Saturday, 28 January 2017

Monday, 23 January 2017

Kimi no na wa (Your Name) & Our Times

I love rain. Tehee~ who doesn't? XD

Last thursday and friday, I think the rain didn't stop at all. And it's not that romantic cool drizzle like in hindi movies okayy, I'm talking about thaaaaat haunting raining cats and dogs. The thunders sounded like there's a bomb just exploded somewhere and suddenly no internet connection. Yay! πŸ˜‚

A friend invited me to go hiking with her fam at Bukit Kluang, you know, the one that I mentioned in fb 'someone who doesn't talk to me anymore', yes it's her, yes we didn't talk (because we 'whatsapp'ing 😎) told ya we still love each other kekeke. Our families are related anyway.

But we didn't go, because of the rain (or in my case, because I love my mum).

Ma was nagging me not to go ever since I woke up at 5am, and I already felt doubtful at that time. Sokay, I told my friend that my mum wouldn't let me go. Everything cancelled. She and Abah asked 'eh why cancel, divert plan laa, pergi aeon ke'.

Psshh, they already knew that I would always say no and never ever ever go out especially to Aeon, but still asked -.- That evening, some areas were flooded already. Roads were closed and all. Scary.

Btw, my social life looks like it's about to die, isn't it? πŸ‘» Hehe. You can't find me anywhere ^^ cause I have been coughing since last three weeks..pheww~ not fun, and then last week I got a cute surprise. Ta-dah!

I coughed blood. Quite cute laa en, blood = red = that Po teletubbies = cute :D (hohoho why am I like this?)

Football this week was awesome (with too much dramas), especially Arsenal.

Our United, we're just damn lucky, Wazza you're the man! The opponents facial expressions were priceless after Roo's magic free kick hwahahaha >_< that referee though, umm, his name is Mark-something-burg whatever... I shall sew a voodoo doll of him later. Come with me fellow red devils, we go to Voldemort's territory and partayyy!! Ngok betul ko, obvious handball laa -_____-

And then....

Duh, idk, you tell me what should I write. Goodbye!

P/s : go watch both movies in the title πŸ‘† yea yea I know, I am always late.

Monday, 16 January 2017

You say M, I say J πŸ˜‚

This entry is dedicated to those who ask me questions about Paddy McNair on askfm. I think you guys read my blog (ehh?)

Btw, this is so unnecessary to all other readers (especially male readers 😝). You may leave now, goodbye! ^^

*well you can continue if you want to puke blood

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That one on the right side! .


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I've always always and aaaaaaalways loved Adnan Januzaj!


1. He's the only muslim who played for MU.
2. He already did well even before joining the first team (oh I fall in love right there and then!)
3. He wore number 7 and I've loooooved number 7 since baby!
4. I don't want to talk about his look tqvm.

I even named my koala bear (you know that koala bear who follows me everywhere I go) with his name and called it Jan. No it's not my senior Jan~

Years ago I had a diary to write about him during all his games (and cursing everyone who hurt/made body contact with him - I'd never got mad at someone on tv like I did to Sascha Riether 😑). I even said his name in my prayer ngahahaha (bcos i'm funny like that). If he's not my jodoh then please, please, please, pleeeeeease set him up with someone who's nicer than me, who likes and loves him moooooore than I do. Aminn. All my siblings were aware about it. My dad too πŸ™Š haha (thank god he never stopped me from watching) Cinta sejati katanya.


I was only 15 (and he was 16!!)

I used Paddy Mcnair's name all the time rite? (sorry McNair). I lied to all of you. I'd no choice..Because, umm you know? you can't really let other people know about the person that you truly like *slap self*

When he first debuted with the first team, number 44 quickly become my fav number (lol so clichΓ©), then two years later it was number 11. Giggsy gave his number to him! Besides, if you read my past entries about Man Utd and how I always defended David Moyes, it's because he's the one who started giving young players chances to join the first team ^^

Januzaj was not a waste! Definitely!

This season, his number is given to Anthony Martial and he gets number 15.  Fifteennnnnn. I love number 15 too, it's my birthday (tetiba hahaha πŸ˜‚)

And then it's not long before I'd totally forgotten about my made-up fairytale. Yayay! I love footie because I really love watching people play not because of people who play (¬_¬)οΎ‰ and I love MU a year earlier before he appears (like a knight in shining armour~!).

Now when I think about it, I'm so grateful that my obsession towards him doesn't reach Mai Alexander's level tehee~ (Mohon ingat Tuhan yer adik-adik sekalian).

Eh I wasn't obsessed lah..

But still, it did break my heart to see him on loan at Sunderland. (I'm waiting for the day when uncle Mou finally decides to sell him 😒 #ihatemou) He's going to be like Pogba. Doesn't get much time kchance to play, sold, and then comes back stronger! Hmm..if he ever wants to come back, kalau tak?Hwaaaaaaaaa ΰ²₯..ΰ²₯

Of course I was sad too when Mcnair decided to go to Sunderland *wipe crocodile tears*, ermmm well partly because he was once a Manchester United player and partly because I felt guilty kekeke >_<

I don't even know that he's actually not a defender (LVG made him become one). I don't even know that he was injured last December (and kept asking myself where is my fake crush? where did Moyes hide him?). What kind of fake secret admirer am I?!

