Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Drama - The End

This post is as a token of appreciation to all my group mates for drama presentation. Finally it's over!!!

Iolls jarang pegang kamera nak selfie, sebab selalunya iolls menyelit jer..
Cehh nyampahnya minah ni kekeke >_<
Thanks everyone for your cooperation. Cha, Wawa, Nasir, and Mus. We memorized each others' lines when no one ever told us to do so! We're just that cool :D Cha  almost forgotten hers while remembering mine lol. Hahhaha.

Semalam kitorang present. Dah selesai Alhamdulillah..

Aku ingat lagi dua minggu lepas masa nak cabut undi, Mustaqim selaku ketua kumpulan  (ex PASUM, tapi tercampak ke UMK. Jangan bimbang Mus, aku dah nampak anugerah dekan kat muka kau) dah takut giler nak pergi ambik nombor. Hehe.

"Eh Aliaa, ko pergilah cabut undi. Aku takutlaa kita dapat nombor yang awal-awal."

"Alaaa kau laa. Kalau aku pergi kan, confirm dapat nombor 1. Serius."

So Mus pun pergilah, and as expected dapat nombor satu. Of course~! Cliché kan? Wehhh seriously nombor satu???

Pastu kau tau tau lah kan bila ada group mates laki ni, diorang buat kerja sempoi giler. Boleh bayang tak script drama yang full kitorang buat sehari sebelum Sir nak? Memang brainstorming jer seharian hahaha.

Alhamdulillah semua dah selesai. Ohsem giler kot XD

Sir puji! Audience happy! Drama funny! I love you guys!

Nasir dengan Mus boleh jadi pelakon berjaya. Pandai sangat attract audience. Aku? Eh tak minatlah berlakon ni, btw aku dapat watak jahat ngehehehe...pastu kena sumpah jadi kucing. Meow~ see, I'm wearing that not-so-pretty-handmade cat ears. Actually warna fully pink telinga tu, pastu aku rasa macam ada yg tak kena. Nampak macam telinga pig ! Haha >_< sebab tu aku cover jer dengan tape warna merah. Ada ke kucing warna merah ? pfft~

Nak dijadikan cerita, masa kitorang praktis hari Ahad kan (sehari sebelum present), aku tak boleh control rasa nak gelak, padahal sebelum ni okay jer. 

Rasa macam sedihnya, asal aku jadi macam ni? Esok nak present kot.

Part yang aku asyik tergelak tu  masa aku marah dekat watak yang Mus pegang, Dicaprio. You know, I kinda shout at him and membebel. Malam tu takleh nak marah... sebut jer Dicaprio aku tergelak. Aww damn.. rasa bersalah weh. Tapi diorang pun ikut gelak sama. Baiknya korang. Asal tak marah jer ?

Okay then, ni je kot. Nak synopsis cerita ke? Ada, dengan Sir Yusoff, pergi mintak dengan dia hehe. Tajuknya 'The End'.

Tiga groups jer present semalam,
 yang lain lepas cuti midsem :)
Aku watak utama sebenarnya, tapi cam tak sedar diri kan sebab asyik rasa macam tak bawa watak penting pun. Hahahaha k bye.

P/s : Im gonna be busy this week *queen bee in the making*(and maybe next week too). This Thurday I'll join PRS camp until Saturday and on the same day I'll go camping with my course mates. Until...umm Monday. No electronic device allowed. Goodbye midsem break..sobs3x.

Monday, 21 March 2016


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) *askfm* :

1. Kenapa Aliaa deactivate facebook?

Sebaaaaaab..rasa tak selamat. People are staring from everywhere lol. But it's temporary I'll be back >_< Soon okay. Soon. *don't unfriend me please~*

2. Tapi dah lama ni x back2 pun?

Back2 macam cakap ngan kambing. Hehe. Sorry, sila bagi lima sebab kenapa perlu reactivate. Masa nak deactivate haritu pun aku bagi lima sebab jugak. Aku kan suka menulis. (ticking the options is too mainstream don't you think?)

3. Who read your blog?

Ntah. Mostly kawan-kawan rapat jer kot. Alaa tak kisah pun sape baca, tulis suka-suka jer. Bukan buat duit pun :)

4. Agak-agak your crush baca tak blog you?

Siapa?! Paddy-heart-stopping-Mcnair ke Antoinne-melt-my-heart-Griezmann? XD hahaha well whoever he is.. I think it's better if he doesn't. I'm such a weirdo here. By the way I don't think guys read blog or enjoy blogwalking unless they own one..idk.

