Friday, 30 June 2017

*insert crying+laughing hysterically emoji*


Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy~! Finally guys, I am late I know.. but I just want to say how happy I am to have another girl replacing my position in this organisation! (not gonna explain further because it's not important).

Okay, so it has been a year collaborating with JB (k fineee he doesn't look like JB at all). A year! you know which organisation that I'm talking about ritee? 😁

What else can I say other than it was a good experience? Tehee~

Even though... oh well I felt a bit annoyed at first because the seniors kept saying that it would be awesome for us to work together. Awesome? Seriously? Heh I still don't get it, because he told me that he didn't know anything  -.-"

This partner of mine a.k.a JB (should stop calling him that, sorry readers) a.k.a Haikal is from geoscience course, which is known as the busiest course in my university *roll your eyes now*, and I know... I know that I'll be left alone later on. Duh~ I even prepare myself for that. *wink wink*

My friends also tell me (annoyed again): "Dear Aliaa, you have to get ready to be veeery busy because Haikal is going to have a lot of field works bla bla blah. So do your job and manage your time properly okeng???"

And I thought : Hello~ as if I won't have any work to do -,-





But you know what?




I WASN'T LEFT ALONE! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~! XD

Thank you very much, team leader. Hehe.

I'm sorry for being unaware about your existance all the time. Well~ I do that to all people *blows nails* tbh I really thought that he's busy 24/7, that's why I never tell or ask him to do anything. But really, there is still a little bit of this and that that I can't do on my own. I lack lots of things and I know it. So... thanks again for these one, two...ten months ehh? I guess.. lol whatever, I have Wani okay. Now everything has ended and that's what matters..yess! 😂

Searching for JB, aren't you?

I felt a bit sad during the interview day (in May) and somehow regretted that I didn't try this once more. Anyways.. Good luck to the new girl (and boy) ^^

P/s : Everybody loves JB. As expected 😒 All my friends love him you know.. plus he's quite famous too (yeah, shocking). They always compliment him and oooh, they also thought that he's going to be the next NYDP. No wonder I was always jealous. He's the good one and I automatically become the black sheep... psshh.


Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Raya 2017

Assalamualaikum and hi guys! Happy Eid from me and my family ^^

Look.. Anis is doing her homework right now. She said 'sakit kepala' loooots of time. Let's not disturb her okay. Oh before that, I wanna make a confession.. fuhhhh.. I am so so soooo annoying to my little sister (she only laughed it off though...okaylaa sometimes she's mad too). I always annoy her and annoyingly have no idea why I love doing that so much. If I were her, I'd have slapped myself long time ago and never woke up again hekhek.

Ok the end of my confession.
I don't have anything to share about my raya also guys.
So, the end of this entry. Jk XD

On the 1st day of syawal, my long, long eyelash had decided to fall into my left eye and that's it, that's how it killed me on that day -.- I woke up earlier than anybody else. Like.. too early I think.

Ma made nasi dagang. Anis baked cakes. I did not do anything hahaha 😆 oh come on, I was still trying to fix my sleeping habit (it's like a total hurricane now, so I slept again) and doing something else, besides saving Jan for the 1507th times from Captain Hook's army which were also known as my nieces and nephews. They just couldn't bear seeing Jan resting nicely on my bed. Those cheeky kids.

Hari first balik kampung macam biasa.
You see... camera filter these days didn't make sense anymore.
Anis was unhappy because I stole her spotlight ngahaha XD and
don't ask me what's with that face, I only exist in this photo, guys. Have mercy.
I still got duit raya, thank you aunties and uncles~ muahss. Anis should thank me because I didn't make any effort to look younger (or cuter) than she is lol or.... I'd get more duit raya wohohoho.. now bow to big sissy.  And as always, no one spelt my name correctly on my sampul *sigh* except my sisters. But that's only because I wrote it on my own. Kakna and Kakyen were busy with their kids Captain Hook's army, so it become my job to fill the sampul duit raya for them. With names.

A.L.I.A.A become this :

Alya - Alia - Alyaa - Aliya  
(they tried.. so it's okay)
Aliyah - Aliah
(I've never heard people calling me with a 'h' at the end.
This annoys me. Honest.)

I forgive all of them because of the duit raya 😂😂😂

P/s : last but not least, I also sent a hari raya greeting to that ghost number hehe because we need to spread looooove! XD but got no reply. I am sad.


Sunday, 18 June 2017

15 y/o who can't wink

I had Wood Physics test yesterday.

Do you know that it wasn't the best day of my life? AHAHAHA of course you don't know but I'll tell you why.

It's because PD101 final episode was aired on the night before my exam, while I was happily revising my notes. My million words notes! 😁 Me being silly as always just stopped doing whatever I was doing at the moment and watched this show instead (live-streaming guys), hoping that my baby Kim Samuel would win hehe.

He's the one who can't wink! Shooo cute 😂

This lil precious thing!

And guess what?

He got number 18.

Hahahahahaha so funny.. Who the hell made his ranking drop that much?! Who?!

Man, I was so heartbroken.

I was so sad.

Honestly I am still sad.

I just hate how the voting system works.

They only vote for the pretty faces.

They don't even care about talent.

Samuel has failed three times to debut, since he's with Seventeen for god's sake, now he only deserves a ranking like Somi 😢 hwaaaaa!

Why did they do this to him?

He cried. Amagadddd T_____T

I downloaded PD 101 just because Samuel was in it. Only because of that 15 y/o kid! Now look what had happened to him? And now look which folder just made it way into recycle bin. Hehe. RIP those evil 10 episodes. How dare they give him so much screentime only to get a higher rating. What a dirty play.

Precious jewel was eliminated so...

Tapi okay jugak dia kalah, I won't have to follow Wanna One anymore, yay! Everything happens for a reason, Sammy. Everybody knows he doesn't deserve that rank.. he's so talented and people know it.

P/s : Yesterday I sat at the back row in the exam hall and I swear all my friends who passed by (I mean all of them ok) just patted me on the back and muttered 'Samuel~~~~'. I was like 'Whaaaaaaat? guyssssss don't do this to me please just go..go go go!' Embarassing mo~ *next time be careful with your instastories XD

Today I think I did okay for MP pheww I think I did okay ha-ha-ha-ha you know what it means when I think??~, next paper is on 20/6 - wood anatomy. Sorry for being here, I need to write this asap before I forget aaaand don't forget to pray to Allah to let us meet with lailatul qadar hehe. Bye~

Monday, 5 June 2017

I went to CH again!

Maybe you'll vomit just by reading the title muahahaha. Cannot ok, nanti batal puasa. XD

Excuse whatever you see above..
Well if my parents go, wherever they go, I'll definitely follow.

It was last Monday, when my mum suddenly said :

"Jom try puasa kat sana..."

"Jommmmmmmm" answered everyone except baby Iskandar. Hehe.

We went there on Tuesday.

Only me, Ma, Abah, and Anis. Yassss! No distraction from all those kiddos!

When I didn't listen to my brain and was feeling
genius enough to go picking strawberries.

Lepas tu pengsan..
Say haiii kat Jan.
Dia dah nak kena pindah kelab lain next season hwaaaaa 😭
I hate Mou. 
Gelak apa ntah dia ni 
Hehe whatever Hawanis, funny how she always looks so
good in every photo. Sila perasan :p
And then... there's this girl who doesn't want to go home.. *go slap her*

Lain kali tak payah pergilah bulan puasa, penat nak jalan-jalan >_< sekain~ doakan aku,
final start 10 haribulan ni. Pastu raya!