Sunday, 28 August 2016

#notitle 2

I love the efforts

I love extra time
(or whatever it is called)

I love a last minute win.

I love the goal celebration.

I want to hug Rashford.
(ok, astaghfirullahal'azim -.-)


. . .

Welcome back Hull.

What a heroic comeback.


And thumbs up for your keeper.

Now tell me, how can you not love this?

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A final ramble



Before I go back to Yuuu- Emmm- Kayyy (UMK) :D

My holiday will be over soon, so please allow me to highlight everything that I do during this sem break in today's entry.
 (membaca entry ini adalah makhruh kerana kisah hidup penulis lansung tidak penting tetapi beliau sahaja kunun-kunun berasa dirinya penting... padahal cam hampeh)

Or... not.

I don't do anything much anyway. It's just the usual goyang kaki, helping my mum do everything she asks me to (and then I ask Anis to do it for me because I'm such a cinderella's stepsister.. hik3), gossiping about her fav idols and she becomes frustrated with me because I don't really know our local actors/actresses/singers hahaha. Oh well~ you don't know Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger, Koscielny it's fair :P

Reading. Yes I read at home.

I read my novels XD hehe which look like there'll never be enough time to finish all of them.

You see what I mean?

Ok maybe not much, but they born babies~~! That's the most interesting part.

This is what I wanted several months ago. And now I don't even read it. *slap self*

Get to level 492 in Blossom Blast. I can't believe how much committment I've put in that game. Phew~ no one has ever reached that level. I AM THE ONLY ONE. How can I not be proud?

Finishing my SIEP (student in enterprise program) assignment which is compulsory for all UMK students. Yes, we have assignment during our sem break, fun right? I have to work at any company (hahahahahahaha) for ten days to complete a report of 2000 words, daily logs, and a presentation video. Very fun, guys. I'm lucky because my boss is our family's friend and he's super nice. But I still force my mum to come with me until I finish my job every single day. My mum is the best! hahaha. Okee~ I don't wanna remember anything. Next semester break, I'm gonna do it at Abah's office. DVS!

Teaching English to my brother-in-law's niece. Sir Yusoff must be very proud of me.. ihiks! Dear Sir, I'm sorry for all the time that you rain on my parade and all the clubs you get in using my name I've been rubbish in your class, not listening to you and all that. Huhu~ now I realize that doing a teacher's job is never easy *cry*. Moreover I'm not studying bachelor of education, pfft I'm far from that! I am just me - someone who's still learning this language, loyar buruk sikit, taking forestry course, and luckily she always achieves quite good results in English. So why not give some help to others? Plus my mum forces me too -.- I am really no good, seriously.

And to be honest, I don't even know why I'm writing this in present tense.

*historical present!* yeah right.

Umm, what else?

Movies? I watch Hush with Anis and it is super hilarious. Everything is hilarious when I'm with my sweet, sweet sister *aww cheesy* Yeah cheesy but true story bruh. It's a horror/thriller movie btw.

See, I'm not lying! This dude is crazy.
Then I give a go to Inside Out (for the third time) and cry a river (again) when Bing Bong fades away T.T How dare disney make people cry like this.

He's such a sweetheart :'(
Just two movies? Yes folks. Drama? Of course not (aku tanya aku jawab enn) I don't even watch tv or touch the remote control ok, except when there's a football game.

Manchester United, baby~ they have new shirts! With stripes! and it has nothing to do with me lol!

I'm still adapting though to the scene where Maurinho wears anything with United badge. So awkward. And weird (whaaaaaaaaaat? it's just him wearing his new club shirts -.-) Eh suka hatilah, it disturbs me somehow.. but whatever, I hope they will be doing great this season. Same hope every year hahahha. Thanks for not letting Mata go :) So far everything is good, there's no lose yet. But I still don't like our new manager, for what he did to all the other 'neglected' players especially Basti (Bayern won't take him back anymore 😭).

I said that I'd love anyone who joined United family, right? Well, just forget that. I can't.


That is a real smile, amirite???
Argh~ so what if it is? in a plastic sort of a way -.-

Why do I even bother uploading his pic?
I also get a chance to meet most of my (primary school) teachers during the eid celebration at SK Kelar! I almost cry when I see teacher Tan. It has been soooooo long since I last met her and all the teachers :'( Some of them have been transferred to other schools, and now there are so many unfamiliar faces. It is sad. Even the school has changed so much.

