Thursday, 27 August 2015

BIG win


Last Sunday everybody knows we draw vs Newcastle. Zero nil! Ohhhhhhh it is really hard to score against them. How can United score when Newcastle use six to eight players for defense? Well if their wish is to not giving any chance for The Red Devils, then they get what they wish for. Congratulation -.-

Still, I'm afraid to say that we're 'only' against Newcastle. Well you see, their attempts are not as bad although all of them are the results of counter attack. Quite scary when they're in front of our goal post.

I can't say anything about United defense.. Darmian, Smalling, Shaw, and Blind are all awesome, they're doing their job well. Strikers? Idk..even my younger sister (who doesn't watch football) knows that we're lacking of Rooney's clan. Yeah she read the newspaper~ maybe even my mum knows that hahhaha.

Watching United vs Club Brugge is a diff story. Yep, it's last night. It's fun watching when we're winning ehehehhe xD 
But Brugge are nothing like Newcastle. They play to score goals (and I love that). 

United win by aggregate 7-1 . That is insane. *and it's obvious that they can score more than that* Honestly I doubt that they can do the same in Premier League. Most of the teams in PL are as good as them. Maybe better..but we'll see.

I'm so happy watching Herrera starts. It has been a long time.

Oh, Rooney scores!!! A hat-trick! Oww this man, he doesn't know how to start with one huh? Daebak2x~ that is just sooooooo you 😁

Well emm..I actually missed his 2nd goal. 

I wanna ask something. Is it true that the time between the 1st and 2nd half is only 15 minutes? I think I really leave the tv for 15 minutes but then when I come back, I'm already 5 minutes late. *sigh*. I want to see Rooney's goal.

And then Herrera scores. Nice shoot, lad! *cheeewah*

So yeah we win. 

The fake fans are back. I really hate them. Now they're mad at Chicharito because he misses the penalty and also because he has a lot of chances but he doesn't even score any goal. Quite shocking..but I won't want Van Gaal to sell him or put him on the bench yet. He has once been one of our best scorer. Why can't give him a chance? Just one chance..not much.

Those bloody plastic fans.. They still exist! Leaving stupid comments everywhere. Oh why do I bother reading them in the first place?? Why don't you stop doing that Aliaa~~~.

Byeee~ so that is my last game before going to uni. Such a sweet memory with the big win ^^ goodluck against Swansea next week *cry3x~*

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

UCL - Hello Club Brugge ^^


I've said before that I miss champion league's theme tune. Dear ears, please thank myself for waking up without stumbling on the floor last night.

It's a home game. Of course I hope that they can make the most out of it. So during the second leg next week they won't feel much pressure anymore. FC Brugge, I don't know anything about this club. Aha except they're from Belgium of course.

I don't want to say how or why we conceded the first goal. It's sooo devastating. 

I don't usually play with my phone during a game, but idk.. I keep scrolling my facebook timeline and instagram acc..

I'm so nervous because of Carrick's own goal. The rival leading the game is not a good sign for United. Last season I remember that they always lose everytime this happens.

Memphis scores our first goal, I almost shout. Thehehe xD 

Finally Memphis, finallyyyyy~ That's how you do it!

And then he scores our second goal. Goosebump! Goosebump! That is super awesome~

He actually has more chances during second half but he doesn't score. Abah said 'stupid' to him (more to the tv actually) a lot of times. Well..what can I do? Hahaha.

I just notice Fellaini has given his number 31 to Schweiny. How nice :)

Thanks for making it 3-1 Felli~ you're such a beast, man! ^^

***** ♥‿♥ *****

I really love our long-sleeve away kit. It is so pretty. Fellaini and Chicharito's kits last night were also pretty, but I like the white one better.

I tell my mum that I really want it ...but ..arghh but that Chevrolet symbol really bothers me. 

Do you know what she says?

"Nampak macam burung terbang je. Boleh lah tuu pakai."

Reallyyyy? *sigh* Ha-ha I wish. I wish I see it like a 'burung terbang' too..but the problem is no. All I see is a cross symbol.

Now I think it's funny because I wear United shirt everytime they have a game. Why I don't feel bothered with the devil on their badge?

And my new shirt has a really big badge right on the chest. So of course the devil also looks huge!

Why don't I feel anything?

