Monday, 25 May 2015


Tahniah pemain Kelantan. Berjaya jugak masuk final. Tekanan wooo~ tak menang apa-apa piala pun lagi tahun ni, tup tup masuk final piala FA. Hebat la tu. Always the best! 

Kalah pun takpe, adat permainan. Ramai org kata Kelantan bnyk kelebihan -pemain berpengalaman laa, dah dua kali pegang piala FA laa, etc.

Kalah jugak? Is it..written in the star?

Boleh cuba lagi laa. Suka tgk penyokong Kelantan tepuk tangan even dh mmg kalah pun ^^

Me? I was depressed during the whole game. Ha-ha! Tried to kill the ref in my mind, wishing the Lions keeper wasn't that lucky(yes I think he's just lucky instead of talented) memang ah dpt pemain terbaik. I didn't even care~

Then last night it was United vs Hull.

End up goalless. Duh~ I was so bored watching the game. Hull was sooo defensive~ twice offside! So I also screamed twice! Haha mum told me not to scream because I actually scared her kekeke xD

I wished Valdes had a pair of gloves like De Gea had. Or maybe hands that wouldn't let the ball slip so easily. 

He made some pretty good saves though~ but.. still made me terrified.

Well, we should see more of what he could do. Come on, Valdes. You come from Barca, show us your magic!

So yeah.. Zero nil.

Hull City, why did they cry? I almost cried too..eeiii! 

We wouldn't see them anymore next season. Why did I feel sad?

Of course. I was sad for them. I thought it's too much, losing, and then automatically relegated from Premiere League. Poor them :(

I liked their supporters also~ they already had banners that suit both situations-wether they win or lose. How thoughtful.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Book(again) and an edited photo ^^

Destiny Everhart. Elijah Booker. Paul Foster Irkwood.

Those are the characters in The Nightmare Affair.

Ahhhhhhhhh I loooooovveeeee that book soooooo much!

Eiii~ Mindee Arnett, how do u manage to write a story sooooo good? Now what? I need to find The Nightmare Dilemma -.-

It feels weird because I only reach 1/4 of that book, but I already decided to put it in a category of books that no-one-can-borrow.

Duhh stingy much! Hahaahha yeah well~

I never did such thing. Not even to my favourite book : Julie and Me and Michael Owen =D

Now I've found a book that really hits me. I feel like I'm in Hogwarts but no serious magic like 'Harry Potter and the gang' do. It's just like our ordinary high school but the students consist of many
magickinds(the Nightmare, the Siren, the Demon, fairies, mermaid, etc)

Oohh I love the story. So much! Enough about that~

Guys what do u think about that pic?

Why do people make a fuss about it?

Hello People! Why are you soooo damn adorable?  Worrying about others?

That is just a picture, my friends. I feel like editing it, so I do. The sentence? No meaning. It just sounds ..hurtful.

And people keep telling me

"He's not worth it",

"You have done your best",

"You'll meet someone who'll appreciate you someday"

and blablabla~


Heeeeyyyy~! That's insulting haha~

Does that mean I'm that crazy girl? >.<

I'm not (¬_¬)ノ

Err..btw who's that 'he' who told someone that the girl was crazy? Rude much?! Hahahhaha.

Come on peeps~ whatever I post in fb or ig, doesn't mean it is related to my life. Okay?

Thanks for being caring anyway. How sweet! Haha xD

Poor this baby girl photo ='D
I'll delete okay. Delete. Fine~
My cousin actually tells me to post something useful. I think he means something that is not like that picture. Okay Abe Chik. Noted!

FYI, I don't care about the stuff guys do. I don't do date. Never. Liking a person who doesn't like me back is my habit. Umm bad habit. Like I have a huge crush on Paddy McNair(omg..what?)So no fuss~ I can always change it. Quit worrying about that picture.

What I do care about are my family, surah2 yg aku hafal tpi aku dh lupa balik, books, food, soccer and ..

the game tonight. Ow yeah!

But..but.. Do you realize everytime I write about MU before their game, they never win? Bad omen~ ouhh!

MU game is tomorrow night btw. Last game sedihh sedihh~ ಥ_ಥ

Tonight The Red Warriors! Gomo Klate Gomo! A win I hope ^^

Abah sings the GKG song everyday but I still can't catch the lyric XP

Amm something like

"Bo Lawe Setaro Demo, Gomo Klate Gomo"

Weeee~ Got it!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Book, UCL, & win


I just finished reading The Fault In Our Stars.


No comment. Puahahhaha -_-

Honestly I'm feeling nervous before reading that book. Pheww~

It somehow makes me thinking about how much TFIOS touches everyone's heart, deeply. People get touched so easily meh?

Will it touch mine too?

So I begin the reading, well not without being unguarded of course. That's why I can't shed a single tear even when I really want to.

It is a good novel. But I don't know.. fond of it.

I do not feel in love with Augustus Waters like my friends do.

It never cross my mind that he's actually suffering way more than Hazel with cancer. *spoileralert!*

Sad. TFIOS just makes me sad.