5. Do you ever feel like you're pretty?

Dude~ please. Jangan tanya soalan yang boleh buat aku riak wa takabbur wa 'ujub ..err dan perasan. Tolonglah~ Hahahhaha. Honestly I do sometimes (and then I'll feel really² guilty. Tak malu ke Allah bagi ko pinjam pastu ko buat macam ko laa yg cipta kecantikan tu?)

6. I see that you really enjoy each moment with your good friends. Do you know that some girls are actually feeling insecure with your existance?

Insecure? *that's funny* Then what are they going to do with me? *okay I've no answer for this one* truth is I rarely notice the people around me. I don't even remember the colour of my best friend's bag(that she carries to class everyday) for god's sake! Japp~ asal nak insecure bagai ni??

7. Wehh orang dm ke pm tu reply ah! Senyum ke kalau jumpa kat mana2. Sombong :(

Woah woah chill! You're a male, I know it. Hello anyway~ Bro, aku mmg tak reti nk senyum kat laki. Nak communicate pun susah sebenarnya. Haha. Call me sombong or whatever you want, I don't mind. Put me in close proximity to a guy and you can usually rely on me to have an acute heart attack lol. I can never be friendly with a guy like seriously friendly gila2 kecuali kalau kau tu classmates aku masa sekolah rendah(actually sorang dua je kot). Just that, so you don't need to approach me or you'll end up calling me sombong. Very easy man!

8. Have you experienced heartbreak?

Everytime MU lose :'(   no kidding, you see I can't even write 'lol' here. But, but...BUT, diorang menang lawan City semalam! Yay! Hehe..aku rasa memang tak boleh puji kot before game, kalau tak mesti kalah. Duh~ okay, I won't say anything.

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥


It's ironic isn't it? how we already know that there is a trap set up on our way, but we still follow that particular path and then...fail.

Game over.
Oh, you don't get it?
Hehe. Of course you don't.
Because I'm talking about myself.

When I'm going through his instagram account or sometimes his facebook timeline(this might freak him out lol), there is a huge feeling of guilt in my heart yet I still do it. And that's how I fall into the trap. The trap of the devils.

I remembered wishing him a 'happy birthday' last year. I regretted it as soon as I clicked the send button. What had I done? What had I done? Kenapa bongok sangat? You're not supposed to distract him with something crappy like that.

Brilliant, Aliaa. Really. Whilst you're praying for him to forget you yet you do the thing that exactly reminds him of you.

Months have passed but I still feel sooooo terrible.

Before this, there are a lot of things that I do because I want to be a better person.

There, I've made a mistake.

I soon realize that I do everything because of him. Oh yes, him. Oh dear heart, you've become soooo weak. Why~~

I memorize more surah, I do goods for all the people around me,  ignoring every negative feeling that comes subsiding inside my soul..

but everything doesn't feel alright at all.

*hi genius, so you can see me*

I slap my face twice. I know I should do it thrice.

Wake up!

You have fooled yourself. He's a good person. But doing something because of him instead of HIM is stupid.

Think of all the sins you will accumulate for every unlawful gaze you give him. He's not even yours, and you're not his.

Where the heck is your modesty?

"Where's your sense of shame?"
says Nouman Ali Khan.

Who's holding your heart right now?

I say Allah. Of course.

But then why do you stutter?

Really? I do?

...oh my god...

Honestly, I don't want this to be a waste of time.

Please, please, please.. Please make it worth it.

Can I blame him?

Of course not. He never asked me to put this to heart or take it seriously.

Once you put a non-halal someone (ok I make this up) in your heart, it will be restless in the very end..no matter what. It's not a thing that Allah blessed, that's why. Everyone knows that.

Now when I recalled everything that happened on 13th August last year, I'd just laugh my heart out. It's funny how I missed only one alphabet and I thought
"No, no, no. Oh no... Seriously, I'm so done."

But I wasn't! >_< (it was a 'second' chance sent from above, wasn't it?)

There's this one question that I've been dying to ask him since that day, but I'm too shy to do so.

I don't even know how to complete the question but that's it!

It's so out of the blue and I don't even know if you're real 😂

But thank you anyway.