That's her *and me polka dot cloud and Suha*! Same smile, same humour, same everything!
Now you look more exhausted, teacher T.T
But still pretty..hehe (ayat pujuk ke apa ni?)
Hanging out with the gang! Is this what we call the annual reunion? Hehe. It's always so much fun with them. The whole imissyoupasnisusahnakjumpablablabla session is never disappointing although I barely notice who's talking and who's making jokes 😂 You know? when the person in front of you is laughing, while peeps by your right side are talking about whoever panjat tingkap kat hostel dulu? teheee~ *don't ask*, and left side "my studies suck laa...". All at once!

I don't even know what happens at the end of our table xDD

8 years and counting!
Oh before I forget, I have had my very first discussion with a guy named Haikal (and the previous leaders too), he's my partner in exco publicity, say hi. I'm not sure if it can be called a discussion or not lol.. oh well at least I know that I'm not alone in this, rite?

And guess what?
(without feeling awkward)

How can I?

Last semester I was busy telling all my friends about this guy who looked like Justin Bieber (you don't always meet someone who looks like Justin Bieber okay *roll eyes*) and now he happens to be my associate. An autograph will do, brader. Hahaha. Okay. Okay guys . GUYS. Look, this is a serious matter and I hate to admit that I must take this responsibility to heart.

Psst. I was busy because no one actually believed me...koh koh koh.

I've forgotten all the things that I'd reminisced in past entries about wanting to be a good girl, and take this position (or job?) seriously. Please forgive me. I don't wanna go back to uni with such burden, can I just maintain my cgpa so it will be as pretty as Selena Gomez and ignore everything else?

I need to fix my broken self (iman yang broken sakitnya walawei~).

I am so terrified now huhuhu. I'm terrified that I've depleted my quota of awesome (laa sangat) designing ability, terrified that I won't have any idea to spill out during the upcoming meetings, terrified about what this says about me as a (what am I??) oh how I hate that word now. Terrified about what this means about the future (uh huh Miss Exaggerating on the go). Terrified that everyone will hate me but love Haikal instead (tsk..of course people will love him, he's bloody JB!) and sooner or later I'll have to dye my eyebrows rainbow and get a new face to escape the shame...oh...scary.


Everything is going to be just fine.

I will be fine, right?



BLOODYHELL why no one answers my questionnnn?!!


Proclamation : This entry is supposed to be a happy reminiscing moment for the blog author(aka my lovely owner, pardon her curse word) but she only finishes it halfway due to her sanity (which is questionable, unfortunately). So here's a proper farewell on her behalf, goodbye!

Itam (oh I speak english now)

Friday, 19 August 2016

and the conversation goes like that...*I'm so dead*


This entry is gonna be quite long and boring. Hehe.

Haritu Ma ada cerita kat aku yang Anis adik bongsu aku tu ramai orang minat. Yelahh..she's pretty, lemah lembut, sopan santun, veeeery soft spoken. Kakna Kakyen pun sama. Wifey material~ *except me tehee~*

Ceritanya Anis ni adalaa sorang budak laki minat dia, tapi ada perempuan kelas dia minat budak laki tu. So perempuan tu pun jadi bencikan Anis. Asyik duk mengata depan-depan betapa dia bencikan adik aku. Padahal adik aku tak suka pun laki tu.

Pada pandangan akulah, as long as Anis tak buat apa-apa macam menggoda laki tu ke apa...orang nak benci dia lantaklah. Tu bukan masalah dia. Perempuan tu yang macam ada problem. Laki tu suka kat adik aku, well fitrah manusia suka kat orang. Bila Allah campakkan perasaan tu dalam hati, siapalah kita nak menidakkannya.

Anis sampai nangis kot. Alah~ Small matter. At least kawan-kawan ada untuk support dia dalam kelas, yang bencinya sorang jer. Pedulikan.

Lagipun Ma selalu cakap kalau baru sekolah menengah tak payah ada boyfriend sume lah. Takde faedah pun.

"Kalau dah kat universiti, haa nak cari boyfriend pun carilah. Boleh jugak kenal-kenal hati budi. Kan nanti dah ada degree, laki pun takut nak tegur.."

Tengok, tengok!

Pandai sungguh Ma ubah topik yerr -.-

Dulu-dulu kan, Ma selalu cakap kat Kakna dgn Kakyen jangan couple masa study, jangan duk fikir pun pasal tu. Asal tetiba kat aku cakap camni pulak?

