Saturday, 20 June 2015


Assalamualaikum. Salam 3 Ramadan :)

I have done watching drama Who Are You : School 2015.

Yes! No more drama for now.
Heart : This is Ramadan Aliaa, what are you doing?
Head : Because I need to finish what I've started before and now it's over.

I really hate the ending because Eun Bi ended up with Ian. Why not with Tae Kwang huhuhuhuhuhu~ well she's not exactly with him, but she tells Ian that she likes him T.T instead of Tae Kwang. Hate youuuu~!

Next time I wanna watch a drama, I should see the ending first (so I won't feel this frustrated agaiiin).

Gong Tae Kwang. I love this guy.

I definitely have fallen for his character ohmygosh >.<

His acting is soooo good I can't believe that that face actually belongs to Yook Sungjae.

Yeah, Sungjae of BTOB. Aaaand tell you what, I've never ever ever liked BTOB(or any other k-bands now). Abah used to say 'betob' hahaha what's that?

Whatever. I like Gong Tae Kwang not Yook Sungjae. There's no reason to dislike his character by the way.

Where can we find a perfect guy if not in movies or dramas lol? ^_^

He is so handsome(idk why do I write this first ..of all things kekeke :'D), caring for Eun Bi(sometimes I hate people who care too much), and.. and..err.. he's just adorable
hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahaha XD

Then I find out that he sings one of the songs in the drama. Ost part 8-Love Song! Nice to the ears and I was like :

"Gong Tae Kwang~ I don't know you can sing!"ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ *fangirling moment*

Oh forgot he's a singer. Thehehee.

Okay bye~ I should behave.

P/s : I know there must be a lot of people who want to complete the al-Quran in this holy month of Ramadan. Good job! I'm in hehe. Every year in fact since I start in SMKAL. At first I do it because everybody else is doing, now it feels like compulsory idk hahaha.
But remember, always make sure you take care of the tajwid. Don't rush if it can only give you sins. I've seen people rushing to finish just to know that they don't really pay attention to their reading. May Allah protect us :)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Julie and Me and Michael Owen Make Three


I freaking love this book even though it makes me sick all over again. I mean look at Terry, he keeps hoping for a girl who loves his arch enemy, I hate Julie even though she's the heroine(because I'm United supporter), Fitz? mooooore than anybody else. that guy he's overacting!(also because I'm  United supporter).

Now I've understood the story. Hahaha after three times of reading? Well it's hard to digest(for me lahh ~)

This book that I got has been updated in 2012. So although it's about United in 2000(season 2000/01), the writer has made the prologue and epilogue. Well mostly of course they're about Terry and Julie. But he also included : Michael Owen joined United. Phil Neville and Saha joined Everton. It's funny when I thought that he wrote the book before year 2002 and he never knew who would join which club and who would go out.

I just..can never get bored with this thing.

I don't know if this is a review or whatever. But I want to tell everyone that Terry Payne is a really good guy. He's shy, and is really against his best friend who's dating two girls at one time, he just can't hurt a girl no matter what she did to him, and he's a really nice son and brother. *ohh not're sooo not falling for a fictional character, aren't you?

He wants to marry Julie(after ten years), and he's willing to support Liverpool if that's what Julie wants. Ahhhhh I really don't like that one. What is this, Terry? What about United? How come it is so easy for you to betray United???

He joins the Carter family at Anfield when Liverpool win the FA Cup in 2000. Whaaaat?

Well actually Terry is very loyal for United and he's the true Manc! Julie is Julie, and United are still United for him (>_<) his love is unchanged!

In the prologue, it is 10 years later. They are at their school reunion party and Terry is waiting for Julie to come. Well he's not sure about their relationship at that time.

I really like it when he texts Julie saying that if she stays away from him during the reunion party, then he'll know it's over.

Aww man! I love it. He waits for 10 years and if the girl doesn't want to be with him, then he'll stop going after her. 10 years man! Giving up if it is for the best! Omaigod :'D

And Julie. Being the nice supporter of Liverpool, and the heroine of this book. You should know how it ends. Surprise!

