Wednesday, 29 October 2014

This is about last Monday~


Helllooo~ so today I'm writing in the middle of PSPM (Peperiksaan Semester Program Matrikulasi) ho yeah!

Today was Chemistry. Yesterday and Monday were Maths and English.

Tell you what.. I couldn't sleep on Monday night. 
I didn't know why~~~ I was so tired in the evening actually but I didn't sleep (it's bad for u to sleep in the evening).

Oh oh it's United vs Chelsea.

But no.. it's not because of that. *Ma would kill me if she knew I didn't sleep the night before my final exam because of United* Hee xD

Since I didn't feel sleepy at all, I did some revision for Chemistry. It was 1.17a.m and the rain was pouring heavily outside. I looked at Bleacher Report app in my phone. 

So~ how many minutes left? It was one nil for Chelsea. *sigh* btw congrats Drogba -.-

United. Come on :'D please..

*please don't tell me that you can't sleep because of thiiiiissss!* alright so my brain was torturing me too. Did you think i could  focus 100% on Chemistry when my phone was showing :

Man Utd 0 : 1 Chelsea

Hell no! 

So i put it in my drawer. Let's see buffer solution and hope the best for United! ^_^

I eventually fell asleep. Fuuhh~

Woke up at 4a.m and oh my ~ 1-1!!!

Fuyoo~ yellow cards.
Look at min 90+3, just like a miracle :)
I was so happy! Even more happy after watching that goal from RVP. IT'S JUST LIKE MAGIC!

Di Maria fell so cutely because idontknowwho tackled him and he got to do the free kick. Yay! Thought he was injured~ lucky he wasn't :)

It was at a time like this that i suddenly 'adored' extra times. Kekeke XP

Yeah it's not a win but at least they didn't give those bloody three points to Chelsea freely!

They just deserved it :)

Ok then. My next paper is on Tuesday. Biology ♥!

Computer Science on Thursday. Then MUET on Saturday. Goiiiing Home! Awwhhh! Can't wait!


Saturday, 18 October 2014

The GROWN up me & 20facts


Hello people!

As u see .. the title of this entry is a bit.. blugh~ haha. The grown up me?

Sorry, title and me, we never worked well *sigh -.-"

My MUET speaking test is on Monday. 

I don't want to be over-confident again. Like ...during my interview for IPG.

I talk a lot during that interview. With points. And i just thought that i could pass.

Seriously..maybe they just don't want a girl with a voice like this. A very cute one heh. As if i'm proud with it -.-

So chill Aliaa. Allah has a better plan for you. Allahumma ameen.

Let bygone be bygone. Make it a good lesson and just keep moving. Remember Ma and Abah. They give you everything. And they're from Allah. So make him the no. 1 in your life.

PSPM pulak 27/10. Pheww~

Cikgu Suhaimi *lecturer kuliah maths yg awet muda hehe* cakap jangan tension2. Even uolls xstudy lansung pun lagi. Hahaha. That means aku yang study (sikit) ni lagi lerr xyah tension kan . Kekeke .

*why so serious Aten??*


Then 20 facts about me! Tadaaaa~!

They won't make you 'ooh'ing and 'aah'ing.. I promise . Hehe. Not interesting

1. Seorang yg manja(giler). Dgn family hokayy. I look so tough whenever I'm far away from them. Like..well right now. :D

2. Garang. Hmm bolehlah. My sister says so lol >.< *memang garang pun sebenarnya..kottttt*

3. I love football. Manchester United to be exact.

Rasa macam nak tumbuk2 jer orang yg cakap pelik pompuan minat bola. Dan rasa macam nak tumbuk2 jgk orang yg minat bola sebab ada pemain hensem -.-

4. Kucing! Yahh aku suka makhluk comel ni. 'Suka' means I'll take care of them, not just caress their fur then..blah.

5. I hate compliments. Aku pun mmg susah nak puji orang. Hehe. So, let's not compliment each other. Segala puji bagi Allah. True? The only compliment that can make me 'kembang semangkuk' >_< is of course from my parents. Heheh ^^