Ohhh..idk. Maybe because we're Red Devils. So a devil is like a trademark of this club..phahahaha I don't know o(╥﹏╥)o

But a cross symbol? There's no way I'm gonna wear it without feeling sinful.

Why does the design of the new jersey have to be sooo pretty?

Saturday, 15 August 2015

I don't wake up for nothing XD


Win again! Alhamdulillah I'm so happy for them. 1-0 is okay, we get the three points, baby. :D

Our Red Devils are so cute in white jersey. Hahahha. Yeah I know I know~ It's not like they never wear white away kit before, but this one really looks innocent. How cute!

I was frowning during the whole game. Aii~ I would look old doing that so I kept touching my forehead. Don't frown. Don't frown.

Besides, it was raining heavily outside, and I kept praying for United to win and for astro to stay strong. Hahha I want to watch the game :'D

First half was decent and second half both teams had shown a little fury.

Januzaj had scored a bit dramatic goal. Wew~ his move was a killer.

But I think he was bullied again last night-to that guy number what? Idk. He kicked our no.11 tummy. Then he bloody bloody dived. You sure know how to act, dude. How evil.

Smalling defended with his life. Darmian, please don't pull Richard's shirt, you might get a yellow/red card omg. Thinking about that makes me scared. Apart from that, he's just trying his best to make sure that the ball was always under their control. Rooney didn't make any eminent action, I thought he wasn't in the game. Memphis was really unlucky despite of all his efforts to score. Don't cry, you're doing great.

Romero gave us a clean sheet again. Good job! Two league games and he already looked very comfortable :)

Oh right. I'm sorry I'm blabbing about football again, it's just that...I'm going to Uni Malaysia Kelantan in two weeks. So I don't know if I'll be able to watch footy again. Yeah, I got degree in forestry (Maybe I will meet Tarzan and Jane. Lol 😂).

You know.. it's not that I'm unhappy with the course, it's my first choice after all the courses for Tesl. Last choices, I take veterinaries and major in biology. That's all.

And I get the 7th choice. All the six choices in front, it feels like they don't even glance at me! -.- seeeeeriously cruel.

Please blame me.

Because I'm actually being ungrateful. Very ungrateful.

I tell myself a lot of time before that whatever course I get, if it's not Tesl then I will feel down.

See. It really happens.

I should do sujud syukur the moment I see the result, but I didn't. Because deep inside I was only hoping for Tesl.

Aaahhh~ Why do I have to be this spoiled??

A brat, Aliaa! You're a B.R.A.T!

Then my mum tells me :- at least I have a dream, an ambition to pursue English language. At least I'm good in English(your mum will tell you anything just to make you smile. I just hope that I'm really that good). It's my passion. But I get something else. Allah gives me something else despite of all my doa. Maybe He wants me to learn something new and be knowledgeable in things that I don't know anything about before.

Well, that really boosts me a lot. Thanks, Ma!

So I'm happy now. Accept it, it already happens and I can't do anything anymore. Allah knows the best for me ^^

I can do it!

P/s : UMK dekat jer~ I can go home every week if I want to.(No no no. I won't do that. Hahhaha)

Saturday, 8 August 2015

First game First win


Yay we win! The very first game this season ^^

But I can't really cheer on someone's own goal. You know.. I feel sorry for Kyle Walker. 
I still feel so good though. Because we're against Spurs. Spurs man, Spurs! They are like Arsenal to me.

Darmian is awesome. He runs his heart out here and there. Seriously what is his position again? Defender?

Woah. Really like that chap~

Smalling too. That guy, I hope he becomes a legend in United. Don't go anywhere. There are still a lot in him that he can show on the pitch.

Romero ~
Romero is so cute. Hahaha >_< he smiles everytime he makes a save. Only smiles during the first half though. Second half he is all serious. Aisshh~ I don't want to compare him to De Gea. Not 'not yet'. Just never. De Gea has done a lot so... if the fans start to compare him to Romero who just arrives, it's kinda unfair. But I have to say Romero makes me awe! No kidding. He's sooooo focused! We'll see if he can be our bright future. Watch him David De Gea :)

Tell you what, it's not easy watching your fav team when there's someone who hates(or at least pretends to hate) them sitting right beside you. Really not easy.

Abah. He says : if Man U lose tonight, people will talk about it.

Me : if Spurs lose, people will talk about it too.

