Friday, 23 January 2015

It's a boy! (^ω^)


Hai orang yg rajin buka blog ni~ hehe mercî guys !

Alhamdulillah Kakna dah selamat melahirkan anak ketiganya semalam 22 Januari 2015. Baby boy! Dah lepas seminggu due date, risau aku weh. Ececehh~ kakak kann, bukannya orang lain.

Can I be sooo excited because this is my first time of having a real prince charming in my life??? *inhale exhale*

Ok. Prince charming because he's the only boy in our family (for now). Hik hik. My brother-in-laws are automatically disqualified since they are.. bukan muhrim iolls hahahaha. Ambik kau~ malaih nak belek kamus.

And my daddy. He's not a boy anymore aigooo~ He's the king! ❤

Owww baby Z m going home soon. Just you wait ! Your makteh is so excited huahahaha . Nanti Makteh riba jangan duk nangis pulak tau*wink wink*

Also congratulation to Zara and Zarith. Be a good sister for baby Z okay. Oh my gosh, it has been triple Z now. When both of you are old enough and discover this ugly blog, you'll know that I always talk about you guys here. Because I miss both of you too. Just like I miss your Mama lahh >_< oh makteh jiwang!
Ok then. Bye~~~
Zac Aryan n Tengku Durrani. Welcome to da family :)

Monday, 19 January 2015

UPS coming! *not about UPS though*


Hello~ rajinnya aku update blog sejak duk matrik ni. Dah bnyk kerja, cari lagi kerja. Pahtu kerja bertimmmbun~lol :D

Minggu depan dah exam mak oiii~!

So what? let's just face it!

Aku xsabar dh nk cepat2 keluar dari matrik ni. Bukannya xsuka, aku sukaaaaa sangat. Tapi.. ada laa benda apa ntah yg buat aku rasa nak balik duduk dengan family jaa hahahaha~ typical me!

Matrik seronoklah, jangan malas2 macam Iolls dh lah. Haha. Tapi kalau susah nk catch up jgk even dh usaha segala bagai pun~ ada something wrong lah kot. Atau Allah nk uji setakat mana kesabaran hambaNya yg lemah ni. Baru diuji sikit dah give up. Na'uzubillah :)

Me? The laziest girl on earth. Ma, i need you to push me ~

Aku jarang benor menangis sekarang. Kerasnya hati hambaMu ni, ya Allah. Ramai kawan aku rindu family. Stress. Telling me they always cry. Jealousnya! I miss my tears T.T

Homesick? Kalau aku nangis bukan blh smpai rumah pun. Takde sebab lahh, baik xpyh layan sgt perasaan ni.

Oh, so it's true that there's a connection between a mother and daughter? You know, whenever I'm feeling down, I don't tell anyone, but suddenly my mum calls.

My prettiest lovely angel calls me to hear me cry >_< oh oh oh I love you the most!

Sometimes..oh not sometimes, but ALWAYS! I always hate myself for making my mum worries about me.

Ahha~ dah sedih ni. Ok xnak cakap dh.

Mnggu lepas xde latihan taekwondo sbb Sir xdatang. Eheeee~ rasa mcm nk menari-nari keliling KMPP jer xP

Then United won against QPR last Saturday. 2nil!! Congrats Fellaini! Wilson also ^^

Fellaini's so cute ..he ran to Januzaj and hugged him. Oh what a true bff! Awww you guys so sweeeeeeettttt (terlebih gula!!). He celebrated with him first since he's just on the bench >.< as a substitute. Shomelllnyaaa~!

Ehem *clear throat*
They're not gay okayy~ please.

Aaahh 'tashabarnyeeee' nak balik~ haha abaikan kegedikan tahap maksimum itu. Gonna watch all United matches. Eh, satu jer sempat tgk :'( lawan Leicester City. Ohhh life~ I still remember our 3-5 defeat OGM! *palm face*

Well, once doesn't mean forever!! So, let's fight! GGMU ❤

Bye (>y<)/ muahh cikedd~ *aku berjangkit dgn best friend Hasni dah ni * hohoho!


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Taekwondo agaiiin ╮(─▽─)╭


Hi !

First, I wanna confess a thing~

Dear taekwondo,

Why did you make my whole body ache every weekend? Haa?
It's terrible you know waking up in the morning and felt like an old lady. Please, have mercy on me maybe?

