Saturday, 22 July 2017

No no no not today~

Sometimes I wonder if I still look like a babygirl to my mum.


Right now, I am supposed to be at the peak of Bukit Keluang with Luni, Hasni, Ainaa, and her other four friends.

"Ma rasa tak sedap hati ni, tak payah pergilah.."

There, she said it, the sentence that was powerful enough to change our entire plan. Well, MY entire plan. Why mummy why???

I had been to Bukit Keluang before..hehe. With my classmates. Tell you what, my mum actually didn't know that I was going to hike on that day. She thought I was just...gonna build a sand castle? By the seaside Lol >_<

I went there with Cuya, Ainie, Mimi, Jaa, Iyraa, and Farhan. Yep only one male and my parents approved that.

So off to Bukit Keluang we were.

We had no problem eventhough it's weekday and not many people were there. The forest was strangely quiet though, now that I think about it, it was actually scary. But being the students who spent most of our times in the forest, we stayed calm. Long live forestry students!!! Ceh perasanlah ko kena tinggal sorang2 dlam hutan nangis gak. 🤦🏻‍♀️

It only took us an hour to reach the peak and subhanallah the scenery was sooooo beautiful. No one was there. Yayyyy! Can take lots of pics hehe!

I went home and showed Ma our pictures from the trip. She didn't look surprised. Uhh well, she didn't look like a mother who did not allow her daughter to hike Bukit Keluang. 😂

So ladies and gentlemen, of course I assumed she would let me go today. Pheww..

Nope. No chance :) She still trusted my classmates especially Farhan lah since he's already familiar with that place.

Haha so okay, I won't go.

Plus, I don't feel good also right now.

Abah tho... "bahahaha lawaknya kalau sesat di Bukit Keluang"

Excuse me, anything can happen okay .. -.-

Really why did Ma have to say that sentence? 😂

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  1. Dah penah ada yg sesat actually siap masuk paper lagi. Kena selalu hati2..