got enough struggle already, no time to read your blog go away" *rolls eyes*

I'm expecting that πŸ‘†

So... I'm not gonna ask.

Phone number?

No. He's not my girlfriend. Enuff said.

Email then?

*ko ingat aku nak submit assignment? (¬_¬)/




If I uninstall messenger, that will be like me trying to shut him out of my life - without saying goodbye.

It's not nice.

Plus I don't want to.

Not until he puts this to a stop.




Guys~ of course I'm praying for the opposite, I hope there will be no stop to this. Ever.




But then, what can I do?

This world doesn't revolve around me.


Time changes people.

Meeting new person changes people too. 

•  •  •  •  •

To tell you the truth, there are times when I feel like randomly sending him messages (just to tell him that I only have one cat now... or United just won a game hahahaha πŸ˜‚ oh they won 4 nil today!!! *but I think he doesn't like MU..omg, is it Liverpool?! Is he The Reds?!). I want to do that sooooo so bad but always end up erasing everything over and over again. Plus, there's this stupid little voice from nowhere that keeps reminding me about him and I'm just like : Daymmm I miss him too. I just do! 


it's really not fun missing someone you never know.

It's ridiculous. 

Come to think about it Aliaa, what would you do anyway when you meet him one day? ( idea *maybe I'll smile? like a retard*) And what are you going to say at him? (awak ni boleh cakap kelantan tak?) Or... what if you won't even get the chance to meet him? (now that's kind of disappointing, but I think it's fine).

PERGGHHH look at her being optimistic like that πŸ˜›

Ahahaha it's okay...really.. 

You know when I look at myself, I think I don't wanna meet him at all. Surprise! Hehe.. apart of me being a total weirdo, I guess he's totally out of my league. He's a genius, smart also aaaaaaand idk anymore.. .oh wait! I was like that too >_< only I screwed up last four yrs and then bad lucks kept trailing like ants. Seeeeriously can I just stay young forever so I won't have to think about something like this? πŸ™ No?

I'm pretty sure we all know that Allah is the turner of the hearts. He owns our hearts and He can turn them whenever He wills. Whatever happens in the future, it must be best for both of us and we will be fine. Idk if that is easier said than done or whatnot... but I trust this guy and I pray for the best. I mean duuuude, we're not in any relationship. There's nothing keeping him from someone else, nothing except my prayers. That's the best thing for now, I guess.

Seung Chan is so me. 
And on a serious note, I have told my mum about you. Twice. Just let me know which version you wanna hear first. Both are interesting! Hehe ^^  there's nothing specific in our conversation tho. None! So don't fret, dude :P She doesn't even know your name yet, or where you're studying, living, your hobby, and favorite color, food whatsoever (I don't know that either). What I told her was.. ehemm..

"Ma, I like someone.. do you see my face right now? This is my serious face ok. Do you know what it means? It means I'm serious, of course. He's only a year older though...buuuuut you must approve him anyway thanks to the aggreement we made years ago, oh in fact, you must approve anyone that I like wahahhaha! XP. And don't worry about distance, you won't have to board a flight to be at his hometown." 

The end.

Yes, you guessed it right. 
My lovely mother is afraid of the airplane. Cable car too.

She just smiled, like an angel! Tehee! ❤

It just feels wrong to keep this from my mum, that's why I can't help but tell her. She must know that I like someone (yes you) although I don't really know about the other party (youuuu). At least she doesn't have to waste her time arranging someone for me anymore...hooyay! *coughs rainbow* But the most important thing is I want her to know that this guy (also you), will never be able to break my heart. Because I won't allow that to happen, ever.

I can already see the disappointment on her face (abah too) if I let someone like that break my heart. Someone whom I've never met. I won't let both of you downnnnnnn, parents ❤

Besides, if I compare him to Ma and Abah who have taken care of me for over 22 years now (starting in the womb, bruh), he's absolutely nothing. Yeah bloody unfair~ I know, but since he's not anywhere near halal to me so I guess it's fine! (Ok fine, this is actually me trying to convince myself not to fall head over heels for him. I think I'm failing miserably ( ̄^ ̄))




It's a shame rite, that I can't deny this feeling in the first place.

Or is it not?


oemmjiiii~ I really2 love leaving a lot of space like that!

Because it's annoying.