P/s : hate to read the comments that the male 'friends' leave in my fb and instagram. Well~ that's the price that I have to pay for giving attention to them before. But hey, there is always a first for everything. It was a mistake that I'd done a looooong time ago. Still a mistake though T.T stupid mistake.

Sorry for being such a snob ;)
I am not Julie Carter.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Kids are angels sent from heaven too ❤


Haritu kann Baby(zarith) kena duk kat rumah dgn aku sbb Zara n Zac duk ngan Kakna. 

Kesian kat Bi. Nak harapkan aku layan budak2 mmg taklah. So keje dy kat rumah tido jer. Hehe. Kakyen jaga Durra. 


Kemas rumah! yayrajinkaniollssebabstakmaujagabiii~ hahahha ^^ 

Ada laa time berbual-bual dgn dy. Aku tnya Bi tak nak nasi ke? She kept quiet. Aku cakap kat kakyen "Msti Bi marah kat iolls laa ni sbb garang sgt dgn dy".

Then Bi jawab yg dy nak makan ayam jer. Okayy~ so she answered.

Kakyen tanya Baby sayang tak Makteh(me)? 

At a time like that, everyone would have wished that they had treated the kid better this whole time. Samalah aku pun.


Oh Biiiii~ makteh syg Bi jgk. Ingatkan nak jawab tak sayang :'D she knows that this angry auntie laa the one yg selalu buat susu kat dy, teman dy tgok cerita kartun, kena cubit kat dy smpai lebam. Ouch! 

Well deserved *weeeee!*


"Tak sayang" 

Eh why not?

"Sebab...... mamayennnnnnn... tak tukar tv!"

Aww. She meant Kakyen tak tukar channel yg dy nak tengok. Ahhhdoorable laa Baby~~ >.< ye lah asyik tgk kartun jer. Laaa.. so kakyen tak tukar rupanya, ingatkan semua org give up jer. How could you??

Tok ma?

Yg ni aku tak nak cakap. Sbb jwapan dy lawak sgt aahahhahahaha XP

Aku tak taulaa yg aku ni suka budak2 ke tak. Zara dgn Zarith suka buli oranglah~ aiiiyoo . 

Aku berdoa biar dijodohkan dgn laki yg suka(layan karenah dan jaga) budak-budak. Ameen. Kucing pun! *Kau nak harapkan laki jer kenot lahhh >.<

Kids. They remember everything you do and they never lie. Pernah kena marah, diorang ingat. But they choose to ignore.

Like~ aku marah kat Bi. Oh well Bi ni kuat merajuk so aku yg kena move dulu. Cakap dgn dy (or what we say pujuk).

Kalau Zara, dy yg tegur aku dulu sebab dy nak main. Tapi kalau tnya sape garang, suka marah dy?.. Dy bgitau. Dy tak sayang lah. Wakakakka xD sape suruh buas sangat ?

Kita yg tua ni ego kan3x. Tak pikir nak main macam budak-budak sbb tu end up dgn rasa sakit hati.

Admit that. It's the truth.

Action always speaks louder than word (even if we say that 80% of ourselves aren't ego and 20% ego aaaaaand I make this up). You see what happen. 

Susahnyaaa nak minta maaf. Susahnya nak mengaku kita yg salah(kalau yg tak salah lagilaa~ mata tak pndang ke tanah dah). Malunya nak buat macam tu sbb takut org ingat kita ajet2 baik.

Sooooo typical of human these days. A'uzubillahimin zalik. 

Aku pun masih merangkak nak buang sifat syaitonirrojim ni. Hoho. I wanna be a kid again. 

