Sunday, 30 November 2014

I missed it... ⚽



Man Utd vs Hull City
I missed it.

And now I still can't believe it.

I forgot about yesterday's game T.T

How's my feeling?

I couldn't even tell.

Hahaha.. Well eiii~ that's more like a heartbroken thingy.

Lucky I wasn't at home right?

At least I knew, living in this college, no matter how much I wanna watch the match, I must stop myself.



It still felt weird deep inside.

When I saw Manchester United photo on instagram yesterday.. with caption :
FT:#mufc 3 Hull City 0. A convincing win for United, who take the three points thanks to goals from Chris Smalling, Wayne Rooney, and Robin van Persie. Well played, lads!

Oh .. you have got to be kidding me. *grinning nervously*

Seriously today? I couldn't believe I missed it. Ya Allah..

Oh yes. I felt hurt.

Don't laugh!

Hwaaaa~ o(╥﹏╥)o that's unbearable~~~!!!

Btw, I'm happy for you guys, United! 3-0. That was amazing. Already watch all the goals.

Smalling's..umm that was normal. I didn't really see it actually. Rooney's goal was good. Abah would say that the keeper was sleeping *if he's watching the game*. Hahaha slow ball~.*well I doubted he didn't*. RVP scored an amazing goal though. Yay yay!

Good job everyone!
You guys just deserve to win :'D

Yeah I was too tired yesterday after coming back from Sunway Mall. 10.30pm . I was already in my dreamworld. Sheez~
*note to mind* I don't have the energy of a woman if it comes to shopping. So tired!

My phone died.. so Man Utd fixtures remainder was useless of course T.T

Meeting the characters that I didn't even know was no fun at all. Yes I'm talking about the cosplay in Sunway yesterday. Urgh.

Still lucky though that there's no Darth Vader. He's not an anime right?
That guy~ he really scares me.

If you want to trick me with something, please exclude Darth Vader.. or else I'll kill you! hahaha.

Oh he's so scary with all that black outfit..head to toe. Creepy~ -.-

Sunday, 23 November 2014

"If we burn, you burn with us."

Sorry. Hehe that's the tagline for Mockingjay. I don't even read it at home. So let's give some honours, shall we? 
It's not that I don't have enough time *ridiculous -.-* but I give a go to these books instead:

- Love? Maybe.
This book makes me hungry all the time. Make sure you have a bag of chocolates before you start reading ^_^ I like the heroine and Ben Donovan *just his name actually*

- Thirteen R3asons Why
I never followed Jay Asher novels. But this is a must buy!! Seriously! I can't stop once i read the first page. As if I'm the one who's listening to all the tapes :)

- So Super Stylish
Umm no comment. This is a teen novel so I just love it :D


So welcome back to KMPP

Yay! 'So excited'! Ha ha ha 

Oh really..there's no place like home. There's no one like my mum. My dad. And my sisters~

I'm already missing them.
Minggu lepas buat lanskap kat rumah dgn ma. Habis tangan jadi nipis. Pedih wooo..
but i don't really mind. Anis isn't really into doing heavy know? Like 'punggah jongkong' etc. Wahaha xD

Me? Well I'm like the son of the family -.-
I'd rather do that everyday than coming here again. Haihh..

Oh.. then i went outing with my friends. Ya Allah.. my mum never allowed me to go outing since i was a kid. She's more afraid if i went by bus, it's okay actually if Abah was the one who sent and fetched me up. 

So i never asked her to let me join my friends..till last Tuesday. And she gave me greenlight!! Ngehehe . Oh so excited!
So let's go to KB Mall~

Anyway..i won't tell you what we did there. You'll be bored haha.

Just one thing!

Tada!! I finally got my own official United shirt. Ho gawd~ i was shocked to see Man Utd merchandise in KB Mall.

I took a short glance at it. So, I wasn't dreaming. My friends were already moving somewhere else

"I don't care. I'll stay here."

I just stood there, smiling. I thought it was Aira who noticed. That kid sure knew what I loved! Yay!

What a beauty~ >.< and I'm probably the beast.

Then la la la ~ paid!

So why I didn't buy the jersey?

Oh excuse me, I don't like Chevrolet symbol-look like a cross to me-, besides, it's off my budget. Ngahahaha~ 

RM299. Yeah well, beauty with price :)

Ha! Last night game ~ oh we won! I was soooo happy! I think it's worth watching eventhough I feel so dizzy otw to Penang today. We won~ yeay yeay!

Arsenal were doing great honestly. They're controlling the ball from the start seriously I could get a heart attack! That guy Sanchez was scary heww~ he tried a lot of times to score..but too bad for him that our DDG was scary too! Yay, man of the match! Congrats ^.^

And then they scored their own goal. Poor that Gibbs. Heee :D
I couldn't cheer cause felt sorry for him. So just be grateful lahh :) 1 nil.

Our second goal? Roooooonneeeeyyy~!!!! OMG! Oh My Goshh!!
Would you please stop making me admiring you? Haha kidding! 

Everytime I watched a match, I was waiting for someone to bring a solo ball like that. Exactly like that! *someone from our team of course -.-* how I loved seeing the goalie's nervous face. Theheee xP

Wahhh I couldn't help but clapped my hands really s.l.o.w.l.y . *In case not to wake up baby Durrani :)*

Well she woke up eventually. But not because of me cheering too loudly lol ~ Okay not my fault ^.^

Full time. Oh extra time 8mins. I was like "seriously??"

Then dup dap dup dap..

Giroud scored. Man, I hated that! There's still like 4mins left. I was scared. What if the result turned to be a draw? No wayy!

