Thursday, 11 February 2016

Is it too late now to say sorry~?


the diff at our eyebrows is just too obvious!
*give me a second* Let me count how many times I’ve updated my blog during this sem break. Nine! ^^ *oh ten including this entry!*

That’s a lot, isn’t it?

This is the last one I promise (I mean in Feb lol) - I’m gonna transform into a ‘busy bee’ once more and I have to leave my family again…hewhew

So today, I want to apologize to all my readers because I’ve been writing nothing useful here. *I'm perfectly fine, don't worry* You know it's your choice, just don't come back here if you don't want to. I won't be offended haha, I don't know who you are anyway =D oh except my followers!

I’ve always said “Just go get a diaryyyyy!” (and then end up writing here again). I'm sorry. I just really love this little space of mine. 

* * * * *

Wait a minute; I’m not supposed to say sorry, am I? I never force anyone to read this blog (except my younger sister of course), and I’m not exactly twisting your eyes to read it either. Haha can you imagine? I come to your window at night and whisper: “READ THIS BUDDY! YOU HAVE TO READ MY ENTRY, OR ELSE!” while shoving my phone and a knife at your face.

Umm no. I don’t do that, too scary... and I'm not a psycho.
So thanks if you’re still loyally following me, whoever you are. Now catch this

I've removed my blog link in insta. Suddenly feeling sooooo embarrassed XD just take a look at all the previous entries - especially those in 2013. Even 2014 & 2015!

Umm what else? Oh actually my dear readers, I really want to share every Islamic reminder and message that I receive from my contacts, so that there will be something worth reading here(at least that will make me feel less guilty pfft). But I never really get the chance to do so. Always too busy for something useful, huh? ~ ehehe ~ well no, I’m not busy.

But I have to check everything again before sharing to everyone, because I'm afraid that all the thing is actually not true. Fake. (I'm talking about hadith here). That’s why most of the messages usually stop travelling to others once they reach my phone.

You need to be very afraid about this thing. 
 Get your quran and go to surah al-Isra’ verse 36. And an-Nur verse 15.

Besides, I’m not that knowledgeable to check everything by myself, I need to see my murabbi first, and let it be known that seeing any of them is never easy. Mine only comes to uni once in a blue moon - last time she came was when she’s going to tasmi’ my al-Kahfi recitation. I tell you what; I’m already too nervous with my memorization to even remember about everything that I need to ask her hahaha >_<

Err...isn’t that just your excuse, Aliaa? Okayyyy fine..I can just message her of course. But I don’t like sending messages to someone who already has a family, it’s disturbing. Excuse again? Never mind, I’ll try. But I can’t..*ahh no but..just do it*.

Oh forget it, people! I will just talk about myself. I don’t need to ask anyone about myself, do I? *innocent-head-tilt* That’s it! But there's so much things that I don't know :(

Two days left and I’m gonna break my temporary relationship with all my books. Err.. story books muehehe. Goodbye my love! We’ll continue this so-called-relationship again in July!

P/s: I think my family already sees a black cloud hanging over my head, no one tells me to do this and that anymore. Even my innocent smile scares them...duhh. My mood always resembles a tsunami whenever I’m leaving home. Shambolic to be exact. This morning I watched Frozen and bursted into tears when Olaf said 'some people are worth melting for'. Please tell me that's normal.

I'm gonna give a go for SpongeBob later. More tears then I guess I know where to go XP


Monday, 8 February 2016

The Red Devils meet The Blues

Peminat Chelsea mohon jangan baca post ini >_< hik3

Semalam last game dahlaa boleh tengok kat rumah huhu.
Dua-dua team hebat(baik kan aku puji Chelsea sekali) tpi sedihnya seri..huhu. Ah tarik baliklah. Dah lama tak suka Chelsea. Sebelum ni sebab ada Maurinho, sekarang dia dah takde pun aku tak suka lagi sebab ada Costa. Main jahat kot. Kalau dekat kotak penalti dialah makhluk yang paaaaaling lemah gemalai atas dunia ni. Eii geramnya nak baling remote geramnya geramnyaaa! Jahat jahat jahat~

Yang lain rasanya okay. Willian tu lari laju nak mamp*s! Salute bro, asyik bagi orang heart attack je.

MU patut menang game semalam. Suka tengok diorang punya teamwork. Ekspresi muka Van Gaal masa Lingard score tu..pergh priceless!!

