Saturday, 28 March 2015

4 weeks left


Hi !
Dua minggu jer lagi study. Kejap pulak rasa  hadoii~

Bonding dengan kawan-kawan praktikum pulak makin kuat. Ya Allah, sedihnya. Sedihnya nak tinggal semua orang :’(

And then there are the lecturers, yang mana aku sayang semuanya.

Esok aku gi pulau, yeay! Free sebab under Persatuan Rakan Dinamik(?), entah aku bukan ahli pun. Orang ajak kita pergi je lah ^^

Oh aku dapat lagi pnggilan UKCG from IPG. Don’t know whether to cry or to be happy. Yes, I did request again, because ma asked me to. I’m actually afraid, afraid that I’m gonna fail again. 

Apapun, aku tak letak harapan dh. Dapat maknanya tulah yg terbaik in shaa Allah. Kalau tak dapat, ada lagilah yg lebih baik untuk diri yg kerdil ni, Allah Maha Adil. Yang penting, macam Ma cakap "Jangan putus asa". I will always listen to you, Ma. Always =D

Tau tak, ada budak ni kan, baca blog aku (kott) and dia terasa. Kesian. Hehehe. Susah kan bila orang nak kita jer paham dia, tapi dia takde effort lansung.

My mouth. This mouth.  It used to be my source of sarcasms. And now when I try to speak to hurt others, I tremble.

I’m surrounded with nice people and now it effecting me. Alhamdulillah . Hasanah, Shida, and Aira, thanks, you bunch of angels.

I don’t like it when I lose in an argument. But now it’s me who keep quiet first, with smile. Oh my gosh hahahahhaha.. This is so not me!

Well, at first I’m feeling angry too because I can’t say anything. But then I know I’ve done something good. Something good for myself. That person, I know you’re fighting for attention. Again..kesian. Don’t seek attention from me, I only see my family and those who love me. You’re the only exception(eh) I’m not a goody goody friend that you can hurt anytime you want, everyone has limit. In case you don’t know.

'Cause this love is only getting stronger..’

bak kata One Direction hihik XD

Oh, talk about 1D, I heard that one of them leaves the group. Zayn Malik.


Yup, sooo?

Hahaha. I’m sorry I’m not a fan.

You know? I thought he’s dead or something! Ish, blame the Directioners’ statuses in the social media 
please. (and blame me who read> .< ehehehe)

Well it must have been really sad for the Directioners. I really thought that Zayn’s dead.

I love you so much Zayn. Although you’re gone, you’re still in my heart”
GONE. That’s a powerful word, be careful.

Maybe that’s how I feel when the footballers leave their club. I don’t know, can’t describe the feeling’s so damn M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E. I miss Chicharito (yes he’s on loan, but are u sure he’ll come back?), Welbeck( glad to see him celebrated Rooney’s goal vs Lithuania yesterday), Evra (Juventus..what's so good there?), Vida (does he really want to come back to OT?), Cleverley, Buttner (although both of them don’t really like it in United), Nani (on loan too). Hmmm..

Others, please don’t go T.T  Falcao and Di Maria, I’m not sure. Look like they’re not settling very well in OT yet. Just.Not.Yet.

And I’m so happy they won against Liverpool last week. Wooohooo~! We beat the Kops again. Still, there are people who blame the referee because S.G. is sent off and Martin Skrtel is banned (3 games). Damn it! They won’t be treated like that if they don’t do wrong. And what does S.G. do to Herrera? Eii

