Tuesday, 24 November 2015

They say I'm sweet because I smile a lot.. (eh?)

Who's the miss all-smile-24hrs-seven ? Sunnah guys sunnahhh~!
But I think I'm sweet(perasan k perasan xleh blah) because *tadaaa* I eat too much sugar! MUAHAHHAHA

Isn’t this awesome? Having a lot lot looooot of chocolates in your closet XD
No no, I won't share with anyone!
Abah just came back from Langkawi wi wi wi~~*dancing*
But this is such a torture when you know the cholesterol in your body is high. *Oh yes I’m suffering with thaaaat kind of disease. Not too bad. Just...just not yet*.
But you know what? I still do not make any effort to overcome it. Cheers for the lazy little me.

I know there is a lot of food to lower the cholesterol in our body, but they’re not tasty.  *Hehe do you feel  a sudden urge to punch my face??like right now?* Why almost all nutritious food don’t taste good? Spinach, tomato, garlic, oatmeal, etc.  So far, only almond is my personal fav.  I mean, who doesn’t love nut? Hohoho nobody! unless you’re allergic to them.

Green tea? I drink it almost every day, to lower the cholesterol they say...
I realize that I have put a lot of sugar every time I make a cup, but I keep drinking the tea. Never bother to do anything – u know something like adding more hot water...

A sip followed by another and I smile like an idiot because *damn* the tea is just so yummehh~~ …and because I feel guilty!! Hikhik >_<
I hope it won’t affect Mr. Leptin and Mrs. Thyroid in my body. Hoho~ the thought of them becoming functionless just scares me.

What a  sloooooooooooooooooooow suicide Aliaa -__- no kidding.
I always put a little sugar when making tea to others (see I’m just that nice to care enough about your health). Seriously, I never wanted anything bad to happen to my family and friends.

Alright, actually that is what I’m supposed to tell myself every day. =D

Oh about the match last Saturday, please give me a moment to scream my heart out. AAAAAAAHHHHHH~~!!!!  Our Schweiny really nails it!!!!
Yeah I know his name isn’t even on the score sheet but hey.. he’s just super awesome don’t you think. Without him, Deeney won’t score that ‘own goal~’ tehehehehee~
Last minute win is always much much sweeter, isn't it?
Depay is okay, Lingard too, and Herrera(but he's injured). I feel like I don’t deserve to complain anything about the players lol. So let me just compliment all of them ^_^ De Gea becomes motm again, no doubt that the best goalie is always born in the best football club in the world. *you can't call me Aliaa if I don't exaggerate >.<*

The formation is also new to me. 4-2-2-2. So sad, I think because I can't watch them properly anymore now. Just some highlights and goals. Where's the fun, guys?

And I can’t believe that City lose to Liverpool. 1-3 is quite something ..phew.

Ok then. Bye bye :) Thank you for reading this entry. I'm sorry with my blabbering (T_T) ehh no, I'm not sorry.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Short vacation with ♥s

Assalamualaikum ^^ Hye! Hoho

I'm back in UMK~! Well umm...yep I went to Cameron Highlands last week. I miss going there with my family~ finally dapat jugak turun ke air terjun kat kebun teh tu.

Walaweii sampai luka kot kaki aku ni, padahal baru separuh jalan.. tapi turun jugaklah sebab takut lepas ni tak sempat nak datang Camerooon dah. Ceh perasan busy kononnya. Entah, aku rasa lepas ni macam tak dapat pergi ngan family dah, kesian Abah penat drive.

Awat yee mata aku sepet jer masa duk sana. Nak kata faktor cuaca pun... macam tak jer.

Aku turun bawah tu dengan Anis. Ada pakcik tukang sapu nak tolong ambik gambar. Actually takut jugak kot-kot dy larikan phone aku nanti. Haish su'uzzon sungguh!

Dy bagi salam, bagitau aku ngan Anis tak payah takut pun kat dy. Dy pun orang Islam.

And I was like, "Tak takut pun lah. Pak cik dah lama kerja sini?" *friendly mood on*

How I loveeeee meeting nice people. >_<

Mesti ramai orang tak bagi pakcik tu tolong ambikkan gambar. Kesian dy.

Best tau sebab hari tu hujan renyai-renyai, nasib baik kasut aku tak licin walaupun kome menyakitkaaaan sangat-sangat. Huhu~

Haritu birthday Abah sebenarnya. The vacation should be for him, not me although I'm the one who asks for it.
Thank you Abah ! You will always be the best man ever in my life ♥

Look at that smile! The Citizens fan smile~ lol.

Keep supporting City,

and I'll stay loyal to United >.< hik hik

Oh balik hari tu aku tengok ulangan MU lawan West Brom. Lingard scores wuhuuuuu! Love the way he celebrates his very first goal in PL.

Seeing Evans and Fletcher, I always wonder whether it ever occurred for them to think something like :

'Oh, I used to be standing beside Roo, Young, Smalling, and everyone else as a team, and today we're standing as rivals. Hard to believe huh?'

That breaks my heart all the time. 

Besides they don't even change their jersey numbers. Hwaaaaaaa~ why does life have to be so sad? T.T

Okay bye ~ I'll post again next time. Need to change the url for a while *for some weird reasons* :)

Thursday, 5 November 2015

☼ Busy Bee


Hi everyone, I haven’t been here for quite a long time eh?
Finally found this pic! Yuuuhuuu! I forgot who snaps this but
it must be one of my roommates. Either Diba, Erna, or Fatin.
 Hehe miss you guys ♥♥♥  xoxo
Lately I’ve been busy with loads of assignments plus quizzes then preparing for entrepreneurship day, and yada yada. You name it~ I’m a queen bee now. Wooohoooo! Oh wait, not that famous queen bee who end up becoming the prom queen in Disney movie, noooo~(first : there is nothing like prom here, and second : why am I suddenly talking about this??) Duh. I’m just a reaaaally busy bee.
Nowadays I always think about how much I hate looking at my lappy’s screen eeeeeveryday. My eyes are tired lol.
Blame me. I’m always placed under publicity&publishing unit in every club that I joined, well actually... it's not that I've been chosen, but I’m the one who volunteers. I'm a posters/pamphlets pal now. How awesome is that? Daaaamnit. How can I take care of my eyes now? I don’t want to end up with a pair of thick (like.. maybe an inch?) glasses. I don't wanna~~~
But then today..ehehe... ^_^ ehem.. I only had one class and it was in the morning. Once I got back to my room, guess what did I do?
I searched for all United matches that I missed before. It took me less than 2 hours(thank goodness) to see all the highlights and  goals. See! Well, now assignments couldn’t take the blame. Haha I was tiring my own eyes..aww so sorry.
I still can’t get over soccer.. What to do? muehehehe.
Oh, I have finished reading The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms. Yup, I bring a lot of books for my bedtime stories. *I can't sleep well without reading anything*
I love the previous books more. Huhu I don’t know.. this one(fourth book) sounds boring to me (Maybe because I’ve became matured(?). And since it’s a children book, so..you knowww...wakaka XD)
But the ending still gives me goose bumps! Chris Colfer I hate you! Ops sorry not you, I hate how I still love children books. How it still gives me chill..
Don’t worry though, I’ll still buy the fifth novel once it’s published! Being a kid is fun anyway ^^
Goodbye for now.
P/s : You don’t know how much I miss sleeping before midnight. Good night~