Saturday, 22 July 2017

No no no not today~

Sometimes I wonder if I still look like a babygirl to my mum.


Right now, I am supposed to be at the peak of Bukit Keluang with Luni, Hasni, Ainaa, and her other four friends.

"Ma rasa tak sedap hati ni, tak payah pergilah.."

There, she said it, the sentence that was powerful enough to change our entire plan. Well, MY entire plan. Why mummy why???

I had been to Bukit Keluang before..hehe. With my classmates. Tell you what, my mum actually didn't know that I was going to hike on that day. She thought I was just...gonna build a sand castle? By the seaside Lol >_<

I went there with Cuya, Ainie, Mimi, Jaa, Iyraa, and Farhan. Yep only one male and my parents approved that.

So off to Bukit Keluang we were.

We had no problem eventhough it's weekday and not many people were there. The forest was strangely quiet though, now that I think about it, it was actually scary. But being the students who spent most of our times in the forest, we stayed calm. Long live forestry students!!! Ceh perasanlah ko kena tinggal sorang2 dlam hutan nangis gak. 🀦🏻‍♀️

It only took us an hour to reach the peak and subhanallah the scenery was sooooo beautiful. No one was there. Yayyyy! Can take lots of pics hehe!

I went home and showed Ma our pictures from the trip. She didn't look surprised. Uhh well, she didn't look like a mother who did not allow her daughter to hike Bukit Keluang. πŸ˜‚

So ladies and gentlemen, of course I assumed she would let me go today. Pheww..

Nope. No chance :) She still trusted my classmates especially Farhan lah since he's already familiar with that place.

Haha so okay, I won't go.

Plus, I don't feel good also right now.

Abah tho... "bahahaha lawaknya kalau sesat di Bukit Keluang"

Excuse me, anything can happen okay .. -.-

Really why did Ma have to say that sentence? πŸ˜‚

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Fourth Z

18th July 2017, 11.02 pm

Sent Kakna to Hospital Besar Tanah Merah, then left her there with Abe Zul.

19th July 2017,  not sure about the time..around 1-2 am. She safely delivered her baby! ^^

Ma and Abah sent me to the hospital again, to accompany Kakna. Because husband couldn't go inside the ward unless it's visiting hour. Arrived there at 3 am something.






Kakna let me sleep beside her on the hospital bed.. hehe may God bless my sister! She's so lovely that's why she's the eldest. ❤

You know if I were her and Anis accompanied me, I'd just let my little sister lie on the floor 
(because I inherit the gene from Cinderella's stepsister kekeke~ πŸ˜‚)

We went home at 12 noon. With the handsome baby :)

Welcome to the family, Zayn Aidan. We share the same birth place! And the same birth month! >___<

Btw Zac still couldn't admit the fact that he's an older brother now. He kept asking Kakna "Mana mama dia?", "Ni baby sape?" and I was like homaigadddd this is so serious! A few seconds ago he told me that the baby looked handsome just like him!

Good luck Kakna and Abe Zul. You guys need to make a really good explanation for him lol.

Monday, 17 July 2017


B took this photo! Once a year I should post a large photo like this.
To surprise all of you muahahaha xP eyy don't stare at my teeth. They're self-conscious.
Accompanied my mum to her orchard this evening, Zara and Zarith tagged along because of me. Haih I should stop being awesome now, they're very clingy! πŸ˜›

❤    ❤   ❤

I soooooo hate it when people come to my house when I'm sleeping because my mum will wake me up (out of all people in the house) while I'm still mamai (not to mention my grumpy+smiley face that they will see after that) just to brew some tea. Buuuut, can't blame them tho because I never advertise my sleeping schedule (which of course is non-existent..duh) to the public.

Today my mum's cousin came. With her 21 y/o son, who is also my friend since high school. But we're not bestie. Actually I am not sure if we're even friends lol.

I was mamai. Like super mamai.

But I went out anyway. Settled the tea, until I saw something weird which happened to be the tea. It looked very pale. Omg I'm so done hahahaa come on~ are you okay tea sweety? I couldn't find other sachet, that was the last one and... I was stupid for using a huge teapot -.-

So, I decided to add some Indocafe to it (you know to deepen the colour hohoho πŸ˜‚). I know what you're thinking, readers. I am genius. Oh thank you! It's okay laa tea and indocafe are like relatives so of course they will click with each other.