If there's love between us, then I'm sure we'll meet one day.
*Oh, not love. Love is never enough to make it lasts forever. Jodohlah hahaha*
One day I hope, in the most beautiful way that He blessed.

Who are you anyway?

P/s : I'm a huge fan of Tarbiah Sentap, so my dear readers, a visit to this page won't hurt you I guess. Really :). Please read it.

Friday, 11 March 2016

You're just too 'Cinderella' to ignore 12 o'clock


 "...and everything will vanish once it strikes midnight..."

It has been seven weeks, but there's this big pimple that refuses to leave my face.

It comes alive since the day I said 'you should celebrate its existence sometimes'. Nahh, eat your word baby! But this is like…err…seven weeks...? isn’t that a bit too long period for a pimple to be alive? Dear Miss Pimple, I think I have done celebrating :D now leave.

When I look back seven weeks ago, I was at home, enjoying my sem break. I don’t always touch this pimple but why oh why you are still here? Why? Why? Why?
Or... maybe I did touch it...ahh I can't remember. 

Three weeks at home, I've busied myself with a lot of things. I finish some of my books, I play with my cats, I help Ma do the house chores and I cook almost every day! - hey, good housewife in the making *flip unwashed clothes*.  Whoops~ sorry I just wanna imply that I DON'T TOUCH Miss Pimple! I really don't touch her!

*yeah~ so what?*

Hahaha~ well enough with the jibber-jabber, now let's get on with the story today.
I’m sure she (Miss Pimple) will grow tired with me soon.

Honestly I don’t have any objective. I just feel like writing - that’s why I’m here :D 

Hi everyone!!

Today's title sounds very interesting, right?

Actually these days I always sleep before 12 am.

*says the girl who's writing her blog post at 4.30am*

That is too early, I know ~


Because I was born to be a Cinderella! *don't puke, don't puke*


And you know what will happen if she misses 12 o’clock, right?

The carriage will turn into a pumpkin.
*I don’t know what* will turn into the mice.
Her glass slippers will vanish ( err..not sure about this one)
So does her beautiful gown.

But that is Cinderella. She becomes a queen after that. What about me? 
Me? I am neither Cinderella nor a princess so I assume my mind will just vanish due to loss of sleep. Glass slipper, lol excuse me?

It's still early in the semester, so I kinda feel like a very happy worker bee now, very happy because I do not reach the 'queen bee' status yet. Yeeha! Just got some assignments, lab reports and quizzes.

And because of that ladies and gentlemen, I've intelligently joined some new clubs - which of course 'force' me to participate in a lot more programs!

Veeery intelligent.  Now I can't even dream about going home during weekends!!! Hwaaaaaa~ *but don't worry - give me a day and I can be a ninja if I'm desperately homesick. Thehehe. It never happens though... hmm... but we'll see*
Back to my Disney Cinderella moment, I also ban myself from touching my phone after midnight. Oh except on one condition – when United have a game! ^^ like right now! Glory glory Manchester United aww man I hate Liverpii ~
Look, I even change my phone's wallpaper! ------ >>
Hehe. I need to do that because last sem I always fall asleep while playing games in my phone (Blossom Blast is so addictive!) 

It’s often a bit disastrous on the next day because I always wake up at 5.00am sharp. But since I never had panda eyes, no one knows that I actually don't get enough sleep. Sad but still..yay I think.

If I study do my assignments until 2am then play game after that, it will drag until 2.30am (often more) of course. Usually until I have no live left. Muehiii (∩_∩) and since I'm an expert so...*sigh*

TWO HOURS of sleep?!

I’d just faint :'(

And bang my head against the wall.
I  know that I need to change my sleeping routine soon. There are going to be so much things to do, I can't sleep before 12 anymore. You know there are the days when the lecturers keep 'throwing' assignments at us students like they're some kind of possessed dodgeball players. *and I suck at dodgeball*, more field trips, presentations, midterms, and *please insert everything you can think of as a uni student*.

Can I tell you a secret? no no no, actually just half of it. I got a good result for last semester. But I won’t post it here. *eee riaknya* I'll never do that okay hehe. I’ll only post a pic of me (with the dean) once I get on the dean's list! Fight for that Aliaa, you can do it because you really can.

Tbh, I’m a little disappointed with myself. I don’t think I work hard enough to deserve a pointer like that. Allah answers my prayer when I say that I want a good one.