...Tick tock tick tock...

Time's up!

Alhamdulillah ^^ (2-1) How awesome!


P/s : Well ok. I felt so sick upon arriving in Penang. I wanna stay home. I almost cried while waving goodbye to Ma and Abah. Manja bebenor kau ni yer.
Daniel Welbeck~ I miss you!! :'( could you please come back to United?

Friday, 7 November 2014

Goodbye Semester 1

Tak sabarnya nak balik. Ma n abah mai ambik esok weheee! Banyak kot benda aku nak buat kat rumah sebelum masuk sem dua nanti ☺
•Tak nak main internet. Nak spend time dengan family jer. Dear Durrani~ aunty's gonna pinch your chubby cheeks!
•Nak habiskan novel Mockingjay. Bila ingat balik, aku beli trilogi Hunger Games masa form 4 lagi..tapi tak pernah habis baca yg no. 3 tu. Baru keluar trailer filem dia. Macam best jer. So nak bacalah :D
•Nak makan banyak-banyak apa yang dah lama aku tak makan. Mestilah masakan Ma n Abah.
Living in hostel, trust me.. I appreciate food more than anything. Kau hado?? Haha. 
•Main dengan kucing aku. Meow! Do you still recognize meeee?
•Hang out dgn kawan2 sekolah rendah? Hmmm..let see. Keliling kampung je pun. Rindunya nak naik basikal.
May all those things come true~ hehe.
Tau tak yg United lawan City hari tu.. aku expect United menang tau. Ntah kenapa. Rasa macam diorang hebat kott skrang.
Tapi kalah. Huhu. Kawan aku cakap Smalling buat stupid2 mistake smpai kena dua kali kad kuning.
Keluar padang lah dia~
Lohh..aku tak suka betul orang kutuk pemain. Sokong jelah. People tend to make mistake lah.
Rasanya tiap-tiap kali pemain dapat kad kuning or merah, bukannya diorang sengaja. Accidentally~
Tapi ntahlah. Aku tak tengok.
Takpee Aliaa. Dua games kau blh tgk nnti balik ni :) Crystal Palace n Arsenal. Malam esok Chelsea vs Liverpool. Serius aku suuuuka sgt2 tgk kelab yg hebat bertanding(?) ..err 'bertanding' ke?
Whatevah! Chelsea fighting! Crush that 'L' word~ >_<
Kalah pun 1-0 jer. Blh bounce balik pasni. Just wait and see nnti kat Old Trafford. Semangat lain sikit kalau kat tempat sendiri..kekononnya muahahaha. K lah dah aku merepek. Byee~
Goodnight!  ^_^
And oh..I'm gonna miss all my lecturers too!
Cikgu Hafeza yang baiikkk sangat-sangat. You treat my like a baby thank u very much. Computer science is so fun! Your 'bobocer'  keywords really help me during exam and quizzes. Hahaha. Btw I just stalked your profile. You've got DG52? omg cikgu.. I'm so proud of you. Almost can't believe it since you're sooooo humble (and loving. Funny too :D).
I love you cikgu. Tahun depan jumpa lagi tau. Ops! I mean second semester.. which is about two weeks from today. Hehe.
Teacher Ena yang happening. We always roll our eyes in sync whenever we see that lovebirds in our class. Youknowwho~ Hahaha. You told me I'll never know the feeling of falling in love because it doesn't hit me yet. Well I hope it will never hit me 😂! Teacher, I've always loved English class since I'm in kindergarten I guess. I'll be very disappointed if I don't reach my target. Plus I've got a teacher like you, that's a brownie point. Ting! 
Cikgu Azfa. Thank you very much. You planted the love seeds in my heart. Heee..chemistry love seeds kakaka xD It's true. I learn to appreciate chemistry once again when I almost giving up. It's hard at first. No lie. I'm not a chemistry genius ok. No. It's a normal thing if i don't understand a question eventhough I've read it almost ten times! Aigoo~ and I still can't believe my chemistry result for UPS. It's too good! *alhamdulillah* 
Cikgu Khairul Anida. The cutest teacher in KMPP with the cutest behaviour too! Oh oh..your daughter is super duper cute omg. Everything around you is cute! Haha. I love biology so much. Go go biology. Yes I didn't get A for bio in UPS *I feel so down because of this. It feels like I'd given everything for bio*..but I still can't stop loving it. You're a great teacher. Everything is about understanding each chapter, not memorizing each words. Thank youuu! Love you >_<
Cikgu Fauziah. You always brighten my days. Eventhough..umm. Who expects a biology student to love maths like crazy??? Yeah I do love maths. But not a love like romeo and juliet. You know.. can't be separated forever! I'm lying if i say that i'm surprised with my UPS result for maths. Hehe i got what i deserved. Barely passed! Hamek kau Aliaa! *sneeze!* ok, guess I'm allergic with numbers.
Noooo! I'm kidding . Seriously! But teacher, you always come up with good motivations for me. Syukran. May Allah bless you. Love u too.
Tu semua pensyarah kelas turorial. Have spent a lot of times with them, so we're close ^^ Then pensyarah kuliah : Cikgu Zuriana(chemistry), Cikgu Suhaimi(maths), Cikgu Ifrizamunirah(biology), then Cikgu Hafeza again. Hehe :)
Pensyarah amali : Cikgu Nassry(chemistry), Madam Ju(computer science), Cikgu Azman(biology).

Love them all :'D Goodbye semester 1!
Ok. Panjang pulak dowh aku sambung. Hehe. K k goodnight! :'D time sure flies!