Sunday, 26 April 2015

Big Girl doesn't Cry (like me >.<)


Oh kenapa dunia ini amatlah kejam kepadaku?

Cheyyyh~ poyo. Hahaha.
Actually aku dapat lagi panggilan interview untuk ipg. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.
Gembiralah sbb aku mintak then dapat. Hehe x sia2 aku lari macam kena kejar ngan alien time bleep test hari tu. Aku kan semput~ uhuk uhuk.
Tapi kan........
Tarikhnya pulak 27/4 -_-





Well ladies and gentlemen,

I still have two papers on that day. Biology 1 and 2.

Redha jerlah. Aku dh tak nervous mana pun nak check result minggu lepas. Dapat, alhamdulillah.. Tak dapat, biar je lah. Ada yg lagi baik kat depan in shaa Allah. I believe in that.

K dah pasal ipg. It always reminds me that I have failed before. Annnd it hurt so much. Fullstop~

Look at this photo!!

I posted it on instagram not so long ago >_<

And I wrote a loOOOOoong caption~ wew!

I don't know what possess me to do that..haha. It is a quite sensitive issue you know, soccer.

Depends actually, I just don't like when people show that they hate United. Why? Because I'm a very nice little fan who never insulted other teams. I can't stand people calling Chelsea = Chelsh*t, Man City = Man Sh*tty even though they're our rivals. (Oh what about Liverpool???) Haha well, they're...the. only. exception.
Lol! Just kidding. I don't mean to call them scousers, it's just whenever I meet Liverpool fans, they'll always make sure to let me know that they freaking hate United. Gediklah!

Just~ lemme tell you something you don't know.

I have created that long caption since 2/11/14.

Yes~ the first derby this season. An away game. But ..but..


But we lose. *shut up! It's only 0-1.


Kun Aguero always be a hero for City . Well whatever~

We were against Chelsea last week and sadly we're down 0-1. Kelantan also lost to JDT that night (3-1.. astaghfirullahal'azim) and I was like "okay, enough football for today.."

Actually I think we could win. United I mean. Hehe because Chelsea are not as good as in their old days. They won 1-0 too against QPR so...
I don't know~~~~ it's depressing to talk about something that you don't witness.

Let me go home then I'll watch all the matches left. Weeee~ >.< 1 day left then goodbye PMC ^^ *it's tomorrow.really?* 

Tonight MU will face Everton . Come on United!

I know it looks like I put a lot of flour on my face. Blame B612 camera effect lol!
Liverpool lose to Aston Villa in FA Cup  and I’m wearing their kit! *oh no no, I don’t feel my skin burning wearing that -.- thank you for asking. Hahha XD


Saturday, 4 April 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Some pictures of my trip to Penang Hill last week.
love padlock <3

Someone looks taller here >.< yay!

Bye bye~
Then these are yesterday's photoshoot with these guys again . Hahaha ^.^


Okay fine, next time I won't wear shawl again. Rasa macam botak jer~ Looks alright but not that comfortable I'd say .
Tu je lah. UKCG hari Rabu hari tu okay, Alhamdulillah. Bleep test macam biasalah, rasa macam nak mati pulak. Aku kan semput (sikit). Rindu Ma ngan Abah. Datang jauh-jauh ambik budak ni..huhu. Nanti balik rumah, I'm gonna do a lot of things for them. Dapat tengok bola lagi. Yay!
Aku baru jer tukar profile picture Instagram dengan gambar paling lawa. Tengoklah tengoklah... Logo MU hahahaha XD
See, takde orang request nak follow dh. Ada yg unfollow lagi. Just by looking at my dp, no one wanna befriend me. As if I care. Nope, which is a good good thing! Hee ^^