But I wish I'd worked harder. Is this a test? I’m grateful :)

Enrolling in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biochemistry somehow make me feel safe. Idk, maybe because I’m still surrounded with science lol. Entrepreneurship is compulsory but since I've never learnt that before so I think it's alright if I do not pressure myself too much. Err is it? Haha anyway it's easy to score in that subject *if you read a lot* and I did! Hehe.

This semester I've been taking Maths, Microbiology(this is the killer), Biodiversity, English, Entrepreneurship II, Ethnic Relations, and co curriculum classes.

Well. Let’s do this.
Let's just learn everything and gain as much as you can.  
“… I don’t think there’s an inch of land on Earth unless there’s a lesson for people (who ponder) when they want to learn it”
(Al Habib Umar bin Hafidz)

Okay then. Goodbye for now, see you again. Miss Pimple here says goodbye too ^_^

P/s : It actually tickles me to write this..hehe.. But I'm at home right now! Watching United game >_< *although it seems like we're gonna lose*

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Selamat Hari Wanita Sedunia (thehee~)

*yes, I'm a day delayed*

*and no, I don't write this*

*i just got it copy-pasted from a whatsapp message*

Buat kaum hawa di fasa kita berumur 18 - 28 ni lah kita kena struggle mencapai tahap kita. Masa ni lah rebut peluang jd yg terbaik.

Kuasai ilmu pengetahuan, kuasai bidang masakan (slalu tolong mak di dapur), hayati Al-Quran betul2 sampai kita hafal tanpa sedar, cari khusyuk dlm solat kita..

Nampak senang kn? 
Tapi ramai masih di zon selesa sekarang ni. Bangun tengahari, bangun pkul 10 tu paling baik lah tu.

Bila takde kerja, tidur..

Balik rumah mak, pak serupa macam tak balik. Terperap dlm bilik. Rasa rimas bila slalu mak panggil mintak tolong.. jiran tetangga dtg terasa malas nak tunjuk muka. 

Allah.. di mana kita skrg? 

Okay~ tu bukan wanita >_<

Solat pun tak tepat waktu. Kadang nak masuk asar baru lah terkedek2 ambik wudu' nak solat zohor.

Al-Quran? Apatah lagi. Satu hari skali bukak tu kira dh baik betul lah tu.


Kenapa? Sebab apa kita mcm ni? Kenapa?

Sbb kita sia2kan masa.

Buang masa pada benda yg lagha. 

Beli produk kecantikan lah, baju, tudung ikut trend, handsock berpasang2 ada reben lah apa lah...

Buangnya duit dan masa kt benda2 yg Allah tak pandang.

Mana tak nya?

Kita struggle nak penuhi expectation org pada kita di luaran. Nak bg org tgk fesyen purdah kita, kecomelan kita di sebalik pakaian yg indah2 serba baru.

Dalaman? Macam mana?

Post dalam insta ayat sendu2 kononnya, kita lah paling ingat Tuhan dlm insta tu.

Padahal realitinya keje asyik terperap dlm bilik, tidur. Pantang ada masa, tidur. 

Sebab? Kita tahu manusia tak perasan. Manusia tak tgk tabiat lagha kita tu. Kita tidur selalu pun siapa je tahu, kan?


Kenapa lah kita sibuk tayangkan yg elok-elok di mata manusia tapi di mata Allah kita persembahkan kemalasan kita, cincainya kita dan futurnya kita?


Cukup-cukuplah nak sedih sbb tak ada lelaki nak suka kita. Cukuplah nak sedih sbb tak ada lelaki yg kirim salam kt kita mcm kawan-kawan kita yg lain.

Kalau ada yg kirim salam pun, cukup2 lah rasa kembang tu. Boleh jd asbab utk trun iman awak bila awak layan, ye. Ingat.

' wa laa taqrabuzzina.'

Dah. Cukup. Bangun lah dari zon selesa. 
Anda akan rasa nikmatnya apabila tiba umur di 30-an. 

Tapi kalau ada berwenang-wenang pada hari ini, jangan sedih nanti, di umur 30-an, 

Anda rasa kosong.
Tak ada perkara yg anda capai di sudut akhirat, apatah lagi dunia.

Tinggalkan pengharapan pd pujian manusia dan mula lah persembahkan yg sempurna di hadapan Allah, 

Moga-moga bermanfaat di sini dan di SANA.

