Saturday, 20 September 2014

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Hari yang dinanti-nantikan telah tiba. Yay! Kejohanan taekwondo peringkat KMPP hari ni lah.
Sebagai seorang yang lansung takde basic dalam taekwondo.. aku happy kot dapat jgk no.4 *yes! unbelievable*

Maybe sebab dapat ke semi final.

And aku tarik diri. T.T

Heh~ ingat aku sengaja ke tak nak pergi semi final?

Please somebody examine my right foot!
It's in pain again. I'm sorry that I never pampered you my dear right foot. I'm sorry. I really and seriously am :'(

Dahlah. Tak nak ingat saat-saat berada dalam gelanggang tadi. It's scary because I didn't know my opponent's strength *even we're the same size*

I still get this one huge butterfly in my stomach whenever I remember everything that happened today. I was pushed and kicked until I was out of the line*ayat senang- bukan setakat jatuh,..tapi menggelongsor smpai ke luar gelanggang to be exact.* I could even hear the people gasped because they're surprised.

'Fall', 'Fall', and 'Fall' *mark would be subtracted*

I'm sorry ref, but I really feel like strangling you right there and then! Haha not your fault ~ you know that. My feet give in too easily.
My opponents. Heee..I don't want to say anything. Just glad that I won against them. Alhamdulillah.

Hehe >_< senang jer. Jangan bagi peluang kepada lawan kita untuk dapat markah. Pandai-pandailah defend. Kan dah tau peraturan..

Honestly aku takut. Tak kisahlah lawan aku tu memang hebat taekwondo atau lansung takde basic..

Aku memang takut kat semua orang kalau main lawan-lawan ni.
Lain laa kalau lawan kawan sendiri.. Aira n Hasni contohnya. Yelah..diorang sepak aku masa perlawanan pun takpe, nanti dalam bilik aku balas balik~ heee ^^ sorry guys ♥

Gambar terima sijil pun tak sempat snap.. aigoo~ so unexpected! *Takpe2..tnggu hari pmbhagian hadiah. Hehe :D*

Ok done. This is my first experience joining taekwondo. Wearing that chest protector and all~ a good good experience. I'll never forget it!

Tata~ have a nice day!

We got a lot of bruises~ -.-"

Monday, 15 September 2014

1st win ! \(^.^)/


Semalam United menang! Ya Allah eksitednyaaa! Hahhaa.. I'm so happy! 4 nil~!
Well I shouldn't be this surprised.

Their win has made my day somehow*but my right foot is still in pain -.-*

As usual, I only watch the highlight of the game, not the full match. Don't ask me why. Also follow the game through Bleacher Report-Team Stream app.

First scorer was our angel.. lol Di Maria *comel giler dy peluk Rooney >.<*. Then Herrera, and Rooney *love our captain!* and Mata. That handsome teddy bear hahha XD

Oh! De Gea made surprised me a little when he left the box. Lucky that Evans was right behind him to get the ball and QPR missed the chance to score. Leullz~ guess he was bored standing in front of the goal post all the time xP

Falcao almost scored when Blind gave him assist. But it was a no success. It's okay. You have a looong looong way to go man. Chin up!

I heard a rumour that Ronaldo will come back to United. If so..then it will be heaven! Wooww~

But.. we've had a lot of strikers. Too much strikers in fact. Poor RVP.. It felt like he was absent last night. :(

I hate it if the players are lack of attentions because of the newcomers. They're not kids anymore right?

Glory Glory Man United! ♥
From Manchester United official facebook page.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Martial arts *i'm lovin' it*


Hello fella(ini?) Ops! Haha :P
Fellaini kat Manchester weh..
Semalam England menang 2-0. Both goals from Welbeck.. congrats! Oh why did you leave United? Why why why~~~? 

I had joined taekwondo. Since last Thursday was super AWESOME! Hooray for myself \(^.^)/

The warming up was like an electric shock for me. I had left exercising since *idontrememberwhen* ! And suddenly POM! 'You've got to run', 'RUNNNN not jogging', 'one more time'.. -faint-

Aww it's okay since I was really enjoying it. Taekwondo was awesome honestly. Like it was really suitable for me. My body was flexible enough (I was capable of rising my feet really high) >.< what an achievement!

Result after the training : I could barely lift my feet.

In fact, my entire body was hurt. It hurt so much. I couldn't walk like usual. Felt like my feet were a bit .. (how can I explain huh?) I don't know and I had to walk really s...l...o...w...l...y. Still I tried to fight the pain and walk even faster. Great! It had became worse.

I was walking to class this morning and realized how weird the way I walk lol~ ohh i don't know what to do now.

My arms were attacked by Mr. @ Mrs. Charlie(s). Donno when did they come. I never killed any of them because ..well I'm a bit afraid of insects. And I don't like killing their species except musquitoes. Also afraid they might come to their 'killer' and seek revenge. Ok I'm talking nonsense -.-"

Anyway.. I hope my body will not ache too much anymore tomorrow. Huhu.. it has been 3 days :'D