Sunday, 22 February 2015

Gloomy day

Hai kawan-kawan sekalian. Selamat kembali ke KMPP buat diri sendiri.
Sedihnyaa hai datang sini.
Ma tak pergi hantar aku pagi tdi. Sad. I didn't allow her actually. I knew she's busy because all the daughters are going today. Sorang kat Negeri Sembilan sorang kat Johor sorang pegi sekolah and sorang lagi Penang. I tried not to be selfish. Okay, just let her stay home. I'd be okay even if I couldn't see her waved goodbye to me. But no~ I couldn't.
So bloodshot eyes all the way to the bus stop. But I managed to look normal again by smiling in front of the mirror (for about 5mins) hahhaha xD
I'm not supposed to cry. Eiii! Aku xtau knpa aku mnja sgt dgn family -_-
Dahlaa semalam Kelantan kalah kat PDRM. Lepas PDRM dpat sepakan penalti tu aku stop dh tengok. 2-0 sempat lagi ke nk kejar? Masa tnggl lagi 40min kot. Oooh The Red Warriors, we have faith. Faith! Ye ke? Kalau ye mesti aku tengok sampai habis. Duh~!
And the Red Devils? Jeng jeng jeng. Tengoklah sendiri dlm internet. De Gea hebat! As always. Aku geram betul dgn player Swansea nombor 18. Nama apa ntah, lindung kat rambut dy so aku tak nampak wakaka.
It was a nerve wrecking match. Herrera shot our first goal, but then it didn't even take 2mins for Swansea to score argh!
Gloomy gloomy day. I hate that. I hate Ki Sung Yun. I hate Shelvey. I hate that player no.18. I hate Swansea huuuuu :'(
Abah pun bising jer duk sokong Swansea(eh tetiba), me just kept quiet. Saja nk bagi orang moody. I know you lahh~ and your mouth.
But it made me smile somehow. Hahaha.
One time he'd say :
"Woah! Serve them(MU) right."

But then :

"Too late. A draw is okay too. Come on MU."
Where can I find a guy like my dad? Hahaha never in a lifetime xD

 Tak sabar nak habis matrik. Tak sabarnya~
After this I can always watch footy at home. Also I'm hoping MU will qualify in Champion League. I miss UCL theme tune so much.
Mr. Mohamed Nasir belanja. Yay! hahaha TQ abah.

 Ok bye. I hate Swansea >.<

Monday, 9 February 2015

She turns 19 :)

Nak wish birthday kat sorang budak kecik ni. Nur Aira Fazleen! You're now officially 19yrs old. Aww I'm your lil' sis! Thehehe xP

Aira~! Thanks for being my friend all these times. You're the best!
Forgive me for all my mistakes and troubles that I have caused you and so on (which you often feel like they're oh-so-cute).
Also I thank Allah for every moment that we have shared together. The good and the bad. The tears and the laughters. Oh wait, I don't remember us crying kakaka xD
Lastly.. Saranghaeyo ♥♡♥ (ehem..what does it mean actually??? hihiks) *virtual punch on my cheeks hahaha*

You know that I was once a 'kpopper', and now had changed 360° into 'something else' >.< But, you still stay right beside me, like my twin ❤ *well not really 360° actually. I hate the fact that I still remember a lot of names :'D
P/s : I #trulymadlydeeply looooveee that 'something else'* hik hik~🌼
Have a good day cutie pie~muah!
* * * * * 
Oh well, MU draw with WHU can you believe that? It's 1-1 thanks to Blind..wuuuu. We almost give the precious 3 points to West Ham but Blind scored during the extra times. Yes! Let's share one point each.. hik3 >_<
So all the newcomers have scored! Falcao, Herrera, Di Maria, Blind, and Rojo(well FA Cup is important too, okay).
WHU are scary now. They have improved or MU are lacked of something? Whatever. Hope that we'll win against Burnley.


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Bus. I am dizzy.

Moshi moshi!

Welcome back to KMPP. Ekkkssaiiitednyaaaa~ ye dok? Oh oh oh~

Whatever. Xnak pikir. 2 bulan lebih jer lagi, bear it patiently.

Minggu depan raya cina. I will go home again ^^ yay yay!

Tadi naik bas aku rasa macam nak muntah. Kejap-kejap pening. Pastu nak muntah lagi.

I closed my eyes, then opened. Then urgh. What's wrong with my tummy?

Oh maybe because of my body posture kekeke xD I was sitting like a preggy woman.  I didn't know too why did I sit like that, it just felt soooo comfortable.
Still dizzy though. Still felt like vomiting. Ew. Yes ew~

Last night, ehehehe. I thought I would want to watch Chelsea vs Aston Villa, annnddd there was Abah in front of the tv watching Man City game. He saw me and immediately hid the remote control under his pillow.

Look. I didn't even say anything.

"I wanna watch Rambo. Wanna join me?" and he smiled.

"Umm nope. Hehe. Chelsea?"

"They'll win."

He didn't know how much I 'like' Chelsea, did he? Hahaha Abah xD 

I would like to see them lose.

Anyway, please watch United game tonight for me :D
Arsenal lost to Tottenham Hotspurs. Poor them.
I don't hate Arsenal. Never did. But. I loved to see them losing (muehehehehehe). How evil, I know.

P/s : I love this doll !

Monday, 2 February 2015

Still in luv wif ya (。♥‿♥。)

Yay I could watch United vs Leicester last Saturday. Terharunyaaaaa rasa macam nk nangis.
Ingatkan sbb dh lama xtgk jdi xminat ke apa huhuhu. Man United are the best. :'D
Well RVP scored first, a very pretty volley ^^. Then Eltigre. Then it was Morgan's own goal *gelak tershipu-shipu sikit hiks3* I didn't cheer though, practically because we're against Leicester.
Ye lahh haritu kalah kot even MU dh mendahului 3-1. Kalah 5-3 pulak tu. What the..
I don't know how, I don't watch it, just following the score. But yeah, anything can happen.
And then tada~ Leicester scored at min80. De Gea was so frustrated. Oh me too :( I started thinking whether Leicester could still turn the table or not. There were still like 10 minutes left, I hoped not.
Full time, we won. 3-1 yehaaa~!
Oh I wish I could turn back time to the day when I said that watching football was useless. Time wasting. Hwaaa~ forgive me. I won't say such thing anymore.
It is so fun watching a football match. It doesn't have to be Premiere League, La Liga, Bundesliga or whatsoever actually. As long as I love football, I will still give a go to Harimau Malaya. No no no, The Red Warriors I mean.. Thehehee xD Kelantan yaw!
\(∩_∩)/ taataa~
P/s : Being home with family is heaven .