Ayuh, bangkit! 
From a sister to a sister

*because it's very beautifully said* :)

*deep wehh*

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Lain orang lainlah ujian :)

Hi~! Do you guys miss me?


Really, no? Okay...

Haha. Assalamualaikum.

Haritu ada program kat uni -- Iqra’ on Street (iOS) 2016. I’m one of the faci! Yay!

Banyaklah aku punya yay.

Ni bukan universiti islam antarabangsa ye kawan-kawan...so aku memang tak nak join pun sebenarnya. *nampak tak 'kejahatan' aku kat situ? ಥ⌣ಥ

Then kak Ina paksa (lol padan muka).

Minimum students yang aku kena cari *untuk ditasmik bacaan* adalah seramai 40 orang(dalam masa lima hari, atau dalam kes aku tiga hari jer muehehe). Banyak tau. Dahlaa aku junior. Eh apa kaitan junior tetiba ni?

Aku berjaya ke tak cari sampai 40 orang? Well biarlah rahsia XP

I made the poster! because it's my job :)

Banyak benda berguna yang aku dapat so sangat berpuas hatilah. Tengok balik hukum-hukum tajwid aku rasa macam kau ni kan Aliaa harap jer baca quran, tapi tak ingat sangat pun jenis-jenis tajwid yang ada ehh sepak kang!

Rasanya ramai kot orang macam aku -.- kan kan kan? baik mengaku XP  mad lazim kalimi mutsaqqal tu mende? Bacaan macam mana? Huruf qalqalah ada berapa?

Hakikatnya masa sekolah dulu berbuih mulut ustaz ajar. Tapi I dah lupa..sedih kan.

Malam sebelum program tu, ada ustaz datang buat talaqqi untuk bagi briefing pasal tajwid ni. Seronoklah sebab aku dah ingat almost semua (sebab ada nota... ngeh3). Aku admire giler ustaz tu sebab walaupun beliau dah tua, tapi sangatlah menjaga pandangan. Aku tengok kat diaaaaa jer, rasanya boleh kira dengan jari berapa kali dia pandang sebelah perempuan. Sense of humour ada. Sampai lah dekat kitorang yang perempuan even dia tak tengok pun. Hebat ustaz!

Beliau tu dulunya belajar dekat Darul Quran lepas tu sambung ke UIA.

I was like WOW!

Ustaz, kalaulah semua student dari tempat ustaz belajar dulu tu sama perangai macam ustaz, rasanya tiada yang akan pandang rendah status diorang.


Aku baru nak masuk tajuk entri ni hehe. Panjang intro noh~

So, sebelum ni aku dah boleh get over dengan budak tu. Budak yang aku tulis kat sini dan sini. Rasanya takde faedah duk benciiiii padahal yelah, dia nak ke ada perasaan lovey dovey ewww ewwww tu kat aku? Bukan salah dia pun tersuka tanpa sengaja. *jap jap.tu tajuk novel ke?*

Semuanya daripada Allah, mungkin aku ni ujian bagi dia. Kesiannya.

Tapi aku block je semua sebab takut kena kacau lagi. Hiks

You know what? I could do a lot of bad things to make him hate me. But I didn’t.
 Because I’m a good girl! (laaaaame aliaa lame~ ayat copy paste biasa ah)

Aku tak cerita kat sesiapa pun kecuali sorang kawan aku, tu pun sebab budak tu dah melampaui batas hari tu dan aku dah tak tahan sangat duk simpan jer sorang2 - aku rasa macam Ya Allah kenapa dengan budak ni rasa macam nak baling phone ke dinding je. Ko pm lagi kakak aku ye?

So I spill everything to this friend. Yes she’s the only one who knows everything.

Tu pun aku regret bagitau kat dia, bukan apa..bila fikir balik rasa macam teruknya perangai aku buka aib orang :(

Sebab tu, bila aku kata jangan kacau aku dan family aku, kau kena stop teruslah.

Pastu baru-baru ni ada sorang budak whatsapp aku  – bila check nombor rupa-rupanya ada dalam group ws sekolah rendah *sigh* Kadang-kadang aku rasa macam nak left jer semua group tapi kan nanti kena bash matilah aku. Awat laa pakat salah gunakan nombor phone orang nih?