*a cute,nice one* hikhik >_<

Hari ni semua dh balik negeri masing2. Aku jugak yg kena tinggal. Actually dh siap packing barang nk pegi Johor kelmarin, aku pun memang ingat aku takkan ada kat bumi Kelantan dh hari ni. Tapi rasa tak sedap hati nak pergi sana. Memanglah stay kat rumah Kakyen, kot2 aku boring ke nanti nak balik macam mana? Naik bas? Ohohoho never~ nak balik dgn Kakyen kena tnggu cuti raya. Lagilaaaa never! So here I am, hugging my bear buncit while typing this. :) farewell everyone.


Seriuslah Falcao nk join Chelsea season depan?😱


Guess what I watched just now? 

Man United Legends vs Bayern Munich All-Stars

So cool~ Paul Scholes the ginger prince is cute. Andy Cole still looks athletic. And there's Park Ji Sung! Van Der Sar, Neville, Saha. I don't know the others. Ehehe~Stam, Yorke, Beardsmore, Poborski, Blomqvist(his goal makes me awe).. And those who I know, I only heard their names in Julie and Me and Michael Owen book actually. 

Poor all players, they look tired. But still.. I love watching all of them on the pitch(because United legends win! Yes!)

They're sooo cute being surprised by the firecracker! Pom pom! >.< oohhnoo~

Sunday, 7 June 2015

why Juventus whyy?


Barcelona hebat gilerrrr~ mmg hebatlah. They are awesome and they know it. Sebab tu aku tak sokong. Lohaii cane United nk lawan nnti MUtour ? Scary~ Suarez, Neymar, Messi laaaaaju gilerr.

Dahlaa Barca score dulu. Rakitic.

Aku nak sngt Juventus menang. Aku nak tengok mcm mana laa kalau Barca kalah. Msti sedih then adalar players yg nangis sbb ni UCL kan. Hihiks >_< Okay what? Juventus pun bukan calang2 lawan.

*bnyk kali pulak iklan Insidious 3. Aku takutlah duk sensorang(ha ah abah tido). Yelah2 dua kali jer kot. Sblum start game dgn half time. Cepat2 aku tukar channel lain. Maaf yer Stefanie Scott , awk mmg comel tapi cerita tu scary. Heh -.- awat tak berlakon cerita disney jer?

Masa Morata score, aku happy giler. Yes!!! Dia tnggu tepi gol jer, aku pun ingatkan Tevez yg nk score. Oohh sukanyaaa.

Aku suka tgk Buffon sbb nmpk dia mcm goalie yg pro giler. Tapi duk sebut nama Pique. Gatall! Oh Gerard Pique~ just because he's a former United player. Aku memanglahh. Nak bagi adik aku mnyampah hahahha.

Sama dgn Harry Kane. Tah knapa aku suka sgt sebut "Kaaaaneee", sebenrnya jarang follow Spurs.

Ooohhh aku tau aku tau.

Harry Kane. Harry Kane. Tak ke bunyi macam Hurricane? xP Kaaanee~ mengarut ngahaha.

Pastu Suarez pulak dowh score. Ahhhhhh guess what? I'm smiling. *dh diorang happy giler aku tumpang bahagialah*

Buffon terlepas bola 😢 whyyyyy?

Pastu Neymar pulak.

Pastu aku tutup TV.

Pastu buka balik sbb offside! ooh yeah~

Come on laa Juventus.

Tick tock tick tock.. masa tmbhn 5 minit. Pastu Neymar gol. Yg ni bukan offside dh, gol betul. Benci ahh. Kau buka baju aku tutup tv *tuding jari kat tv* . Aiisshh! he did~ okay tutup tv. Tak elok pompuan tgk bola sbb ni lah.

3-1. Congrats FC Barcelona.