Abah : No. I mean Man U's new squad should be amazing. Depay Depay~

Me : I know... *of course it's gonna be pretty embarassing if they lose*

And he keeps cheering for Spurs. That feeling...really makes me feel blue. Abah, listen here.. I'm not gonna leave you alone with Chelsea after this. Btw, don't call them Man U, it's insulting. 

(Thankfully TRW also have a match. Weee~ So Abah goes to his usual mini stadium at 9.45 with TRW leading the game 1-0. Haha freedom from a little rival who I loooove like crazy.)

But last season we lose our first game to Swansea, remember? It's terrible. We have whooooo? Falcao, umm Di Maria.. Well actually I just wanna say their names. It's true, not everyone can do well in Premier League. Let us see Radamel Falcao in The Blues :)

Come on Swansea, last season you make us Red Devils shocked >:( 
Do it again tonight to The Blues. 

P/s : I'm writing this feeling a little nervous. Look! It's 1-1 . Gomo Kelate Gomo!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

create your own title please *wink2*


Well, another good novel finished! Yay!

Love at Second Sight.
Cerita ni pelik sikit aku tak tau nk explain mcm mana so hahahhha
tgk cover jer lah yer(msti rasa mcm nk tumbuk2 aku kan? Thehee). Ratingnya dlm Goodread agak rendah, aku tak faham kenapa. Nk kata jalan cerita buat orang pening lalat tak pun. Aku suka !

Actually dh bnyak novel best yg aku baca tapi tak sempat nk buat review..cehh sbelum ni review ke yg aku buat? Mcm spoiler jaa hahhaha.

Marked - seronok baca pasal vampire dalam buku ni. Ada sekolah khas bagai untuk diorang.

Heroin(Zoey Redbird) semestinyalah lebih special drpd pontianak2(why sound so weird) lain muahahahaha. Ni yg best ni. Pastu ada hero(Erik Night). Paaaaaling hensem. Penjahat wajib ada untuk mnyedapkan jalan cerita. You know nk rampas hero drpd heroinlah, gilakan kuasalah..tulah nilah.

Novel ni bersiri tau. Nasib baik aku terbeli yg no. 1 so takyah pening2 dh, besides ending dy okay. Kalau korang beli buku no.2, korang wajib beli buku no.3 dan seterusnya(semua ada sepuluh) sbb lepas tu jalan cerita dy mmg complicated. I read in the wiki ladies and gentlemen :)

Dairy Queen - aku beli sebab satuuuuu jer. Aku nmpak perkataan "football" kat sinopsis. Terus sambar tak belek2 apa dah. Lupa yg american football bukannya bola sepak but rugby! Yo damnit bruh!

Actually jalan ceritanya sngat best. Pada pndangan akulah.

Heroin nama DJ(Darlene Joyce Schwenk). Tomboy. Aku tgk cover depan muka macam Emma Watson jer.. Lawalah tomboy ni ^^ hikhik!

Dy join pasukan rugby sekolah dy dgn yg lainnya semua lelaki. Life dy pun mmg menarik. Ada masalah family sikit. Buku ni ada smbungan jugak. -.-

Tapi kalau tak beli pun takpe kot sbb endingnya ok jer. Tapi kalau ada lagi bestlah.

Hero(Brian Nelson) tu kalau korang nk tau ialah pemain rugby pasukan lawan. Pemain tonggak. Dahlah budak bijak.~Awwh cliche cliche~. Nope. It's interesting. Very interesting(and tense) when he finds out that DJ is actually in his rival team. Ohmygosh he's just about to fall for her! :'(

I love the chanting of DJ's big brother, Bill (DJ has two big brothers, Bill and Win who are now in a sports college. Both have scholarships. Both have rugby blood flowing in their veins hehe) during his match when he's still in high school :

"That's my ball! I'm gonna get that ball!"

Last Chance Angel - Buku ni pasal budak perempuan umur 14, nama dy Jessica Rowley.
Dy eksiden. Aku ingatkan dy mati terus, rupa-rupanya tak. Sebab tu jadi adanya cerita ni. Hahaha brutal giler ayat.

Aku sedih sngat dgn cerita ni, pndai penulis buat ayat touching huhu.

Nak cakap yg start jer chapter tajuk 'Sara', aku rasa nak nangis jer. Emosi sungguh bila pasal orang nak mati ni kan?