Tapi kan motm rasanya De Gea yang paling layak. Mamat tu dia punya hebat sekarang macam tak masuk akal dah. Aku rasa nak menangis tengok hwaaaaaaaaaa David De Gea...bawaklah girlfriend tu duk Manchester. Ni asyik nak balik Sepanyol alasannya nak join Real ececeh. Err..oklah Real tu sape jer yang tak nak.

Beautiful goal, Lingard :D
Muka Darmian maaacam sepupu aku. Alaa smlm kenapa tak
defend leklok? Jgn bagi si Costa tu score :(
The Diamond !

Saturday, 6 February 2016

A little ramble hehe


Everything just went so smoothly~

I need to compliment all of them because they are so weirdly awesome. Weird because one time they're playing a boring game and then the next time they can beat the opposing team very furiously. So they're capable of doing that ! Just wow.

Awesome because it is a good game. I love every second of it. Oh no no..there is one time I get really mad at the referee because he denies our Wazza's goal. That makes me question my definition of offside once again.

It's 4.50am but I can't contain my disappointment towards the ref anymore, so I randomly send a message to my contact.

"Damn that refereeeeeee!"

And I got a reply this morning : "Aliaa what's wrong?"

"Oh nothing. Mengigau kott XP"

Ehehe my apologize. There's nothing wrong..really. Rooney finds his net eventually so everything is just fine :)

* * * * *

My childhood guy friend passes by my house and he stops for a while just to have a little chit chat. This is a friend any guy will feel jealous at because I actually do talk to a boy (like I talk with my girl friends. Well he's also quite girly hehe... I mean, not that gay girly but he has a really pretty face). Of course I doooo~ he has known me like 15 years ago.

He talks about United sooooo all of sudden(hey it's 3-0 win yesterday remember). I know he's a fan since primary school. As for me I hate to let people know that I'm a fan of United because I'd rather let them think that I'm that girl who only loves Mcnair, that's better :P (but you -whoever you are- read my blog and I can't lie here ╮(╯▽╰)╭ This is my online diary!)

It's so funny though.. I still can't stop laughing when I remember telling him that Martial is a defender lol seriously Aliaa you're such a true fan XD

#Martial is a defender. Pfft~

#Martial is a defender phahahahhaa XD

And the whole time I'm giving him -you'll think that I'm so dumb for knowing nothing and then of course you'll feel pity for me- kind of look.

But nope. He's probably the nicest person on Earth at the moment –.– *of course he's nice, he remembers how much I cry when hurt my knee (I fall down on the road) in 2002. Basically because he thinks that it's his fault. He tells me not to cry until I really stop crying and carries my bag all the way home. Isn't he the sweetest 6yr old ever?! My mum says that I'm the one who's careless though lol*

She's a girl so it's ok to agree with everything she says =P
Why don't you ask me about offside? I can ramble something even more embarassing ngahahaha XD

* * * * *
Still 4/2/16

My friend's older sister a.k.a neighbor got married. They held a party at night barbecueing. It is fun meeting all my old chums (everyone calls me Yaa!) - like it's a mini reunion for us when actually it is the newlyweds' party! Hiks >_<

* * * * *

So there's this uncle who sells fish and vegetables in my village(only feel like writing about this today) Everytime he stops in front of my house, he'll give my cats a fish each. Now my cats think that it is their routine - you know getting fish from him.

That uncle, his van makes this PON PON sound -which the cats' ears can detect from far faaaaaaar away. And of course they'll all shamelessly run to the gate and wait for him - WHEN I ALREADY FEED THEM! A LOT!

I'm so very embarassed with that uncle (I call him Pak Man), he must think that all the cats are hungry, he must think that I'm a lazy owner who doesn't feed her cats (when reality is they're just being ngade2 -.-)

But my mum always buys things from him....soooo maybe that's fine.

Takpelah Pak Man, murah rezeki apa bagi makan kat kucing saya. Hehe.

Who tells you to start giving them fishes? *wink2*

* * * * *


Yay everyone has arrived home for cny holiday!

Kakyen arrives on Friday and KakNa on Saturday. So welcome home my little angels Durra and triple Zs ^^

Oh before I forget, happy 21st birthday to Adnan Januzaj (well it's not 6 Jan yet in London koh koh koh) our handsome....err (ey I'm a fan I know laa his position! You shut up)...

He's a keeper, isn't he? Pfft~! XD

P/s : listening to Alive by Sia right now because I want The 5th Wave novel so badly.


Monday, 1 February 2016

Insomnia = Budak penakut = Me :)


Semalam aku diserang insomnia lagi – insomnia yang datang hanya pada musim cuti *lolololol*. Tak best lansung tak boleh tidur ni tau.

