Thursday, 20 July 2017

Fourth Z

18th July 2017, 11.02 pm

Sent Kakna to Hospital Besar Tanah Merah, then left her there with Abe Zul.

19th July 2017,  not sure about the time..around 1-2 am. She safely delivered her baby! ^^

Ma and Abah sent me to the hospital again, to accompany Kakna. Because husband couldn't go inside the ward unless it's visiting hour. Arrived there at 3 am something.






Kakna let me sleep beside her on the hospital bed.. hehe may God bless my sister! She's so lovely that's why she's the eldest. ❤

You know if I were her and Anis accompanied me, I'd just let my little sister lie on the floor 
(because I inherit the gene from Cinderella's stepsister kekeke~ πŸ˜‚)

We went home at 12 noon. With the handsome baby :)

Welcome to the family, Zayn Aidan. We share the same birth place! And the same birth month! >___<

Btw Zac still couldn't admit the fact that he's an older brother now. He kept asking Kakna "Mana mama dia?", "Ni baby sape?" and I was like homaigadddd this is so serious! A few seconds ago he told me that the baby looked handsome just like him!

Good luck Kakna and Abe Zul. You guys need to make a really good explanation for him lol.


  1. Last time u said that u're an angel yaa 😜 hahaha. Hensem sehensem nama lah baby Aidan πŸ’•πŸ’•

  2. Tahniah Aliaa! Comelnya 😍