"Aihh..kenapa pulak yang takde degree nak suka dekat yang dah ada degree? Laki muda ke? Yaa tak nak laki muda."

mintak jauh 2x!

"Bukanlah..yang ada diploma ke. Mesti rasa rendah diri nak tegur nanti."

Sudahhh..den tak tahu nak jawab apa ni. Idea, idea, idea--------

"Kan, Sayaaaang?"

Niceee~ she's really talking about me.

Ahaha~ not good...not good.

Ma calls me 'Sayang' since...err...when? Honestly I have forgotten the last time she addressed me with my name lol (this used to be my secret, but now I think all my friends know because Ma always makes it obvious like 'sayang' here 'sayang' there and I'm kind of fed up so.. whatever~) but I grow up loving that word anyway >_< . And that is a whole other story mah friends. So drop it.

When I was a kid, I told everyone that I didn't want to get married. Stay single till the day I die. *go on laugh at me people* Because I always thought that after getting married my whole life will change completely. I can't see my mum and dad as much as I want to, I can't eat their cook, I can't kiss my mum before I go to bed, I can't go ninjas with Anis anymore, (so many I can't lahh) huhu I will miss my family moooore than I can ever imagine. And cats! Oh my god... 😭

Then I enter high school and discover this hadith where Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said that he won't approve anyone who doesn't follow the sunnah as his ummah.
قالَ رَسُولُ اللهِ (صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَآلِهِ وَسَلّمَ): مِنْ سُنَّتِي أَلتَّزْوِيجُ فَمَنْ رَغِبَ عَنْ سُنَّتِي فَلَيْسَ مِنِّي.
The Messenger of Allah (S) has said, "One of my tradition is to marry. So then whoever turns away from my tradition (Sunnah) is not from me (my nation)." (Sunan Ibnu Majah, from A'isyah r.a.)
(Sebelum ni aku tak tahu pun ada hadis sahih macam tu, takde dalam buku teks kan >_< Ustaz cakap selagi ada kebaikan tak kisahlah hadis dhaif sekalipun, boleh jer nak beramal. Lagipun perkahwinan ni kan sesuatu yg mulia. Kenapa awak tak nak kahwin Aliaa?)

*krik krik*
So okayyyy...I want to marry, I reeeeeeeally really want to marry!

Haha. Can I just wait and see what will happen to me?

Even my sisters are 'worried' (read busybody). They ask my mum about me all the time thinking that I don't know they're already being FBIs on my social acc (and phone..yay!).

It's true that I've never dated anyone but that doesn't mean I'm anti-males. Haha of course not. I'm not an alien okay. I have feelings too. And I'm only 20! and so very happy when people mistake me to be 13. Lol sorry Anis ^^

The fact that both my sisters got married at a very young age never bothered me before (except I really missed them). But now it does. Haha~ just stop making me nervous. I don't want to follow their footsteps. No.

Oh right. They really have forgotten that I'm 20 years old.

Ma, Kakna, and Kakyen (she's the nicest I think) always tease me with all the people they can think of including our own relative(what the heck?!), that huffaz(whatever), and Lutfi too, if you're reading this (yes you too twinnie, my sisters know you~ sape suruh rajin sangat komen kat post orang kan 😏), and latest is this young postman. Sebab posmen tu friendly giler asyik duk mintak Ma kirimkan salam kat Aliaa. Aliaa mana ntah aku tak tau. Ma pun dua kali lima friendly, dialah yang bagitau nama aku. Alaaa the same posmen yang duk kirim salam kat Kakyen dulu. Soon, dia akan kirim salam kat Anis pulak. We'll see!

Kakna dgn Kakyen laa selalu beli barang-barang online
 pastu guna alamat kg. Ciss.
Sometimes it feels like they've gone overboard with that teasing-me-thingy to the point that I think they're just doing that on purpose, like, waiting for a special name to slip out of my mouth. Really?

Hehe. No ladies. That will never happen 😒 EVER.

Oh wait~ I have had a crush on Paddy Mcnair, remember?
*move on* 
(Hasni, please don't call him padi).
Aku pun ada suka someone. Alaa... korang pun kan? Khennn? Takyah tipu. Alhamdulillah kita tak dilahirkan songsang xP

Tapi benda yang tak pasti tak perlu kot nak heboh-heboh kat orang ramai, Allah cukup. Baik ambil tahu apa yang pasti macam mati ke. Kita ni selalu lupa yang kemungkinan tak sempat pun nak bertemu jodoh atas dunia, bertemu malaikat Izrail pulak pasti. Sooner or later. Anytime. Tapi kita asyik lupa lupa lupa~ T.T macam akulah.