Orang sekeliling tak pernah berpeluang nk bagitau apa yg diorang nk bgitau kat Jessica tu.

Mak ayah dy, abang dy, kawan2 dy..

Crush dy(ehh?)..ha ah. Pon ada.

Divergent - Tngok movie lahh~  Noooo!

Eh tapi movie dy pun best. Hmm..Tengok dan bacalah dua-dua.
Aku tgk movie dulu sbelum baca novel(dh dapat movie dulu).

Novel dy lagi best lah. Semua pun macam tu kan. Harry Potter ke Hunger Games ke Percy Jackson ke..novel jugak yg best.

Tpi Tris tu, dy mati nanti dalam Allegiant. Aku macam...umm ok..heroin mati..umm..insurgent takyah beli teruslah. Tnggu movie jer. Buat frust menonggeng baca smpai 3 novel tapi ending sedih.

P/s : Oh sorry about my last entry. Hehe it was FA Community Shield not Charity Shield(what da heck?). 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Raya lagi ke?


Hai blog! Ehh hai pembaca yg dihormati sekalian. Heheh ^^

Dah nak habis bulan syawal kan(Sape yg belum puasa 6 smpat lagi ni. Keh3) Sebenarnya dah nak terlupa kat blog ni. How laaaaa aliaa~? Kau buat apa jer kat rumah ntah. Duk post gambar, like gmbr insta org macam dh xde bnda berfaedah nk buat. Astaghfirullahal'azim.

Bnyak keluar dgn kawan-kawan sekolah(if u think 2x is bnyak, then be it). Hee mentang2 Ma dh bagi green light, kau manfaatkan yer.

Seronok. Yep. Aku tak tipu. Keluar dgn kawan2 memang best, tapi aku xnak smpai aku jadi rasa xbest keluar dgn fmily. Sbb before mmg aku suka shopping dgn my mum, and I don't want that to change. Ever. So kalau kawan2 ajak keluar, if I say no, that means enough is enough.

Family time okay.

Kasut raya takde sbb aku dh besar, bagi budak2 jer fefeeling raya. Gitu ke? Baju raya ofkos Ma dah sediakan hehe. Sesungguhnya aku bukan peminat baju raya. Takde pun takpe. Dah ada ni, see my happy face. It says thank you ^^

Aku dpt banyak jgk tau duit raya. Yay! Haha act rasa bersalah jugak sbb aku ni tahun depan dah masuk 20, tua tapi orang ingat budak2.
This can't be!
Also rasa bersalah sbb aku ni garang orangnya, tpi orang ingat aku jenis yg tak pandai marah.
Tooooo bad!

Hahaha anyway Alhamdulillah. Rezeki mngalahkan anak2 buah lol.

Dlm family abah mmg dh jadi tradisi bagi duit raya ni. Kakyen yg dh kahwin pun dpt lagi dua tahun lepas, tahun lepas dy dh mngandung so mana blh dah. Kalau blh jugak macam melampau jer hahahha.

Siap tulis nama lagi kat sampul.Tapi takde sorang pun yg eja nama aku dengan betul. Hahahha :'D sokay sokay.

Aku naaaaak main bunga api tapi takde orang beli hwaaaaaa >o<

Tengok jiran sebelah main, nak jer buat muka tak malu mintak sikit or join sekali, tapi semua lelaki. Takkan beta nak mencemar duli kot hikhik *padahal nk sngat* ^^

Dulu2 aku rasa best ada abang ipar a.k.a abg Zul sebab dia beli baaaaanyak sngat bunga api. Hahaha. Meriahlah malam raya.


Takde bunga api sbb abg Zul xbawak balik. Abg Shahrul pun tak. Aigoo~ Ooh diorang ingat anak2 dara ni xpandai cucuh api mercun kot. Still meriah but aku nak bunga apiiii~! *next year pliss pliss plissssss*

Ok dahlah. Lps ni nk tgk Arsenal lwn Chelsea. Charity shield? Ke apa? Aku lupalah.

Yup! mmg best pun tgk rivals kita punya match. Pahahhaha~it's gonna be a weird sight to watch Cech against Chelsea. He's the legend :) *aii why do I feel sorry for him?*


P/s : my wrist(yg kena cakar dgn kucing jahat tu) almost heals completely and it leaves a very pretty cicatrice(a word which here means scar hehe xD) weeeeee~!