Friday, 19 April 2013

I couldn't believe my eyes

I couldn't believe my eyes oh dear god.

Thump, thump, thump.

To be honest, I had been seeing a lot of strange things lately, so it was hard to make sure if my eyes were not cheating on me at the moment. Because the guy who was standing about two meters away from me was absolutely like the one from my dream.

"Is that really him?" I rubbed my eyes a few times.

Out of the blue, he made a beeline towards me and asked gently, "Excuse me, is there something in your eyes?"

I was shocked that I couldn't digest what he was saying. That voice, oh my god! It was really him. He was Jung Daehyun, the eye candy of B.A.P.!

But, what in the world was he doing in this mall, and only by himself? I heard that B.A.P would come to Malaysia to film their new music video, but where were the other members?

I took a deep breath and asked, "Are you Jung Daehyun?"

He did not answer and just looked at me like I was an alien.

"You know what? You're so dead if the fanatic fans of yours *it's meeeeee!!!* know that you're here, they will kidnap you right away. And do you know what is worse? They can force you to marry them! Omg right?!"

Daehyun's eyes were wide open and then he chuckled. Aww man, that's too cute. Suddenly, he pouted, "Ahh, it's too bad that it's not you. Can you just kidnap me, please!"

I think God just gave me strength right there and then because I was actually capable of showing him my bored face. Yay for me, boo for Daehyun!

I asked him again and this time, more gently.

"I am lost."


A famous singer lost his way in a shopping mall? Lolololol πŸ˜‚And then I remembered something and stopped laughing instantly. Daehyun is a Korean, he lives there. Of course he's not familiar in Malaysia. Oh, girl you're an idiot!

I looked at Daehyun and he was blushing.

"Umm, sorry. I forgot that you're not familiar to this place. Let me show you the way to the entrance then." I said apologetically. His expression changed immediately. "By the way, welcome to Malaysia". He smiled. (oh just kill me!)

When we were walking towards the bookstore entrance, I was suspicious about the people out there. What if they recognize Daehyun? He couldn't get out like this. Definitely not! Then, I blocked his way before we reached the entrance. Daehyun almost bumped into me. He looked at me and raised his left eyebrow.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

I bit my lower lip before saying something that was really out of my mind. "I don't want you to get married yet!" then quickly covered my mouth with my hands.

Oh... blimey.

"I mean..I mean..hmm..nevermind."

Daehyun smiled and he took my bright pinky cap,which was prettily on my head before. "I'll cover my face with this,okay?" He raised the cap before wearing it. "Oh, and wait a minute. I have to call my manager to fetch me."

I couldn't even talk. I stared at him without blinking. Bright pink plus blond hair. That's totally striking.

Then, a beautiful girl wearing a pastel-colored  gown caught my eyes. She entered the bookstore and glanced at me and Daehyun.

I was like 'Oh no! Daehyun's dead!'. The girl gave me a smile and just walked away to the magazines section.

Phew! Daehyun had just done talking to his manager in his iphone. I  was still shocked with the pretty girl and just stood motionless facing the door entrance.

"Hey, Princess. Let's go." Daehyun's voice made me got back to reality. Did he just call me 'Princess'? That's sweet. I looked at him before put both my hands on my cheeks as I knew that I was blushing.

"Okay, come on."

We exited the bookstore. I was worried if somebody might recognize Daehyun. Well, not many Malaysians have blond hair! Daehyun just looked at his feet while walking. Poor him. When we passed in front of a souvenirs shop, he stopped and made a gesture for me to follow him. I tailed him inside the beautifully decorated shop. He took the biggest teddy in the shop and smiled at me. I dropped my jaw in disbelief. What was he going to do with the teddy? Bring it to his sister in Korea?

After that, we went to the mall entrance straight away. I noticed that a lot of girls and kids were looking at the teddy in Daehyun's hug enviously. Some of them kept saying something like "woah", "so cute", and so on. I just smiled and glanced at Daehyun. His face was already covered with the teddy's head. The white teddy was so big, about Daehyun's size maybe. In fact it was so cute with a really soft-looking fur.

When we reached outside the mall, it was already night. We sat on a bench while waiting for Daehyun's manager. I just kept quiet because I was too tired and unconsciously looked up at the sky.

"Is there something interesting up there?" Daehyun also looked up to the sky with dreamy eyes and then glanced at me, smiling.

"Look, there's Orion." I pointed my finger at the constellation of a giant hunter with a shield in his hand. "You know, I really love the fact that he gets brighter when the day gets shorter."

"Oh, so interesting. But,there's something even more interesting that I don't know, I guess. What's your name" He gave me a meaningful smile.

"I don't think you can pronounce it correctly." I laughed.

Daehyun pouted and then laughed with me.

After a while, a black limousine stopped in front of us. Daehyun stood up and said "Gomawo" handsomely. It was a Korean word for 'thank you'. Was it time to bid goodbye already? I stood up too and smiled at him. It must be his manager in the limo. Why did he drive so fast, huh? I began scolding the manager, but just in my head though.

I really wanted to cry and before I knew it, Daehyun shoved the huge, white teddy in front of my face and I was like "what the..."

"Don't cry, Princess or I won't be able to look at you. Thanks for being my knight in shining armor today. Keep this teddy and never forget me, arasso?" He patted the teddy's head.

I laughed and rolled my eyes. "Whatever. Nobody's crying except you!".

Daehyun opened the limo's door.

I was astonished to see all the members of B.A.P. were there, in the limo. My mouth made a big capital 'O' and I knew that it must be ugly. Oh no!

They waved their hands at me and said, "Goodbye, Baby."

'Baby', that's the word that they used to call their fans. But, Daehyun called me 'Princess'. I would definitely remember that moment until I got married, LOL. I waved at the limousine which was getting farther and farther away from me.

When it was out of my sight, I smiled and hugged the teddy that Daehyun gave me tightly. It smelled fresh berries and lichee. I guessed it must be his perfume. This guy was seriously so cute. Thanks Daehyun. =)