*eh, cerita Anis habis macam tu jer?*

Moral of the story, adik-adik yg masih bersekolah tu (even kat u pun) tak payahlah duk sibuk mencari pemilik tulang rusuk or bakal pergh pergh pergggh imam. Yer~ asyik nak cari yang baik-baik jer. Baguslah ada jugak cita-cita nk kahwin.

Tapi kalau semua duk sibuk mencari, siapa yg nak menjadi? Reflect diri sendiri dulu. Kalau si tuan punya badan dah bengkok, jangan haraplah bayang-bayangnya akan lurus. Tau tau tau~ lagipun bila fikir balik, ingat orang lain jaga kita sama macam mak ayah jaga ke? (╥_╥) tak okayy.

"Ketika hati terlalu berharap kepada seseorang maka Allah timpakan ke atas kamu pedihnya sebuah pengharapan, supaya kamu mengetahui bahwa Allah sangat mencemburui hati yang berharap selain Dia. Maka Allah menghalangimu dari perkara tersebut agar kamu kembali berharap kepada-Nya. "
 Imam Syafi’i

Just remember one thing - there's no sad ending when you put your trust in Him. No matter what happens, Allah's decision is always flawless.

P/S : I think Ma has forgotten that I already told her about that 'someone'. I only talk about it once though *and it was last year* Hahaha~ Never mind >_< there is no sad ending, remember? Honestly I can't seem to find any word to describe this feeling for you (pfft, what the heck is this feeling?!) , so yeah, I just keep you in my prayers.

PP/S : But hey, if you don't like me anymore(who knows~), please tell me. Don't worry, I'll be fine. Just don't run away leave so all of sudden *and then ta-dah you're married!* and I'll be like *ooooh congratulation!* haha. Just tell your seniorlah (awak kan He literally scared me you know huhu (T▽T)  No, of course you don't know.

Btw, happy birthday bruh! *throw confetti!*
See, I'm also sending you a birthday wish this year. Not in your inbox obvious
ly (I've no gut to do that), but here in my online diary. Hehe. May Allah ease everything for you wherever you are and answer
all your prayers. Ameen.

Saya tak lupalah :)
Oooookay bye.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

I am not sad

I am not sad.

The way a cat is not a mammal.


Hey look, this is so cool! We can still open Instagram without having an account :D 
New supporters? I am still your supporter dude T.T
You see, McNair has moved to Sunderland (no I'm not sad...not at all). Hahaha.

Donald Love too, and Januzaj is on loan. Also at SAFC. Gosh~ I can't be any happier! Ok I'm not crazy, David Moyes is The Black Cats manager now, that's why! >_< He'll definitely play all the young players.

All these times I've been waiting for his comeback in Premier League. My mistake for taking it really, really badly when he was sacked by United three years ago. No kidding. He's only been there for 9 months! The 'Moyes Out' gangs were so freaking annoying, that's all I can say. Now I just wanna see him shut them up. Good luck DM!

I personally want Januzaj to move there permanently, so he can play against United and score goals >:(

Maybe Fellaini should follow him too.

I know lahh, all Welbeck's goals still hurt, but that was because he's the one who wanted to leave United. It doesn't matter anymore.

Pshh, why don't I sound like a United fan?

Now what?

I'll just watch everything and keep quiet. Hahaha *cry*

Monday, 8 August 2016



and Ibra too~~~!!!! :D

Oh my, if only I could post that on facebook last night, I really would.

I really, really would >_<

But you know, I don't want to open my facebook. Hehe.

It was kind of weird how I felt 90 mins were moving so fast. Maybe because Abah kept saying "STUPID~!" to my fav players (all 11 obviously). He was really something -.-

Mata was so sooo cute, looking very short hehe. But he's not short (170 cm bhaii~), everyone else was just taller :)

Anyway, we won the Community Shield. Yay!

I love this kind of group hug! Can I have my insta back?
If you watchd the game, wasn't it sad to see all United substitutes? They could make a new first team. T.T

Right. This is the sad thing when your team has so many good players.

And this is the sad thing when I am a fan - I keep feeling sorry for those players. Seeing players on the bench is an ugly sight okay, as of they're all useless (they really feel useless anyway). It's not their fault, it's the manager's. Ops sorry, no offense. I don't mean anyone. Bye!