Sebenarnya ada baca buku cerita hantu sebelum tidur semalam (credit to R.L Stine's Fear Street Super Thriller) sebab aku rasa cerita tu takdelah seram sangat pun *walaupun penulis kata siapa baca buku tu takkan boleh tidur punya.. yelahh dah nak bagi laku!* Kalau ye pun seram aku tak pernah pulak teringat sampai masuk mimpi bagai.

Lepas tu dalam pukul 1 lebih dah kot, aku dengar macam ada bunyi orang ketuk tingkap bilik aku. Seram doe~ cepat-cepat aku letak buku tu kat tepi. Aku tunggu lagi nak make sure betul ke apa yang aku dengar tu. Pastu duduk bersila atas katil. Aku ni walaupun penakut tapi mata still takleh duk diam tau, aku tengok lama-lama kat tingkap (yang tertutup okay,mau pengsan aku kalau malam-malam buka tingkap and then surprise..!). Takde apa-apa pun.

Alala comelnya dia sunburn >_<

Lepas tu sambung baca lagi.

‘Sreeett~’ terpacak aku kat atas katil. *mata tenung tingkap*
Ohkayyyy I GIVE UP!

Tak guna punya benda kat luar tu. Tak kiralah tu kupu-kupu ke cicak ke manusia ke, aku taknak tutup lampu. Macam on cue jer bunyi tu datang, aku tengah baca part heroine tu nampak lembaga dalam rumah budak yang dy babysit kott. Cis!

Aku ni ada tabiat buruk - tak boleh tidur dalam gelap. Taulah tak elok, tapi aku tak boleh lawan perasaan takut aku ni. Lol. Malunya…sila anggap aku tak pernah cakap semua tu k bye. Kalau ada orang kat sebelah takpelah. Memang sepatutnya aku tidur dengan adik aku, tapi dy selalu mintak tutup lampu awal (kena tidur awal sebab sekolah kan).

Aku ni nak laa baca buku dulu, pusing sana pusing sini, lapar pergi cari makanan kat dapur, pastu hilang mengantuk, pastu tenung kipas lama-lama. Yang mana semua benda tu takleh buat kalau budak tu dah nak tidur.

Bab ni oklah, you win sis. Sebab sekolah.

Kalau hari cuti aku cakaplah tutup lampu lewat sikit takpe kan. Tak boleh jugakkkk (ada sebabnya aku tak nak cerita hehe :D)

So aku pun melarikan diri ke bilik Kak Na, in which I gathered a lot of pillows (and a teddy bear) around me. Bacalah dengan aman. Tapi tulah… Tak boleh nak overcome penyakit ni. Kadang-kadang masa mengantuk sangat aku tutup jugak lampu sebab lepas tu dah memang tertidur terus. Yang jadi masalahnya apabila dah mengantuk baca buku semua, tapi sampai jer masa nak tidur aku jadi segar bugar balik. Weird much! Segar bugar sebab aku fikir pasal nak tutup lampu thehehe.

because this house looks a little less scary
Bila dah tutup lampu, orang yang penakut macam aku ni mulalah fikir macam-macam. Budak-budak dalam Sinister laa, Darth Vader tu haa, pastu Ju-On. *dah kau gedik tengok cerita hantu pesaipa??*

Eh excuse me, Darth Vader tu bukan cerita hantu rasanya, aku tak pernah tengok pun cerita yang dy berlakon. Tapi sebab masa pergi pavi kl tahun 2011 dulu dy duk iiiiiiikut belakang aku. Kenapa antara ramai2 orang kat situ aku jugak insan yang terpilih? *nangis sensorang*

Pastu sampai hari ni aku benci Darth Vader. 5 years and counting weeeee! Ada orang kata dy watak baik, ada kata watak jahat.. ahh aku tak peduli~! Yang aku tau, topeng dy scary.

Tengok, dah cakap pasal dy pulak. Eh eh eh bertuah punya budak kau ambik line aku.

Lepas tu sebab tak boleh tidur jugak semalam, aku pun bukalah blog aku ni muehehe. Baca tak sampai tiga entri pun aku dah rasa pedih mata mengantuk lol … Bangun pagi tadi aku tengok phone aku still kat page ni. Ya Allah orang lain baca aku tak taulah macam mana. Haha.

P/S : Sila tidur dalam gelap, ia baik untuk kesihatan anda. And save some prayer for me :) mana laa tau tetiba jer tabiat buruk I ni hilang hikhik.