Sunday, 19 June 2016

I eat so little :)


I eat a lot bruh...seriously a lot lot all the people around me can't deny this fact anymore. Although they won't believe it at first too.

That's why I really hate it when I go camping or away from uni, and people say "Oh you must be on diet, "Sikit giler makan", "Weyh serius ah banyak tu je?", "Diet ehhhh?".. and so forth.

Well screw their opinions.

I always lose my appetite during events outside of uni, idk why it happens all the time. So to those who said that I'm on diet or whatsoever...I'm afraid that you're going to get a heart attack when one day you see 'oh-that-girl-who-eats-so-little-she-must-be-on-diet-bla-bla-blah' has turned into HULK.

Like this. Even my face will look like this :P

When I'm planning to go on a diet, well it is sad to announce this - it will be messed up in just five hours (maybe less). I'll either 'accidentally' forget about it or 'purposely'....err yes purposely forget the diet.

Anyway my diet wrecker might also be the problem - which isn't a food. It happens to be a human, in fact a human that I can't live without because I loooooove her so much.

Ma. Hehe ❤

When I ask her for a cadbury bar for instance - the largest one, she will always buy me two or more. Aaaalways! Never less. She really loves seeing all her daughters eat well. Ma often says that I'll look good if I get a little chubby (and she's still working on it). But you know what, I'm afraid that I might skip that chubby part and go straight to obese 😂 (quite scary yeah?)

I also take vitamin C. To get healthy, yay! Oh what a lie. No girls eat vitamin C to get healthy (they are lying~ trust me. See, even the title of this entry is a total bullshit cow poo), all we want is a beautiful skin! Tadaaaaa~!

I think it works for me, I can't really guess because alhamdulillah my skin is always doing okay. I love all my cells from langerhans to microglial thanks for being super nice :)

The reason I eat them in the first place is because I rarely get fruits when I'm at uni, no fridge to store them, so not much source of vit. C.

Oh, do you know what happen since I took the vitamins?

10 persons fall in love with me and propose please scratch that crap before I do to your face. Okay, okay already did.

Actually I'm allergic to vitamin C.

See, there is one unlucky girl here~~~~ let's cry with her T___T

I got hives on my body. Daily. God knew how much I was suffering with that thing months ago. Itching like there were thousands of needles stabbed on my skin. It's just like a nightmare.

Let's read some info about it.

The scientific name is Urticaria - which affects about 20 percent of people at some time during their lives.

Hives can appear on any area of the body; they may change shape, move around, disappear and reappear over short periods of time. (never grow on my face though idk why)

yesh..those things grow on my skin, brother and sister~ quite eww (but heyy don't eww them)
p/s : btw that's not me you perv! –.–

  • The bumps - red or skin-colored “wheals” with clear edges - usually appear suddenly and go away just as quickly. (ha-ha like The Flash?? more like a tortoise trying to finish its race I think)
  • Pressing the center of a red hive makes it turn white - a process called “blanching.” (just put the hairy-scary looking caterpillar on your skin, you'll get this)

  • It can be triggered by many substances or situations : 

  • Some food (especially peanuts, eggs, nuts and shellfish) (I'm not allergic to any food. Prawns and crabs? No... I'm just too lazy to play with the shell and skin. Yep)
  • Medications, such as antibiotics (especially penicillin and sulfa), aspirin and ibuprofen. (also no, I need my mum's permission before taking any of these drugs)
  • Insect stings or bites (umm..nope. only mosquitoes)
  • Physical stimuli, such as pressure, cold, heat, exercise or sun exposure (maybe just heat...btw what is exercise? a new word? >.<)
  • Latex (it could be)
  • Blood transfusions (wooooo never had any experience)
  • Bacterial infections, including urinary tract infections (women case~ I'm a girl not a woman yet, remember? ok just kidding. There's another symptoms for this one. Click here) and strep throat (never occurred to me also).
  • Viral infections, including the common cold, infectious mononucleosis and hepatitis (common cold!)
  • Pet dander (I secretly kissed all the cats that I found since I was a kid. How come the effect only appears when I'm nearly 20?)
  • Pollen (I don't think so)
  • Some plants, such as poison oak and poison ivy (yeah possibly..but there's none here)

  • Scratching, alcoholic beverages, exercise and emotional stress may worsen the itching. Symptoms can last anywhere from minutes to months - or even years.

    Some articles also said that if the hives occur almost daily for more than six weeks then it is a chronic one. Need to see an allergist ASAP!