Sincerely, a 'hurt' lil' lady

Sakaii ooo~!!
Malu aku baca balik. Tapi memang benda betul. Sakit . Hukhuk :'(

Amm, oh tak sabar nak balik rumah lalalala. Rindu tahap nak lari balik sendiri dah ni. Haha dah lebih tahap maksimum katakan.

Ma, Abah.. Both of you are so amazing to make me feel like this. Please know that I never missed anybody like I do for both of you.

My mum never told me not to fall in love with anybody when I'm in college. Maybe because she knew that I'm not a kind of girl who easily gives in to the boys. Either that or because I'm too busy to notice anyone lol. Hopeless. My sisters both got boyfriends since they're in high school and both of them didn't end up with their partners anyway. Now, they're happily married to much better men(I'm grateful for them ^^)

See. I don't have to take other examples. Its already in front of my eyes, for my sake~
I still can't understand though how a couple spends time together every single day without any legal relationship!

Don't they feel bored?

No. What do they feel actually?

Me? I do chat with some boys in fb. One because he loves United. Second if he knows me. But if he goes overboard, I won't think twice to block.

I do feel ashamed doing that, because I know it is not a right thing to do. Even there's no feeling involved, it is still wrong. I know.

Man United, you too leave a bad thing in me?

I like whoever loves United and hate whoever hates them. What has happened to meeee? Okayy, I won't blame football. This troublesome little girl. Aissshhh!
Ok k. Bye~~ *aww my back hurts!*

Kitorang blh selfie berdua jer sbb sama-sama taekwondo kann..
So sama-sama busuk muahahhaha xP

Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! Welcome 2015 (★^O^★)~ 

Dah 2 Januari year lah sngat kan. Hehe xde benda nk cerita pun, jadi buat apa update, ye dok?

Aku tak boleh call lagi family, whatsapp bolehlah. Haihh~ anyway, alhamdulillah ..we don't lose anything. Oh, ikan dalam kolam mesti semua bebas dh..angsa pun happy ler tu dapat keluar jenjalan tak balik2. -.-" untung uolls boleh terapung ong ong sana sini.
Kucing jerlah yg tinggal. Hee xD be loyal okay?

Alhamdulillah semua selamat dan sihat. Rindunyaa Ma ngan Abah.

So my new year resolution?

Hahahahaha~ XD no way! I'm not telling anyone. Bye~

Semalam MU draw lagi 1-1. Stoke City scary lah *based on report from my 'bucik' assistant, Lutfi* , well hari tu kalah kann..haha. Sebab tu diorang defend and attack gila2. Balas dendam lar tuu. Kan3?

Terkejut kott~ aku baru jer buka Bleacher Report apps, tengok2 Stoke dh score! Seriously??? Min 2?? Apa nii?

Stress duk tnggu United nk gol. Then Falcao jadi hero. Yay yay! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
So 1-1. Till full time.

It's okay, not a lose. Be grateful naaaa~

Oh Chelsea kalah tau. Eheee xD

Busybody kan aku? nk jugak cerita psl team yg aku tak suka tuh.
Kalau kalah 1-0 aku tak kisah pun, ni 5-3. Pfftt~ what did they say when United lost to Leicester City 5-3?

Well karma does exist after all :)
They lose to Tottenham Hotspurs.

Spurs, once, I was so scared of that team. They're like..well you know a team that could stand at the same level with Chelsea and Man City, or so I thought.
That team was good. Vertoghen was so handsome hahahha (aish!). Ok nope. The team was good. Fullstop.

Amm, City menang lawan Sunderland, Liverpool pun draw, Arsenal kalah lwn Southampton.
Man City dah sama point dgn Chelsea ^^. Mesti Abah happy lol. Haha~ untunglah.

I don't really like City since I support United. But if not United, I'll surely go for the Citizens. Hehee. Like father like daughter lah >_< . But sorry, I'll never go for the other teams.
Once United, forever United. GGMU ❤

If you're wondering why do I post that picture, it is because I miss all my books so much !
Also... I want you to find a hidden item in that pic~ lalala. See that red book. 

That was the only book that I did not register with Ma. Hahaha~ I'm too scared. Oh yes, every novel that I bought, I'd show it to my mum first and tell her a bit about the synopsis. Oh I loved doing that sooooo much. She'd always hear my rambling and ask some random questions, just to show that she's supporting my hobby. 

And that book, *just see the title by yourself*, what should I tell Ma about it? She still didn't know until now, unless my sis already spilled the bean hahaha. Only Anis knew its existence. It's expensive sobs sobs~ 

Ehee okayy bye~ muahh ciked!