Nevermind, that 'fake' answers it all :D

Goodbye everyone!

This entry is soooooo gedik omaigaddd..

*on a serious note, Liverpool are sooooo good, agree? No πŸ˜›(bersyukur sikit ehh dapat penalti). The game today is nothing, really, it only becomes something because they're against Manchester United. Well, MU kott *blows nails* 😏

Friday, 13 January 2017


It bothers me to witness people who do something stupid for someone that's not even worth it. She left her friends for the sake of a boy. 

It bothers me seeing people being rude to their parents just because of a person that they've just met. Like, seriously? What the heck did he ever do to you?

It bothers me watching guys spending money on their girlfriends. Soooooo romantic. Pfft.

And it bothers me 


I'm missing 




missed. 😒


Falling in love sucks


Oh, maybe he's praying for me not to forget him. Hehe.

Or not at all πŸ˜‚

But either way, I won't forget.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

⚽️ is love!

Last night I was so excited to watch my MU babies (don't judge! I haven't watched them for a very very long time ok) that when I saw MUN vs Middlesbrough, I just stucked there and totally forgot about FA Cup *which was live at that moment!*

A friend already reminded me that Pogba and Ibra didn't play but I couldn't care less. I saw them. So what if my friend said that they didn't play? now both of them are on the pitch, it's obvious that they're playing!

Then Abah came and asked me why I didn't watch the FA Cup?


Then what was I doing?

"Why...did you watch a last week's game?"


Oooouuuh look at that look he's giving me. That infamous my-daughter-looks-insane-because-of-Man-U-I-need-to-get-rid-of-them-ASAP look.

I forgot okay, I didn't watch that game on purpose πŸ˜‚...ishh.

Turned to the right channel and it was second half already.

I missed Rooney and Martial's goals. Huhuhuhu.

Dia ni buta.

Abah said in a serious tone.

Buta? Sape??? Buta sebelah ke?

Tuuuuu Blind. Blind buta.

Eiii nak sebut nama dia bukan blind laa Abah, Bleeeeeeeeeeend. Daley Bleeeeeeeeend...

I almost forgot that lame joke of his *he always said that whenever he saw Blind* πŸ˜‚

So they won 4-0. Rashford scored two!

After that it looked like Reading already gave up. They're not interested to win anymore...

And I looooooved it XD

Captain Roo ❤

P/s : Yep, I shouldn't have missed any United match since I have their schedule + reminder in my phone, but you know what? my phone is always missing when I'm home ;) don't expect me to find you samsung honey~ bye!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

This ain't freedom

Now let's admit it. There is no easy path to become successful. None! The exam was horrible 😡


Oh no no no! We can't let other people know about this. No, okay. They will use it against us. Everytime 😏

I know that I won't flunk, but how much of my pointer will be dragged down? Hwaaaaaaa 😭 please no C, I don't want any of your clans seriously.

I worry about statistics so so much. Which is depressing again. I hate maths!
Why can't I have a mindset like my fav author?

Oh, maybe I should by his books more ^^

Ma noticed that I was doing well during semester 1 and 2, and guess what, I noticed something too.

Something not good.

She didn't say 'it's okay, just do your best, then tawakkal' anymore. Now it becomes 'jangan duk main-main, you need to achieve what you want, no one's gonna do it for you'.

Noooooooo Ma noooooo! This sem is different!

When I tell her about statistics, and how I basically feel like I've no sense of direction for my life anymore (it happens with tears lol), now she's back saying 'It's okay, don't be afraid. You haven't even see the questions yet, why feel so sad?'

I honestly want to marry my mum ❤ tehee~

Excuse me for being paranoid, but I feel like my future looks kind of bleak sometimes. All because I think forestry course is soooo risky. Unpromosing too *sigh*

Well is it not?

I don't care if I got rejected by anyone because of this. It might happen huhu 😴. Do you think I have time to think about that now? Noooo! I need to pay attention to my grade. I just want to graduate and get a job and be a nice little girl to everyone.

I also need to be more grateful for every single thing from Him. There are far too many things that we've missed while counting the things that we desire. Like, what I'm doing right now.

We are so easily distracted, aren't we?

Give a look at the orphaned children, they don't have parents anymore. But we do. We still do. They have ambitions too, just like all of us. But whose chances seem brighter?


Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny? [Ar-Rahman : 13]

Alhamdulillah. He still gives me a chance to finish all my exam papers. Kakaka amende laa yang ko buat aliaa 😁

My new year resolution? Semoga Nur Aliaa binti Mohamed Nasir berjaya menjadi saham akhirat yang terbaik untuk Ma dengan Abah. Aminn πŸ˜‰

It's okay, I'll be good, Ma said that I should be in tawakkal phase now. Oh love!