Berbahasa ana-enti *I have a bad feeling about this one*. Mula-mula dia tanya aku pasal hukum agama, aku jawablah mana yang aku tahu. Lagipun budak tu duk sekampung dengan aku, selalu nampak takkan aku nak buat sombong macam tak pernah kenal lansung.

Pastu dia cakap pasal hal lain. Duk tanya pasal aku. No reply of course.

Pastu Pastu Pastuuuuu.. hari-hari dia duk hantar mesej islamik kat aku. Haa tu dia! *bad feeling comes true!*

Allah… ini ujian untuk orang macam aku ke? Ramai yang datang sama jer. Tempat belajar pun sama tau (mula-mula nak tergelak pun ye. Aku tak nak sebut bnyak kali sebab bukan sebarangan tempat tu. Nak masuk kena iv dulu kott). Aku macam speechless..then tersedar oh mungkin betullah ni ujian.

Mungkin Allah nak tengok aku sabar ke tak. Sebab in the end, satu jer perasaan yang akan singgah dalam hati aku.



Okay dua.

Aku tak pernah bersabar. Sebab dah mindset aku anti sangat dengan diorang. Salah aku sebenarnya sebab terlalu memaksumkan golongan macam ni dulu, that's why bila diorang buat salah sikit terus aku label macam-macam. Teruk. Yes ~ memang. Aku mengaku.

Hari tu ada terbaca satu artikel pasal golongan agama yang akhir zaman ni kalau lelaki memang duk fikir pasal tulang rusuk jer, perempuan pun sama – jodoh. Hebatnya fitnah syaitonirrojim ni kadang-kadang memang orang takkan sedar.

Akak yang tulis artikel tu cakap dy risaulaa kalau perempuan yang kureeeng bab2 agama pastu kalau tetiba lelaki yang kekonon ustaz tu datang mengorat, mesti diorang melting terus.

Dapat mesej berbaur agama lagi ni.

Yelah, bukan selalu orang ‘alim' mengorat kan.

Sekali guna ana-enti. Perghh~


Senang cerita, tak payah pedulilah kat geng-geng 'pak ostad wannabe' tu. Biarlah diorang syok sendiri, kita mungkin tak layak nak tegur atau nak bagi nasihat bagai. (Eh come on lah, akhawat pun tak ter'tegur', ni nak nasihat kat orang yang tak sepatutnya konon). No need no need~

Credit to @muslimatoday

Jujurnya aku pun tak tahu ujian apa yang akan menimpa aku kelak. Maybe aku tak pernah couple sebab takut kot-kot patah hati terus jadi meroyan ke kan. Haha. Mungkin. Allah kan takkan uji hambaNya kalau kita tak mampu nak tanggung. Samalah macam ..umm.. kalau aku dapat tesl kat ukm dulu ke kan, maybe aku akan jadi manusia yang paaaaaaling arrogant kat dunia. Who knows ;)

Tapi aku lagi suka fikir yang Allah sedang jaga aku. Hikhik. Bersangka baiklah kapada Sang Pencipta, itu kan macam doa, lagipun Allah yang tahu the best untuk kau.

Kesimpulannya, jaga diri dan hati anda baik-baik. Kalau rasa tak mampu tegur, berundurlah. Yang dah belajar agama tinggi-tinggi, tolonglah jaga sikit standard tu. Orang pandang kau lain daripada orang lain even perangai kau teruk sekalipun.

Tak guna juga bagi tazkirah pong pang pong pang kat orang yang memang nak kacau kita ni. Ataupun kat orang yang rasa dia jer betul, dialah yang terbaik, cinta tak berbalas pun tetap salahkan orang lain (eh eh eh). Sebab dia rasa dia yang terbaik kan, orang lain semua tak boleh beat dia. Bro, you're sooooo awesome and I'm serious! *sarcasm level over 9000 - just so you know*

Nabi Yusuf dulu pun bila digoda oleh Zulaikha baginda terus lari. Takdenya berhenti kejap fikir – oh rasa nak bagi nasihat dululah kat Zulaikha biar terbukak pintu hati..bla..bla..bla..

Takdeeeeee. Sebab apa? Sebab baginda rasa tak mampu.

Kita ni? Lagilah tak mampu.

Okay dah tamat bebelan iolls. Panjangnyaaaa. Bye and good night!

P/s : United are winning again ~ >_<