Orang  jeles memang camtu XP

Ok bye.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

No exact topic -_-


Hello everyone.
37 days left. I can’t wait to leave this place huahahahaha XD
Yesterday we had the Malaysia Book of record event. Breaking what record? It’s article cutting; had to cut 20,000 articles in two hours. BRAVO! And we did it ^^ . Applause, please~ haha just kidding. 
I was so tired. My whole body ached.
Okay well...Maybe it’s taekwondo. Or maybe because I slept on the floor (not that I wanted to!), the weather was so hot in Penang, that’s why I was searching for some air, from the one and only fan obviously.
On Friday, I trained with Sir since I’d got no partner. I loved it. Never knew that I could actually do a lot of kicks. Sparring was great too, but poor my opponent she didn’t seem to be kicking me many times. Never mind, it's not like I wanted to show my skill to anybody. Sir once told us that, martial artists would be more careful and down to earth the more lessons she/he got, not showing off like a fool. That is so true, Sir. I see that in you :)
* * * * *
Ehem, what do you guys think about dating? ; 2 persons date each other?
I know I have no right(actually courage is the right word here) to prevent someone from doing so. But I just hope they know that it’s not okay. Haram to be exact.
I’ll never say that a couple is cute, cause it’s  freaking ugly. I’ll never say that the two persons suit each other, because they’re not. Only marriage can prove that the relationship is in the eye of our Creator. Other than that it’s haram. Why can’t people see it?
I’m coming with this subject so out of the blue right? Sorry. It’s just that I’ve seen a lot of close friends of mine fall into it. And there’s more that gonna fall..sooner or later .
I just smile when they talk about it, how can I say that it’s okay? Allah, I really can’t do anything, can I? People say maybe because I’ve never had an experience, that’s why I hate it.
Yes, maybe that’s the reason. But come on, I’m not that desperate. There’s reason why no guys dare to talk to me. Not even private message me.  I’m a snob because I’m protecting myself from thaaaaat kind of guys. 
Some changes that I’d done to myself, I don’t even say goodbye to them and the people involved. Kinda sad but I’m still trying. Really miss my..well, not-so-old self (the people also actually). Oh I’m still the typical Red Devil..hehe don’t worry =)
We’re against Liverpool today. All the best, Devils! *gosh I hate to say that!* Fighting, Angels!!~ err how weird. What kind of angel wears red lol? It's me hehe.
Bye ~

Saturday, 14 March 2015

It's a day I won't forget


Hi !

Ehehehe~ amm so, guess where have I been today?? Come on! Guess~!
Penang Island. Yeahhh!! No one answers I know T.T
Sebab apa datang sini? Sebab ada Big Bad Wolf books sale lah apa lagi. Ingat aku sanggup datang saja2? No way hahha. Best sungguh.
Well, I think that is mostly because I go with my practicum mates (and the bond between us is sooo amazing like siblings >_< aww!) I love them! Hahaha. Guys, thank you for taking care of me!

The best thing about our adventure (cheyyhh~)  is that we are on the island without any plan after buying the books. Yup, we don’t even know what we should do or where we should go after that. We travel around the island, stop by the seaside to eat our lunch, and don’t even spend a lot of money. What a beautiful experience sitting by the sea, with the wind blowing, (and tummy soooo hungry)~ oh I love it!

I only spend RM7 for my lunch, that’s the cheapest I tell you naa. You won’t believe me if I tell you how much money that I bring along with me, I promise. It’s too few. Like..err not enough for someone to travel lahh~ So when I hear my friend telling me that she only has RM50 something in her pocket and she really2 needs to find an ATM, I’m  like “well I’ve got fewer than that..annnd I’m not gonna tell you!”. Hehe :D *suddenly feel so cool saying that~*
Then we go to Queensbay Mall. Look, I meet a group of zombies! Rawrr~!

Also try a macaroon for the first time! Yum 😋
Actually, Erni invites all of us to stay at her house. But, Satrul’s father doesn’t allow her to stay, so we have to send her to KMPP first. We arrive at 7.11p.m.
And me? What about me? Ahahaha (fake laugh), just now the English Club has an event you know, Talent Show(TS). I’m involved of course (I’m the member)!!
That’s why I also come back to KMPP. For the TS, yay!

With Diba and Fatihah <3
Do you know how guilty I feel when I leave KMPP this morning to go to BBW instead of decorating the hall for the TS with other EC members?? Do you know????
I don’t know to whom I should apologize. Well I know I know, to the committee members of course. So sorry guys. I have been never absent in our meetings before, it is just this morning I become such a rebel! Sorry~!
Suddenly I remembered the essay that I write for the interview. I said that I’d do everything that could help our activities ran smoothly. I would be committed as one of the members.