6. Peramah. Aku suka tegur orang kat tempat yg mmg takde org kenal aku. Tetiba yg pemalu jadi friendly ~

7. Suka ignore subjek yg aku tak minat. Xelok nohh.. jangan buat camni :D

8. I'm an expert 'pretender'. Outside and inside aren't the same, guys.

9. I have a freakin' sweet tooth!

10. I don't eat fresh strawberries. They make me dizzy donno why~

11. Recently bid goodbye to k-pop(which means I don't go crazy over anyone anymore~ anyeong Daehyun)

12. My friends have never seen me cry. Ho yeah!

13. I(am a weird person) fall for someone that I know .. I'll never have the chance to be with.

14. I love English (though my grammar is still blegh~) . I love books. I love little things!

15. I forgot whether I can swim or not *whattheheck well actually I can't*

16. Third daughter of 4 siblings. All girls.

17. Have a pair of brown eyes ^^ *that's why I love listening to Pretty Brown Eyes by Cody Simpson. Lololol sakai~

18. Also got a moustache hehe ^^ orang gedik jer yg akan nmpak.

19. My mum told me if I was born a boy 18yrs ago, she would name me Adam. I'd be a really handsome Adam then >_<

20. Orang selalu cakap aku ni lembut. Aku pun tak tau, tangan aku dan semualah memang sejak azali macam ni kot. Feminine. Tapi aku suka pukul orang. Kuat pulak tu. Kesian semua kawan aku semua dah kena pukul agaknya .

Oh I'm done.  ~tothepeoplewhorequestthis~

Gambar edit memang lawa-lawa kan? Lepas tu semua orang tertipu. Ingat mukanya flawless. How pathetic. Including meeee~ >_<

You can't just judge someone by looking at their photos. The world these days is full of fake and artificial humans -.- 

So umm what else? Nothing. K bye guys (^.^)/  *wave*

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The special newcomer


Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.
Kakyen dah selamat melahirkan baby dia . 13 Oktober 2014. Aku eksited sngaaat~
She sent some pics of her babygirl. Comelnya ya Allah. I can't wait to touch that pinky cheek of hers. So cute.
Name?  I don't know. I thought it's Tengku Durrani because Kakna kept calling her that! For heaven sake~ but not official yet. As her mummy said lorr ^_^ aww KakYen, suddenly i miss you a lot. Haha :P congratulation to u and hubby.
So another girl in Nasir's kingdom >_< erk..kingdom?

We only got three heroes including Abah lol~
Lately..i've been eating a lot of sweet food. Cake *almost everyday*, dark chocolate *kejap jer habis satu bar Van Houtten yg medium size tu*. And i thought what was wrong with me? Stress ke?
Aku tak rasa stress pun. Tengok jgk gambar-gambar yg nk test tahap stress tu kan. Tak berpusing lansung. Aku nmpak dy bergerak kejap then berhenti. Macam tersekat-sekatlah. Tapi tak berpusing -.-
Ker ni tanda terlebih stress? Haha xD well i don't think so.
Eh.. i hate it when people give opinion without thinking of others.
We don't grow up with the same situation. My parents taught me differently from yours. So shut your bleeding mouth up! Annoying much!
I'm not used to being mad at others. But when i did, there's no turning back..unless it's me myself who regret it.
But why would i regret something that i don't even start?
My bestfriend will always say that i should just ignore the thing and everyone that annoys me. Because we can never run from people like them. They just do exist. For some reasons.. which i don't and don't want to know.
You find it good for you. It doesn't mean it is good to me as well.
A man's meat is another man's poison.
Goodbye~ *hugs*

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

I wanna stay home longer...


Hi! Can i skip football a.k.a MU today? Because I'm still so damn happy to watch them win last Sunday!

Hehe xD am i really skipping this?

Sorry~ i don't want to!

De Gea was just super duper daebakk. Those continuous saves were from heaven! I was not killing him in my mind this time. The goal from Everton was just unlucky for us. Awesome match! Iloveyouguys~ wanna watch it again~~~~!

Well..I'm back to KMPP. 4 days are not enough for me. Haiiyaa~ I still wanna stay home -.-"

Tak best naik bas. Letih siott~ i slept a lot. Tersedar kejap jer, then tidur balik. Huhu.. perasan jadi baby jap. Banyak sangat tidur lol >_<

Oh..I brought this white shirt with me to matric. And while putting all my thing in the locker, i just realized that it had a Liverpool logo.

Who bought this shirt?

Nobody in my family likes Liverpool.

Ahh~ whatever. I'll just wear it. I'm not that kind of persons who burn their enemy's shirt just because they hate each other. A lot.

Actually boleh jer nk buat gitu, tpi kna readylah nk kena tarik telinga dengan Ma. Hahaha~ ngada2 nk emo pasal bola konon :P

However i still feel like a traitor. muihihihi :')

I can't believe that I even edit this pic -.-"

Oh today is Hasni's birthday. Happy birthday my friend! Stay cool and happy bebeh! May Allah bless u and grant u a happy life. Forever.

Tbh, i've hated u a lot of times for every little fight that we'd had, but trust me i never stopped loving u~ hehe. U're one of those people who come into my life and left a really huge footprint in my heart. I love u so much!

She's the one who says that i fight with her like i'm going to end her life *during our training for taekwondo*. Lol! But it's fun! >_<