    Of course it occurred to me daily because I took my vitamin daily and there were like 30 pills per bottle which I got two so it's 60 in total and I finished them all! which took me about 8 weeks. Applause please. As a reward for someone who only noticed her allergy once she stopped taking the source of it. Wow~ :D

    Hives can also attack people who are allergic to gold. Am I one of them? No, of course not. I'm still wearing this cincin pusaka from my mum and nothing happens hekhek xP

    (Image via google)
    This is my vitamins! Don't worry, other people are fine with this or any other brands. It's just me :(
    Now I need to eat fresh fruits, no more vitamin C pills..and oh goodbye Miss Hives! ^_^

    There is this page that I found after realizing about my allergy---> SteadyHealth : Allergy To Vitamin C. Yes, I'm not the only one.

    Bye~  I wanna spend my two months break in peace yaw! also need to fix my crazy sleeping cycle very, very soon (little Cinderella's routine has left and suddenly vlpo forgot how to work after midnight. Sounds fun right?).

    Wednesday, 15 June 2016

    He knows best (every single time)

    I know every time I have an interview - I just died for the next 24 hours. (and that I tell you ladies and gentlemen is lucky enough for me because usually it could be 72 hours straight). Actually I become half sane *that sounds truer*.

    I'll keep repeating the scenarios during the iv in my head, what has gone wrong, what has been okay(??), noooo there's never anything okay *cryyyyy*, what the interviewer(s) has said or asked, and my answers. *what the heck is my answer???* MY ANSWERS!

    Oh god...Shameful~

    Aku cakap sebelum ni aku tak nak kan? Pegang jawatan dalam JT sebab ahli majlis pimpinan ni dikira jawatan tinggi jugaklah. Fuh. Lagipun PRS dah busy kau nak gatai mintak jawatan lain buat apa??

    Tapi tengok, budak seketul ni pegi jer interview pada 23 Mei haritu :D


    Sebab nak challenge diri sendiri katanya. Hahaha. Actually aku pergi dengan terpaksa. Entah. Dapat keputusan boleh iv tu pun sebab ada orang calonkan nama aku awal-awal lagi. Plus akak pimpinan lajnah aku nak sangat aku ganti dia so aku pun rasa macam alaaa kalau pegi confirm dapat ni. Riak namateyyyy.

    Hari interview tu, ramai giler yang nak lajnah publisiti and I felt soooo very small 😂. Padan muka. Senior pun hado. Ramai pulak tu. Aku nak compete ngan senior? Ha-ha. They wouldn't even notice this sisturrr.

    Jawapan aku everytime interviewers (ustaz dengan NYDP JT muka penuh nur - unfortunately both of them scared me equally yay!) tanya soalan, astaghfirullahal'azim..aku tak mau ingat. Rasanya lagi teruk daripada masa interview PRS dulu.

    Aku jawab jujur giler, sampai tak menepati syariat *mende kau syariat kat sini sengal??*, personaliti seorang ahli JT yang suppose to be alim dan tawadduk. Tawadduk aku campak ke tepi dah rasanya, alim tu hahahaha aku ni bukannya ahli usrah bhaiii~ ustaz dengan nydp tu pun speechless. Yang lain datang iv semua anak-anak usrah, aku paling different tau tak. Penampilan, personaliti, cara cakap... ni budak hipster mana yang sesat mai iv nihh? Hwaaaa..aku tak tahu...aku tak tahu...aku tak tahu.

    Dahlaa aku ada cerita pasal ketidakpuashatian aku terhadap golongan usrah (kat suatu tempat yang mana dirahsiakan) sebab I was discriminated against by geng-geng tudung labuh kat sana. Aku bukannya anti dengan geng berkopiah jer(takdelah anti sangat duhh habis kau ingat aku nak kahwin ngan mat rempit rambut trojan ke hape??), geng tudung labuh pun sama. Bukan semua laa..just yang berlagak macam diorang konfem masuk syurga tu haa lepas tu pandang serong kat kita-kita macam kita ni takleh masuk syurga..annoying okay.

    Masa duk mengadu domba tu, aku dah nampak dah peluang untuk jadi ahli pimpinan sedang berlalu ditiup angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa. Dramatik kan? Aku teruskan jugak cerita sampai habis muehehe.

    Pastu nasib baik laa beliau dua orang itu tidak bertanyakan soalan paling membunuh kepada iolls which is :

    "antara PRS dengan JT, yang mana akan awak utamakan?"

    My answer will probably be :

    *krik krik*

    "Antara dua tu ye? Hmm takpelah, saya rasa nak balik rumah kot... sebab anak solehah utamakan mak ayah muehehehe. K bye ostad n nydp! Gerak lu pape roger"

    Aku sampai sekarang takde jawapan.

    Lepas jer iv tu aku duk membebel tak henti-henti... Kak Ina kerja dia gelak kat aku. Anyway terima kasih daun keladi(sambung sendiri sebab aku tak ingat) kat akak sebab teman Aliaa.

    Actually dialah yang bagi inspirasi kat aku untuk pergi interview tu...jarang tau orang luar bagi influence macam ni.