Now now...All’s done. There’s no more BBW (at least for now…hehe). I’ll be a good member I promise!
BYE  xoxo =D

Le Throwbacks

Hello peeps!
I lost the war, baby! Hehehe XD
Yeah it was last week.

Still couldn’t believe that I really gave up. Rasa macam nak nangis pun ye, sebab aku tak rela kena sepak weyy~~ nakk balas balik. Nak dapat markah. Ginilah kan kalau ambik bahagian sebab kena paksa. Takde semangat, tapi sape suka kena attack jer. Ye tak?
It’s okay though. I did that for Ma.
Anyway it’s not too obvious that I surrendered. I still fight.. but not to get marks. So it looked like someone who didn’t know anything about the rules, but still fought like crazy lol :D
I also had to be EXTRA cautious because my opponent just got her HPV injection. Wahahahhha!~ Talk about lucks! So I was  like “where’s her left hand??left hand? Homaiigadd~ ”.. well you know, if I just accidentally touched (yes only touch, not even kick)  that injection area, she might have killed me! HPV could change someone into a killer yaw!! Hahahaha XD
Abah was quite shocked when I messaged him saying “I lost in the first round. Yay!”.
He thought I’d win just like during semester one. No Abah . Ma wouldn’t let me fight to win. And see, no bruise at all! Mission succeeds!!

I slept at 4a.m on that day. Had to do a lil’ bit preparation for the spelling bee competition. Pheww~ so sleepy meh. I really thought that I wouldn’t be able to wake up that morning, but miraculously I did. As I heard my alarm, I was wide awake. But soo daaammnn tired of course.
So pretty~ genuine leather ok! ^^
And there’s a bad news~

My Kate Spade watch is out of battery. Oh nooooo~ disaster I guess. I still wear it though. It always makes me feel like I’m with Abah. Yeah he gives me that watch. Sooo pretty and I love it. Idk but..his choice is always my favourite. From food to clothes, everything. I miss you so much Abah. Aduuuhhhh~! Nak balik!

Ammm~more bad news. United are out of FA Cup. I’m so sad. Very sad. They lose to Arsenal in Old Trafford 1-2. Welbeck’s one of the scorer, isn’t that sad??  Well I don’t care that he happily celebrates the goal, he can of course. If he really does love United then why did he leave? That doesn’t matter anymore, but can you believe that I still use the wallpaper that has his face in my phone??
Well he’s not the only one in the picture; there are also DDG and Rooney. But yeah I still feel like he’s in OT with the other Red Devils. I still don’t wanna change the wallpaper whatever you think. It’s kinda fit my phone pretty well. Just beautiful. It’s United, that’s why.
This Monday they’ll go against Tottenham Hotspurs. Please win.. come on United! You can win! In shaa Allah.
P/s : Tadi bedah tikus. Seronok! Mula-mula kesian, then sebab tikus tu pengsan (thanks to chloroform hehe) We did our job excellently! I won’t upload ‘late’ Mr. Mice’s pic since rats have been very famous in insta this week lol~so here I present the crazy faces of the killers ehek!
Not that innocent Miceyy~!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

I'm not really into it anymore

Hi! Watch it everyone.. I'm gonna lose early today. Hohoho xD
Ma told me to do so when I called her last night. Oh well..
I will do it, Ma. For you. The first round, I'll make sure I'm out. Just that easy to lose I guess :D
I know she's freaking worried about me. I told her that a friend of mine broke her finger during training. I already had some bruises because of some kicks from Idontknowwho ok fine honestly I do know them but let me be the only one *also during training~ which never happened before. Seriously, they kicked like their lives depend on it.  Sakitlah. I think if I tell Ma again, she's gonna come to Penang and hit those people by herself haha. I feel angry too. Hish! Agak-agaklar nk sepak pun. It's only training, honey~~
Allah..ikhlaskan hati ni untuk kalah. Tak nak tiba2 ada rasa macam nak tunjuk hebat ke apa. What do I wanna show anyway? And to who? It's a small tournament and those people are just contestants so no need to hurt anyone. Come on, you can do this. Ameen.*ada ke doa ceni?*
I don't really want to join this sem's tournament actually. But it's compulsory to all the members of taekwondo club. Sucks!