There you go 21 y/o son I call my cousin, I know your mum doesn't drink anything sweet so yeah this 'teaindocafe' is specially made for you. XD

Thank God he didn't say anything.

I know my mum and her cousin, they could talk for hours nonstop. And this time, I couldn't believe that the 21 y/o son also joined in. Many issues came out to which I didn't focus at all. I still wanted to sleep.

Until they talked about body weight.

Ma : S****g, berapa berat S****g?

Me : 45 kg *confidently*

21 y/o son : Yaa, beratnyaaaaaaaaaaa ya Allah.


Me : eleh, awak tu 60 kilo. Eh silap, 70?

21 y/o son : manade, tak sampai pun.

Ceyy of course laa taknak ngaku. Wateva floats your boat.

I was actually proud of myself for not taking his comment as an insult muehehhee. Ehh 45 kg is okaylaa with my height. My bmi says that I am healthy.

Honestly I am proud of myself for not taking eeeeverything that people say about my physical as an insult. For example acne.

My acne isn't bad. But they just won't heal, because I am too lazy to do anything for them.

Last two year my face was flawless (ehehhe sorry masuk bakul angkat sendiri plak en >_<) and people knew it. But starting from October 2016 idk what happened, suddenly they just came out on my cheeks. Let's not mention Miss Pimple spot, she's annoying. I didn't change my cleanser. I literally didn't change anything. And people started asking. ClichΓ©.

I don't know also guyssss, how do you expect me to explain to you guyssss?

I redha jerlah. 😁

Other people have it worst and I notice some of them are so stressed out when we mention about acne. That's why I never talk about people's physical appearances. I've said this. Not because I want them to do the same for me, but because it will be a useless talk. Acne, acne, acne. Fat. Fat. Fat. Boring.

But I am fine.

You can say anything about my acne (and body weight) hehe.

I just pity them ok, they don't have any place to stay so I give them my face.
#imnotalionanymore #imanangel

Bye bye.

P/s : My brother in law drank the tea over lunch and he asked my mum "air teh apa ni Ma?". Uh oh..

Saturday, 15 July 2017

It's just Saturday

3 minutes left! Tadah this usual entry on this usual date! Hehe. I'll write later okay?

. . . . .

Okay. Sorry I was busy yesterday.

I was never busy on my birthday.

Usually, I would just stay quietly at home. And sleep. Hehe.

Yesterday was my cousin's engagement day, ehh no, not engagement yet. Only merisik but it seemed so much like engagement thingy. πŸ˜€ There were ring, desserts, and lots of presents from both parties. Yums!

Kakna brought me out after that.

Umm maybe I never told you this before, but I always alllllwaysssss got easily tired whenever I went out with her. Her feet could be walking all over the place but my feet, they only loved the bookstores huhu. At one point I began to wonder, "Who is actually pregnant right now?" Hwaaaaaa dia tak penat ke T.T

These two asked me to take their photos like it's their 1st anniversary 
She sent me home at 11 pm, almost 12.

Thank you very much Kakna (and Abe Zul also), I already said this 10 times though yesterday, but if you read my blog then you'll get 11 thank yous hehe. Pheww.. and finally B believed that yesterday was really my birthday. That kid trusted no one only because there was no cake -.-

Oh so you wanted cake?

Then Baby, last week my birthday would be 5 days in a row because Mamayen bought cakes eeeeevery single day. Err, cupcakes laa. Mini cupcakes. From her school cafetaria. Or raya celebration. Idk.

Cupcakes are small, Makteh. They couldn't be called birthday cake.

Whatever. I'll go talk to Bucida molineti over there. Bye.

Ili's coming to my house today. She's gonna ask for my mum's permission to kidnap me hehe. Goodbye people! And thank you for the wish. I mean everybody ❤

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Goodbye T.T

Why there are so many goodbyes this month?? Why?

