Sunday, 31 August 2014

Ma and Abah are here!

Hi ~ ma n abah mai Penang tau. Yay! 
Anak mana larr yg x excited kan? 

I never told them to come because it could be burdensome you know Kelantan to Penang isn't like Pasir Mas to Kota Bharu k..
And they are. Dapatlah aku lari dari KMPP. Hehe.. even for a while, this is so worth it.Oh not to forget my lil' sis, Anis. Haha. Ma said she's the one who misses me.

That girl misses me? Hehee like seriously?!

Miss you too lah~ ♥

They'll go home tomorrow. Why oh why so fast?
We're staying at Seri Malaysia hotel. It's the nearest hotel from KMPP. And we don't go anywhere. Haha, I don't want too. My mum is still tired. Abah too I guess. Love them soooo much! Thank you for coming~♥♥♥

Oh, I can't watch united match. Huuu. They only provide Fox Sport for sports channel. But I still follow their score every single minute!(in my phone through Bleacher Report app) Just watching the watch ticks by made me so nervous! Fletcher got yellow card.

Half time. Still 0-0. Then Blackett got yellow card. And it's still 0-0!

Full time. 0-0. Well, better than losing. 

I think Di Maria was doing great in the match. Of course he's doing great. He should be!
He got that legendary number 7!

I'm so sad. Suddenly I think Moyes is better (eh). He must be watching the news or maybe even mumbling 'see, I told ya the players need Fergie'.  T.T

But why did LVG use that 3-5-2 formation whatsoever? Why not the usual 4-2-3-1??
Did he want to fill the holes that were left by Vida, Evra, and Rio? It's not working...we know that.

It's heartbreakingly anxious you know to see the news in the paper each day. They said United Are Not Good Enough in The Star! Last Monday I guess. Lucky my class only get newspapers on Monday and Tuesday. I can't afford to see more bad news about United.

Oh I watched Man City vs Stoke. It's no fun since I'm not The Citizen's fan. But still I couldn't stop laying my eyes on the screen *whattheheck*.  

Yeah they're struggling too. I couldn't believe how Stoke had improved a lot. It's scary.

So in the end Man City lost. 0-1. Poor Abah lol >_<

That's all. Goodbye and Happy Independence Day!

Sunday, 17 August 2014



Yahhh~ United lost to Swansea. Chill man. It's their first match. There's no point saying United are sh*tty or the manager is sh*t.

How can we judge a bunch of roses if we only see the rotten petals? *What kind of quote is that lol?*
I do feel sad. So sad.
Anyway.. haha. I don't know what to say now. Oh my.. :'D oh myyy~

Back at home, my mum knew how I'd be if United lost. Heheh~ only losing my appetite though.

Abah? He'll laugh at me of course! Can you believe it?? Haiyaaa~ that's why I never woke him up whenever I was going to watch a football match..kekeke >_< you're so noisy. But I miss watching United match with you. Eventhough you never stopped saying bad things about them.

I really mean it! He never stopped.

"Rooney had lost his spirit", "Januzaj played like a girl", "De Gea was drooling" and bla bla bla.. "They're going to lose". Oh that last sentence.. -.-

And I'd be like 'anything you say Abah'. :D

I hate whoever looks down on United (except my dad laa).

Yeah maybe you support Liverpool or Chelsea whatsoever.. but is it compulsory to be rude? How annoying.

Next they'll face Sunderland. Phew~ I'm always feeling nervous whenever they meet Sunderland. I know Sunderland is not that big like Man City but the players are really good actually.

With this failure, i hope there's no more fake fans or the 'manager-out' squad. You know, like the 'Moyes-out' thingy. I miss DM~ tralalala ~*honestly*
Ok goodbye~ and good night. Sweet dream ^_^

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Yay! Who's the new capt? ★★★★★

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Yay! Rooney has become United's new captain. LVG is so nice ;)
Five stars for him!!

I  really wanna see Roo as the captain long time ago (since Vidic leave) So yeah! He has been in United for 10 years, he deserves that! I'm so so soooo happy. *Haha what the heck.. You can't even watch their match. Don't be too excited and STOP DREAMING. Hwaaaaa T.T*

They won against Valencia last night 2-1. Abah, I really want to watch all their matches so badly. Three days more for EPL. Ahhhhh~! 

One more time, may I?


Okay enough.

Oh sorry for not updating about the case that happened in KMPP recently. I'm not a reporter btw, ok so no apologize. Hehe .

I can't update anything about it. Not until everything is ok. 
Yelahh~ What if everything that's happening is not true, right? Only cock and bull story(sum up with outsiders stories bla bla bla~. So annoying!) What do they know? They're not even the students here! Yet they tend to jump into conclusion. Typical people!

We're all doing fine. Ermm..maybe the students who lost their phones are not okay. Apart from that, nothing bad happen to us. To me more exactly.

Well I'd never seen anybody holding stick(or what they say? dagger?) attacking pupils in KMPP. Nonsense. I'd never heard any knocks at the door in the midnight. Not even once(ke sebab aku tidur mati?heheh). So i can't say anything.
Maybe that person will come back. (Or maybe that person is just among us?? who knows) We just have to be prepared. Don't be too weak or too strong. Yes just be strong but don't show it off.

Who in the world is that person actually???? -.-' haihh..
Okay i don't know too why do i pick this scary photo --"
(instead of  a photo of our new captain Roo >_<  awww! i wanna go home!)

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Welcome back! *home or kmpp?*

Assalamualaikum :)

Hye! Welcome back to KMPP! And.. selamat hari raya aidilfitri. Heee ^^

Sebenarnya kan.. aku sedihlah ramai dah pemain United berhijrah ke kelab lain. Huhu~ Vida, Evra, Rio.. why don't u guys just retire? :'(
Evra kata nak stay. Tak pun..

Haha. Teringat masa aku mula-mula tengok dulu, aku tak suka Vidic. *Jahatnyaaa!* Sebab dy bnyak sgt buat fouls. Aku ingat dia ni xpandai main. Siapalah aku nk judge dia.

Goodluck in Inter. Evra too in Juventus. And Rio.. Queens Park Ranger (eh?)~ farewell!

Everything will be different. Sobs2~

Buttner pun tetiba hilang. Apa ni? Sape laa yang nk keluar lagi. Or maybe nak kena jual?
Manchester United are joining a lot of friendly matches now. Yeah MUtour. And they kept winning lol ^^

7-0 against LA Galaxy. ( roo, reece james, welbeck, young)
3-2 against AS Roma. ( roo, mata)
5-3 against Inter Milan. Penalty! ( young, kagawa, fletcher, chicha, cleverley). Fletcher wears the captain armband. Err..why not Rooney?

And today they're against Real Madrid. Win again! 3-1. ( young and chicha. I thought the second goal is from Rooney, actually it's Young). Please don't say that Real lose because Ronaldo only plays for a very short time. They still have Bale. United pun ada Rooney, RVP takde kann? fair and square >_<

Guess what, LVG is soooo sweet. During their training, he even hugs Roo after he does the corner kick >_< aww~ so sweet! Haha..

Can't wait for 16 august!