Besides, *maybe it's just me* I need to look up in the dictionary a lot of times to know the meanings of a lot of words that I have never seen/heard before. I really mean it, a lot! Well John Green, thanks for making me realize that I'm still no good in english. :'D

Did you guys watch UCL semi-final? Not barca, but Juventus vs Real Madrid.

So Evra was in Juventus I almost forgot, ooohh lucky him..last year also in UCL with Man United. I was happy they won, congrats Morata! Real Madrid were trying so hard I felt sorry for them. Bale and Ronaldo looked like they could cry anytime.

I hope they will win against Barcelona. I don't support Barca anymore don't know why~ well I do know-because I only watched La Liga like once in a baby blue moon lol.

David De Gea will be gone next season. To Real Madrid? Whatever. Thanks for every save, hero! We have Valdes~ hwaaaa =(

Tonight we're against Arsenal. I really really really hope we can win. That's all. Oh one more, I hope I won't see Welbeck, he's injured isn't he?

Told ya I never hate Arsenal. But I kinda like when they lose oh yeah oh yeah! But not against Chelsea or Liverpool. Oh yeah oh yeah! >_<

Btw I was also happy that TRW qualified to FA Cup final! Last night! Alhamdulillah~ 3-1 with aggregate 3-2 ^^  . That was great. Just great, really.

Abah went to watch with the residents and I was all alone in front of the tv. Good. He won't watch any TRW's match with me. Like ever.

Why~ because Abah was afraid that Kelantan would lose and he didn't want me to see his expression or whatsoever.. but he said that it's okay if he watched with his friends and a lot of other people.

I don't mind, Abah. As long as you come back home safe and sound :)

Well, God knew what came out of his mouth and all the watchers during the-match-with-all-his-friends.

You know males? Well I don't know because I only have Abah in my life. But in my observation, they really are serious in watching sports eventhough they don't even know how to play the games. Annnd their mouth works much quicker than aaaaaanything else during the game.

(Trust me I don't like it at all. But no offense, not all males are like that)

I know he goes to the place where people put this really big screen so everyone can see which located maybe 1km from my house? Idk~ but I can tell it's far. And tell you what, I can hear people scream "Wooooaaaahhh!!" from my house, which I assume is "Goooaaaallll!"

I wonder how is the atmosphere there. Must be good ^^ their very own little stadium.

I always forget that no one really knows I watch soccer. Must be careful~

P/s : Let's pray for Morsi. He'll be executed, which I hope someone can stand for him so it won't happen ever. Yusuf al-Qaradawi and a lot of other people too. People are dying while I'm being so happy. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Our lovely rivals :)

Hello peeps!

I watched Liverpool vs Chelsea last Sunday.


Well don't read this if you don't wanna know.

I hate both teams so yeah.. I kept saying bloody Chels and scrawny Scousers all the time(i'm so so sorry okay)

When Terry scored, I couldn't believe that I would feel so happy. But then Gerrard scored too. Applause for da captains! Yay!!!

It's crazy watching a game like that. (Correction : I'm da only one who's going crazy)

I also saw an actor, Chelsea supporter I bet. Actually it was Costa~ lol I kept thinking who the heck was that ? Looked like someone in the movie : the detective in Now You See Me to be exact.

You know what? I always thought that only United supporters called Gerrard as 'Slippy Gerrard',(I know we really act like devil sometimes ;)) the Blues fans too! *siap bawak banner nohh~

But when Stevie G was substituted, Chelsea fans also applauded along with Liverpool's .

Beautiful. Really.

That's why I love love looooveee football!

Well actually I was so jealous. Chelsea had a lot of banners. Champion banners. Well, hardwork always pays in the end.

Whatever~ I'm team LVG after all! Not Wenger, Pellegrini, or José~

City won 6-0 against QPR. Amazing right?

Nope I didn't watch their game. I did come to take a look at the tv, I asked Abah what's the latest score, was it still 0-0?

He said 3-0 (a bit defensively if I may add hahhahha) .. I can't see laaahh cause of my left eye short-sightedness, remember? (⊙_°☉)

Okay gotta find my spectacles now. Bye!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

no title as usual


Semalam punya match hmpir bagi aku sakit jantung ya Allah. Kelantan ke MU sama. I’m half happy though~ hehe 50% happy for United and the other half is sad, for The Red Warrior. What happens to Gomo Kelate Gomo??

Anyway, 3 points for United. 

Even if Liverpool win against Chelsea today, we’re still no.4 in the table. So fineee~ Chelsea macam nak bagi Liverpool menang jer..haih. Taulaaa dh champ -_- seriously they’re the champion???

De Gea was awesome. Oh I hate to think that he maybe leave United next season. May I cry? When he’s gone. But please don’t go. Please please please. 

Fellaini knows how to play dirty now ,make me scared lol but I like it. Last season he was too soft I thought~ always stumbled and being bullied. Damnit! But Felli, I’m more scared of the yellow/red card :) careful! 

And last night he’s so good.. Standing at the right place, at the right moment, and GOAL! Aww I just love it!

Bye~ I love soccer. Soccer. Soccer!

P/s : Oh welcome to United, Memphis Depay! Thank you! “ψ(`∇´)ψ