Can you guess who is it this time?
Hint : My baby koala
Pfft, of course you don't remember my crush.
Goodbye handsome, bye bye... sobs T.T
He tranfers to Real Sociedad. Which is okay since he won't have to face Manchester United.
Besides, the genius Mourinho *can't believe I'm typing this..nyawwwnn* also includes a buyback clause in his contract. Which is good because I want him to make a comeback one day soooo sooooo badly. 
So, Real Sociedad ey?
 At first I want to follow their instagram but then change my mind
30 seconds later because I can't understand a word -.-"
He seriously needs to come back T____T
I've no word, guys. Okay, okay..goodbye.
P/s : Now my fav number is 8 muahahahahhaa! XD

Monday, 10 July 2017

Yesterday's story is history

Omoooo it passed 12 o'clock already T.T

So yesterday was B's birthday. Don't ask me about her age because being the good aunty that I am, I'm not sure about it hekhek XD (alaaah it's either 4 or 5, I forgot okay)

This kid doesn't age at all...
Baby, please don't grow up being a heartbreaker..hehe

Yesterday is also the day Wayne Rooney officially transferred to his old club, Everton. Yes, our Wayne, our Wazza, our United hero, our captain. I felt like my heart was being ripped out :'( but it's okay, he moved at the right time, to the right club.

Tbh I couldn't remember if I ever despised him for the way he played or decisions he made while in United.. because this man always knew what he's up to. But, emm, he almost left the club though in October 2010 hahaha πŸ˜‚ and fortunately at that time Januzaj was no where near my radar. So did Manchester United, so of course I didn't care. *scoff*

Goodbye legend, goodbye! ❤️
This guy wrote his name in the club history forever,
and perhaps no one will ever come close to beating his record.


Tuesday, 4 July 2017



Seperti yang aku bagitau dalam post sebelum ni, actually post yang zaman bila lagi ntah, aku nak cerita pasal Heritage English Learning Program (HELP), program yang aku dapat elaun tu, yang kena mengajar bahasa inggeris budak-budak darjah 4 dengan 5 tu, hari Jumaat Sabtu tuu. Tapi sorry ler tak boleh cerita semua, sebab aku dah lupa πŸ˜‚

Bulan ni insyaAllah akan diadakan majlis penutup. Tapi aku tak tau bila hehe. Phone aku problem sekarang so aku tak tahu apa-apa. Tapi tak payah risau sebab aku yang bijak ni sudah pun menyebarkan nombor mak aku kat semua orang. Bagus enn.. japgi ada yang call minta duit raya XP




Untuk program ni which is under Dato' Pa, aku ditempatkan di SK Kalai bersama 11 orang lagi fasi. Semua students ada lebih kurang 100 orang. Ramai okee. Pastu akan ada seorang teacher untuk lead lecture. Fasi-fasi ni cuma membantu anak murid buat latihan je. Pastu adalah lagi aktiviti-aktiviti lain untuk pastikan diorang tak rasa bosan. Aku rasa tugasnya lebih kepada fasi lol.

Ni masa minggu kedua, aku tengah struggle nak ingat nama adik-adik comel kat situ,
siap tulis nama ikut warna baju kott. Pastu esok lupa balik kakakakka XD

Kelas bermula pukul 8 pagi sampai 5 petang. Aku kan... kan awal-awal tu dah tak berapa berkenan dengan program ni sebab terpilih (ehh pastu rajin pulak ko mohon then siap pi iv bagai -.-), bila tengok jadual yang packed macamtu jadi bertambah murung XD

Maaflah tak jelas lansung gambonye~
Tapi syukur kepada Allah sebab pada minggu first aku dah boleh adapt dengan suasana kat situ. Budak-budak semua friendly namateyy ^^ Aku ingat lagi hari first masa semua lelaki pergi solat Jumaat, fasi yang perempuan ni kemain bersungguh-sungguh appoint aku untuk bagi tazkirah dekat budak-budak. So okaylah aku start. Sebab memang ada dalam jadual pun.

"Nanti rotate tau?" kata Aliaa kepada sahabat-sahabatnya. Semua setuju πŸ‘πŸ»

Pejam celik pejam celik, sampai minggu last aku jadi ustazah tak bertauliah -.-

Tapi seronok! Sebab semua orang nak dengar apa yang kau cakap ^^

We divided those kids kepada lapan groups ; GREEN (3), YELLOW (3), RED (2).

Dah boleh agak kan function colour tu? Hehe. Kalau Green memang budak-budak yang pandai, Yellow pun sama but slow sikit jer, then kalau Red ada yang tak boleh membaca dengan lancer lagi. Saaaangat menguji kesabaran.