    Dia cakap masa hari last kitorang tadarus, Rasulullah dulu pun busy menyebarkan dakwah tapi mostly tak pernah missed pun solat berjemaah, kita sekarang claim busy buat itu ini, pegang jawatan itu ini, pastu pergi masjid pun jarang-jarang sekali walhal kalau nak bandingkan tanggungjawab kita dengan Rasulullah... wallahua'alam. Lagipun tugas kita sekarang belum tentu Allah pandang tapi ibadat kepadaNya macam mana jer kita tunaikan? Sedangkan Nabi Muhammad tu maksum takde dosa, kekasih Allah lagi, tengoklah diri kita sekarang pulak.

    And I was left speechless. . . .    * takdelah, dia tak left aku pun kekeke.

    Pastu terima kasih jugak kepada Kak Azura sebab duduk sebelah saya masa iv..hehe kurang sikit neves tu 1%. Yelah penemuduga kan dua-dua lelaki even tempat terbuka pun. (kat masjid yer venue iv aku)

    Aku bisik kat diri sendiri kalau diberi keizinan oleh Allah, then aku tahu aku mampu buat. Allah dah pilih. Kalau tak dapat maknanya aku masih tak kuat untuk pegang tanggungjawab ni... and it's okay, because He knows the best for each of us.

    Tau tak aku terpilih??? Duuuuuuuuude!

    Among all those people yang semua hebat-hebat, buat aku rasa kerdil sangat like seriously I got it.

    Once dapat tahu tu rasa macam ya Allah betul ke benda ni ke prank jer? Tak mungkin >_<

    Diorang buat macam majlis penyerahan tugasan gitu serius aku takut. Rasa macam asal berat sangat tanggungjawab yang aku dapat ni?? Cehh padahal bukan presiden pun xP

    Tak tahu kualiti apa yang diorang cari. Tapi, Alhamdulillah :)
    Tahniah dan takziah kepada diri sendiri.

    Now I'm scared.

    They already know that I'm a member of PRS but still choose me,
    just like I already know that I'm a member of PRS and still go for the interview.

    I'm so done.

    Ahh relaks ah~ bukannya berdosa pun -.-

    Saturday, 11 June 2016

    Entry tak bermanfaat


    Hai kawan-kawan sekalian, kalau hang rasa tak nak membazir masa, sila blah dari sini sekarang!

    Hahaha. Huish ayat kejam posa-posa ni. Anyway selamat menyambut bulan Ramadan yang mulia awak awak semua. Apa khabar iman hari ni? *bajet hakak usrah ngat hikhik*

    Dah puasa ke 6 baru nak wish kan. Takpelaa wish je pon. Aku ada lagi tiga papers before habis finals... macam mana boleh terpesong sampai ke blog ni sebabnya aku simpan notes dalam lappy so...faham-faham laa ek.

    Saja update benda tak bermanfaat hari ni (eh macam hari lain aku tulis benda bermanfaat jer..koh koh koh).

    Tetiba rasa rindu kat adik aku lepas tengok mende alah ni.

    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
    *dengan muzik takleh blah >_<*

    Game zaman kanak-kanak dulu acewah tahun 2016 baru dapat title millionaire. Best tau main dua orang, haha yang penting jangan main sensorang laa nanti takde feel.

    Rules - jangan google jawapan. Alaa main banyak kali soalan berulang jer. Adik aku dah master soalan susah-susah hahaha. Tapi ada jer soalan poyo yang buat aku blurr.

    Macam yang dia tanya Garfield punya stripes warna apa tu... aku tetiba blank coklat ke hitam. Anis cakap dia pun tak ingat jugak padahal takut kat aku lettew pahahahaha (sticker Garfield kat almari kitorang tak tertengok pun). Takut salah kannnn so baik diamkan jer opinion dia. Terpaksalah aku bazirkan butang yang 50:50 untuk menjawab soalan yang entah apa-apa tu. Entertaining weyh!


    Podia Garfield black and white????

    Aku pun tak tau kenapa tapi kitorang gelak kuat giler haritu sampai Ma yang duk kat luar pun tergelak bila dengar kitorang gelak. Hari ni takde mood aih nak gelak buat kurus puasa jer.
    Because I can always edit my entries! Hehe excuse my face (and the way I sit).
    Hawanis, see I'm being sweet today tulis entry pasal uolls so iolls ada modal nak paksa uolls baca blog iolls. Anak ketiga memang macam ni pun, sweet gitu plus baran macam harimau...ya Allah..ops terbuka aib sendiri ke.. fuh~ takleh lawan. Eh nanti Yaa balik jom main lagi >_<

    K bye sori dah bazirkan masa korang kat sini (sape suruh baca kan?). Doakan aku dapat habiskan semua paper dengan jayanya! Love you peeps<3 p="">
    Lupa nak bagitau... sticker kat almari tu color black and white..pfft!

    Garfield adorable kan kan kan? buat Itam aku insecure jer dah ah gi main jauh-jauh.