Alaaaahh msti Juventus sedih. Sedih gilerr. Terima kasih Neymar sbb buka baju so aku xyah tgk players Juventus. 😢

Nanti aku nk unfollow dhlaa De Gea. Duk leklok kat Madrid jgn bagi orang buli. Huhu Falcao pun~ farewell. Nnti masuklah MU balik *ngek sgt kau ni ye*

Eh Sterling nk join MU (kottt). Even dy main untuk Liverpool pun aku tak kisah kalau dh keluar. Takde kaitan dh dgn Liverpool. Kan3? So fine lahh. Macam Mata dgn Chelsea terchentanyaaa! hee ^^

Sterling pun hebat apa, tgn suka hayun2 *geram nk ikat bagi duk diam* samalah dgn nama apa sorang lagi..emm haa Sturridge. Dua2 laju gilerr lari. (Dah berapa kali aku duk taip perkataan giler ni haa. Not good. Not good) Tak nak aihh puji lebih2. Join dulu MU ye ^^


Friday, 5 June 2015

My blog My story


Tiba-tiba rasa rinduuuuu sgt nak ada usrah dgn adik2 junior kat sekolah. Rindu nak dengar diorang celoteh. Rindu Qistina dgn Dayang.

Bila aku ingat balik kan~kan3. I'm a real nerd back in high school. Nerd on the outside, but inside..I'm such a rebel.

Among my siblings, I think I'm the nastiest. Haha~ Don't know how to show love to others, to console sulking person. I really can't.

Besides I never dream of having a brother. Actually I don't want to have one. Idk, but when I see a boy I feel like 'Ahh that guy just doesn't suit in my family. No one does.'

Not to be fussy. I'm a weirdo. It's hard for me to accept the existance of my brothers-in-law in the family too. But as I get older, I just go on with that. They're just so nice and I'm on the bad side at that time.

Really. A boy feels like alien to me years ago. Hahaha because when you grow up with all girls, you're everything to your parents. You're the daughter, you're also the son. Did I tell you that my mum thought I was a boy when she's pregnant and wanted to come out with the name Adam?

I really do look like a boy muahahah..until I'm 7 years old, a far relative comes to visit and (can you believe it) she actually asks me : "Ni lelaki ke perempuan?".

I'm startled. Mak Ciiikkkk~! So I look at my mum and she answers. Can't blame the relative though, because my hair is cropped like a 'sabut kelapa'. Very short. xD hahahhaha. Who won't think twice that I'm actually a girl?

Same goes to my niece, Tengku Durrani *but she's only 7mnths old

I have survived high school and matriculation college. Not all girls school ^^ so less alien now hohohho~!

* * * * *

I really hate when guys tell me that they like me. So please never do that to me, I don't want to hate anyone.

Then how am I going to get married?

If mutual then fine, I will be nice(what can I say, Allah put that feeling in your heart. I can't do anything), but I still won't accept if they WANNA DATE. Go find other girls. (Come on, I'm only 19.. I can't even imagine loving an outsider)

Also I hate guys who are controlling over the girls when they aren't even married yet.

I hate guys who act all cheesy like all they know about girls come from the internet. Typical. Compliments~ We have Allah the Almighty. Praise him. Not the slaves. Duhhhh~ -_-

Just~ play hard to get. It's not only girl who seems precious acting that way. Guys do too.

If you love the girl but you want to keep her from the other guys, just pray.

Aww but I really don't know. Those who are in love with each other they just accept ..then BOOM! ~ dating.

I can't brain that. Too complicated.

All girls are different from each other. Very very different.

Look what this little kid posts in his instagram. Don't get me wrong..hwaaaa. Benda tak sepatutnya jadi cenggini tapi sbgai tanda terima kasih kat dy sbb menolong, ok fine sekali ni jer post gmbr aku.

Adehh ter'crop' caption plak ..
Bolehlah mngalah ngan budak ni yg aku rasa tak kan jumpa smpai bila2 dh kot. Kalau nmpk dy aku lari jauh2 hahahha.

Caption "Tq boya" lansung takde kena mngena Lutfi oiii~hang mmg saja mau bikin kontroversi. Bila baca komen2, Allahurabbi.. aku rasa macam nak pengsan. Tau adik aku cakap apa?

"Yaaaa~ ramainya your admirers"

Ha-ha admirers my foot!