Kadang-kadang ada jugak timbul perasaan nak ajar group Green jer every week, tak nak lansung ambik Red. Jahatnya iolls 🀦🏻‍♀️

Tapi kan,

Group Red tu kot yang buat aku appreciate cikgu-cikgu kat luar sana. Hahaha. Daripada ajar diorang guna kamus, sampailah diorang boleh faham apa yang soalan tanya. Kena marah pun tak pernah nak ambik hati T.T sobsobs...

Barisan fasi yang sengal ❤️
Terlebih nur pulak hehe
Fasi-fasi ni jugak selalu buat games (macam-macam games, bagus kan?  sebab teacher suruh sebenarnya pahahaha) untuk adik-adik sebab nak bagi diorang have fun sambil belajar. Yelah takkan aku jer yang nak murung sebab kelas pukul 8 sampai 5, mesti diorang pun murung ni.


end up, diorang rindu (T.T) cepat giler rindunya.. Duhhh kids, tolonglah jangan bagi kitorang hard times tambah-tambah dah nak dekat minggu akhir kott.

Masa minggu yang takde kelas, siap whatsapp lagi fasi-fasi tanya asal minggu tu takde? Rindu nak belajar lagi.

Whaaaat? Takkan diorang tak happy lansung kelas takde? Weolls happy giler kott especially tuan punya blog ni sebab beliau dapat balik rumah weheeee! 

Haritu (bulan Mei tak silap) masa si koordinator bagi ucapan, dia ada cakap "This is like... the last time you will be able to see these kakak² and abang² faces.. sebab diorang dah nak exam, jadi dah tak boleh datang mengajar korang. So minggu ni buat yang terbaik, jangan nakal-nakal, dengar kata diorang okay?"

Aku dah berair mata, sikiiiiiiiit lagi nak menitis... Apeniii Aliaa this is soooo not you! πŸ˜‚

Pandang kanan, fasi sebelah aku dah menangis. Whayyyyy?

Last amendenya koordinator?~ aku orang Kelantan kott mestilah boleh terjumpa kat mana-mana ishh.



Aku pernahlah missed kelas sekali, sebab clash dengan field trip.

Lepas tu ada sorang budak lelaki ni tak datang kelas jugak esoknya. Darjah empat.

Kawan aku semua mati-mati ingatkan dia tak datang sebab aku.

Betul niiii?

Iyerrr, sebab budak tu asyik tanya mana Kak Aliaa.

Duk cari kau jer siap cakap nak kau ajar dia.


Whatevs~ I think he was absent because he went balik kampung or something.

Apapun aku dah perasan muahahahha XD

Btw, nama dia Aiman Danish πŸ˜ƒ ke tak? Aku keliru sebenarnya sebab ada sorang lagi nama Ieman Danish. Muka diorang hampir sama, pastu bestfriends pulak, dua-dua pakai kopiah, duduk sebelah-sebelah. Sejuuuuk mata akak tengok kome dua orang.

Si Aiman/Ieman tu markah paper English dia meningkat giler tahu? Masa exam bulanan, dari gred C ke A. Dah pandai buat karangan semua. Aku terharu plus gembira plus macam-macamlah >_< sebab...umm.. dia kan selalu cari aku..ahaks.

Kakyen : Dia score sebab cikgu dia pun ajar jugak. Bukan sebab uolls.

What a mood spoiler my sister -..-

So, nak kata apa eh? Alhamdulillah aku dapat jugak peluang mengajar budak-budak kat sini (walaupun tak dapat Ipg dulu uhuk uhuk). Sokay, no regrets. Lagipun aku tak rasa profesion guru ni sesuai dengan aku. Tak tipu ok. Aku garang, kurang tahap sabar tambah-tambah dengan budak-budak degil.

Aku kan Lion..lupa eh?

Oh mesti lupa kan sebab aku tak macam Lion? :D AHAHHAHAHAHAHA love you!

Ps : Tetiba aku rindu dekat ustaz Ezani, entah mengajar kat mana sekarang. Ni ustaz yang ajar aku bahasa Arab masa form 1 dulu... pastu dia pindah, yang selalu panggil aku Aina (tak kisah pun sebab memang orang selalu ingat aku nama Aina), yang baikkkk sangat macam ayah-ayah kita, yang buat aku sayang giler bahasa Arab :)
Before start kelas wajib ikut dia baca niat belajar ni dulu sampai aku dah ingat.. I mish!

Sesiapa yang bakal menjadi guru (aku tau ramai), bolehlah amalkan.
InsyaAllah semua akan dipermudahkanNya. You can do it!