Saturday, 25 February 2017

Moving somewhere

Assalamualaikum guys!

You wanna see my first assignment?

Not sure why we have to do this but the seniors keep saying that the lecturer is quite garang so let's just get the business done. The title is 'Tree and Me' with no description given. And it is a 3 hours work by me. Yep I'm brilliant xD

Pretty rite~ muahahaha 😂


*close window*

*baling sampah*

* * * * *

If we're friends on facebook, then you would know that I live on the fourth floor here. No actually you don't know, but I have uploaded my dp with the view from my room. Hehe. I truly love it because the wind is so cool up there and sometimes I could even spot some monkeys (they're family!).

However yesterday I had to move to a new room. Located on the 1st floor.

Which means :


(2) NO MORE EXERCISES (I love the looooong stair way)

My room is still facing the forest but the view is pretty no more.

I iz sad.

There's also a good news.

When I was living on the fourth floor, my room was very far away from the wifi modem so I couldn't connect to the Internet, not at all. Buuuuuut last semester I was probably the luckiest person on earth because my aunt gave me her sim card which still has about RM380 in it (go ask her). So.... hehe. You can continue this story on your own. I use it for my data plan! Yayyy!

Moving to this new place... still not familiar *can't adapt don't want to adapt!* I was wondering if the wifi would still become a problem. And guess what...


It's here! It's in my room!

*can adapt will adapt omg!*

I swear I didn't bribe anyone for this lol >_< Bye bye!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

early-sem stress disorder

I left them because my heart told me to do so :D

Alaaaa~ only one class different.

I'm not sure what to feel right now.

I feel happy and burdened and sad and miserable...and I miss my family.


There's this girl who doesn't have any friend at all.

She's this girl whom if you're seen walking with her, your friends will say

"Why the hell do you hang out with thaaaaaaat girl???"

I think karma slaps me on my face for real this time. She's in my group. Pretty!!!

I thought that I can be nice all the time,
to all people,
in any circumstance.

But why does my heart feel terribly sad and heavy ohmygaddd T.T

I think I'm such a fake.

A hypocrite.

And I know where this is going to take me.

I know...

Straight to neraka jahanam -.- no belok-belok.


She thinks I'm nice.

She thinks I'm not influenced by my friends.

She thinks I've never avoided her because I'm kind.

No girl... no.

I'm such a shame.


I feel like you're kind of weird too :'(((((

Why don't you have any friend?

Why do people avoid you?


Right now I'm totally unprepared for what's going to hit me in the upcoming days. Or maybe I should start hitting other people now hehe. With rocks. And woods.

 Is there any reward for good - other than good?

Never mind readers, I'll be kind.

There's no reason to treat someone like she's located at the lower level than you are. Lol we're not living in the movies! There must be something to learn from her.

My body will be eaten by worms too when I'm dead. Kannnnn? This heart is totally problematic -.- too easily influenced. If other people do bad things to her then why do you have to do that too?

So arrogant.

So soooooo arrogant.


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Que sera sera

I met my academic advisor, Dr Boon yesterday before having a quick meeting with BPP (things won't be awkward anymore cause I have Wani!). Umm..he wanted to discuss about my results and how I was doing with my studies last semester yada yada...

I got A- for statistics guys wala wala yeahhh!!!!!! Can you believe it?? He said that I did very well for finals aaaaaand if I made some efforts for my poor carry marks (submit the unfinished tutorials hehehe), I could have got an A! Everything was just rainbow and cotton candy hehe, Alhamdulillah, he also gave me some advices like :

- Don't be too stressed with co-curricular activities, but don't leave them also. You must balance between academics and the things that you do to build your soft skills.
- Find your best way to study, don't follow others.
- You'll meet a lot of people with behaviors down the drain, buuuuuut you won't be able to change them, like ever. All you gotta do is to think wisely on how to handle those people. (so...can I eliminate them??)

and I, of course I just listened obediently...cheeyhh.. :P


This tak guna girl cried..

Dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyymn right? I know!

Because I accidentally mentioned about my father to him.

Idk how we ended up talking about Abah and I told him that he was sick before my finals. Not that I wanted to tell him, duhh I don't even know why I blurted that out.

When I felt like my eyes were getting hotter and hotter, I thought "OMG! DON'T CRY LAAAA SILLY!!!!!!!"

But I did anyway. For about 5.9 seconds or so (not lying here) because he looked kinda panic hahahahaha xD I'm sorry Dr., won't cry ever again!

That's why I never mentioned it to anyone, not even to my roommates and friends. Oh not to this blog also (because I don't want to feel sad while reading my own blog hehe). I can't talk about my family when they're not okay. It just feels SO WRONG!

* * * * *

Abah was seriously sick last December, like really really sick, he couldn't even speak, let alone getting up. He even mistaken Anis as myself :'( Umm okay.. this is the thing that I hate about myself, I can easily cry whenever I talk about my family. The words just can't come out. I don't know... I was just too sad thinking about all the bad things that might happen.

I know other people have it worse. But...I never expect that to happen to me. NEVER.

A month holiday at home, (ooo yess semester break is always awesome), I spent most of my time with my mum. She's Mary and I'm the lamb. Hehe. I remember asking her this question.

Which one do you think is worse : losing parents or losing a child?

She immediately answered the latter.

Me : How do you know that? Lol :D

Ma : Because when one of you gets sick, I feel terribly sad already...

I know. I know.

Can I still pray the same prayer? that I want to die before my parents?

Sunday, 12 February 2017


Hi sorry I cheat! Kenotlaa tinggal blogging lama-lama. Hehe xD

Kawan-kawan, kalau nak dengar cerita best, mohon download audio ni tau. Best gilerrrr. Tekan jer nanti akan automatically download - kecuali siapa pakai iPhone (racistnyeee). Oh pastu jangan lupa pakai earphone :)

Moga sampai ke hati. Dan semoga ada yang nangis. K boii~

Thursday, 2 February 2017

I'll be back 👋

Hi~! No, I'm not gonna talk about our draw. It's too devastating.

So. I'm writing today just to inform all of you that I want to quit blogging for a while.

Am I nice?? Telling you this in advance just so you won't come here again :P


When will I start writing again? I don't know too. But I have my reasons, which, I won't tell you.

Don't miss me :')

Tomorrow you won't find me here anymore. I love you, readers. Thank you for visiting. And thank you for always being nice.

It's weird, but sometimes virtual friends are the best. You guys are. ^^

Farewell~ ❤