Anyway thanks a lot Lutfi Mazhar.You'll always be a little brother for this big sistaa! Yes yess I know I'm much100x cuter but who cares? Sakai hehe~ >.<

P/s : In the last entry, emm I think I was being too harsh. Won't delete it anyway. I. Am. Really. That. Harsh.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Don't ruin your holiday ^^



Rindu nk update blog hehe. Amm~ maju kan skrg, nk interview xperlu pergi tmpt interview pun. Cukup hntr vlog ngan esei jee. Fuhh~ ohsem! Tapi courses yg xkritikal jerlah. Medik? Dietetik? no way man -_-

Aku dpt tesl kat UKM. Yes wayyyyy~! ^^ hikhik.

Tapi xsukalah buat vlog. Ha-ha~ lagi baik cakap face to face dgn intrviewer kott even mmg akan rasa neves.. Ni ckp dpn kamera. Tak suka >.<

Ank2 sedara aku dh balik semua. Cuti sekolah kann. Ooohh I love them~ behave ye Zara, Zarith, Durrani, n Zac Aryan.

No sweets. No junk food. Because I don't have any 😂 Uhuhu sorry.

Hey, do u know the feeling when a baby falls asleep in your arms? And then watching a tiny smile appears on her cute face. Do you knowwww?

Ohmaigod it feels so good, sooooo worth it to let your arms become tired muahahaha xD

K jahat yer Makteh. Tapi seronok. Tngn kiri aku ni lemah sikit sbb bnyk guna tgn kanan, so tiap2 kali nk dukung baby I'll use my left one. Bagi stabil gitu~


Tau x ada sorang budak laki ni tak habis-habissss duk kacau aku. Geramnya ya Allah.

Yes facebook. Kenapa aku tak block? Sebab aku taknak laa ada org dlm block list aku. Tmbh2 dy school mate aku, tpi tak pernah tegur pun sebelum ni. Kat sekolah he's super shy and ..i don't know. I never really notice him.

Kenapa tiba2 naaaakkkkk sgt chat ngan aku. I don't like him.

Can't he see it that I don't like what he's doing also? What makes him think that I'm so nice? What makes him think that I don't have any boyfriend? What makes him think that I don't befriend any boy?

Should I... show the evil side of myself?

I never replied to his messages, but he keeps sending me. Damnit. Friend request also.

He wants me to teach him English(I hate this kind of guy the most. Why does he want to learn with a girl when there's still a lot of guys?). He tells me he already finished his studies in his uni(What? Am I that low? Once u finished your studies and then you can bother my life again?). He asks me to forgive him if he really disturbs me(oh so you know I'm annoyed?). He pretends like he supports United(you think I'm stupid?).

What makes me mad is that he tells me not to show off my face to the other guys. Not to upload my photos on social medias.


Who are you mister? I know that. I know what a girl is suppose to do. And you know what? The more you are doing this, the more I'm gonna do the opposite.(look how evil this girl is~ sorry but I really can't accept advices from a stranger who tries to get on with me)

I can't believe that I actually upload my pic just to prove that I'm not gonna listen to a nobody like him.

Seriously..what have I done? I stressed out about this thing until.. even my family members notice that I'm being moody all the time.

Thank goodness that I soon realize-it is just a waste of time. Stupid stupid thing to do. The messages are just a piece of rubbish that I shouldn't even look at. *excuse my harsh words*

I'll ignore everything. Whatever you do, please stay away from me. I'm praying for that also. We can be friend(in fb), but don't make yourself feel like you're my bff.

I respect him. Once. Now not anymore. He's a hafiz please know that,memorizing quran and all but why so damn annoying? Why are you doing this? Don't you feel anything when you memorize ayatullah? They should keep you away from doing thing like this.

Kau tak tau ikhtilat ke?

 I seriously don't want to befriend him.

Tapi ada kawan bagitau jangan putuskan hubungan sesama saudara seIslam. Ok fineee~

Message me again and I'm sooo gonna block your acc. Please. Just because other people see you as an angel doesn't mean I see you that way too. You really pissed me off. Big time dude! Big time.

Okayyyyyyyy~ forget about that. Book closed. Smile ^^