 Mehehe kesian, you don't know him 😜

Don't worry, no one does.




Looks like it will take me another year to be able to text you again.




Anyway, happy 22nd birthday! Again.
May you be given the best in this life and the hereafter. Ameen.




And I apologize also about last year. Terasa ehh?

 How can I forget your birthday when the first wish is still in my inbox? 


No, actually it's something else lol. Kbyeee~

Just don't forget that it's always you. 


Oh well, there's someone's birthday today.


Someone who's affecting my ability to remember my own name. 
Pfft, ahahhaha! 

No lahh. Who has such power duhhh? πŸ˜‚

So okay, I'm gonna wish early tomorrow (yeaa I won't be pretending like I forget it anymore), becauseeeeeee I dowan to keep getting nervous about this. Besides, I have other thing to be nervous about.. you know it.

What? You don't know?!

We have a game against Swansea tomorrow! 

Come on guys. Aigoo.... that will be the highlight of our day. Red Devils day. 

If they win the game, we will all feel so happy
and another three points in the bucket. Yuhuu!


But if they lose...

They will still win my heart aww..cia cia cia lol goodbyeee penguins!


(oh honey, please... they'll win)

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Hi L! Or is it El?

Hi. It's me, the laziest blogger alive.

Dear my junior Miss L, max love for all the designs that you emailed me!!!! Will definitely use one for my nephew's aqiqah invitation card, which the date is not known yet. Hehe. 

Oh I've never talked about my exam results in this blog because... I think I'm done with my studies lol. No, actually why did I even choose forestry? Why didn't I choose chemical engineering? Or tesl? Whyyyyyy? *sorry to begin by being emo like this, woman you know* Geoscience is famous here btw, you'll love it.

Sure, I've started to get the hang of this thingy... really? Nope, idk. My only advice to all the young people out there, don't be like me. Just do and choose what you love. Yes kids, you can always teach yourself to grow fond of something that you don't like, it only takes times. Aaaaaand it sucks. 

My result was not bad (I think) : the pointer was 3.51 and yep it declined a loooooooooot compared to the semesters before which made me a little disappointed (except semester 1 because I got a bit carried away). Also, I know exactly what went wrong tehee XD

  • I ignored my list of do's and don'ts.
  • my room was so far from my JT friends' (angels sent from above all of them, I'm not even kidding) and it resulted in me being far from the mosque, usrah, ceramah agama and all that. The worst, perhaps far from Him also.
  • my excuses are so lame, aren't they? Kah!

Wukay, maybe that's all. For my co-curicular activities I don't think they're burdensome enough because I was much busier during the third semester and was doing just fine in all the courses enrolled. Based on my 'excuses' above, I think that the second one really hit me. Hard. Huhu. I really did abuse my poor soul. T.T oh my god..

don't you ever do that..

Fourth semester, hmmmmm I won't blame anyone...or anything. Of course. Well you'd meet a few people with manners down the drain (who somehow affect your carry mark as well) just like my academic advisor said. But eventually, that was all my fault. Your fault. Basically you can't blame anyone but yourself. If people ever complained that the subjects were harder and more complicated.. lol idk, every semester I learned something new and later, by hook or by crook I'd have to manage them properly. Get used to them no matter how hard they were. I'm sure you are like that too.

Didn't reach 3.75 is fine actually. Like during the third semester, if you've been reading this blog then you know that I was super nervous because of Statistics, I even vowed that I'd be so so so grateful if I got 3.2 and above. Hahaha. But since I achieved almost a perfect gpa, suddenly a 3.51 for last semester looked soooooo low. 

It's not dean's listed anymoreeeeeee wuhuhhuhuhu..

Some people might say that pointer is not that important. I know. I know. We need powerful softskills, good attitude, blah blah blah, etc just insert whatever you want. In my opinion it is just for our own satisfaction lahh to achieve the best...soooo.. I hope you get my point there, tqvm.

What I want to tell you is that it's not fun getting obsessed over the cgpa because it makes me really sad when I don't achieve my target. So..just learn to be grateful. You'll definitely get more. Don't be sad. Don't be grumpy. It's not cute xP Goodbye!

P/s : L, I hope to hear from you soon! (Or maybe we'll just meet at college?) I think you don't get my reply because it goes to the junk instead -.- so here it is! I can't believe I actually made this public hahhaha. Xoxo!