Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Happy Birthday to Me~! Lol >_<


Hello people~ or should I say humans? Haha.. today's nuzul quran, 17 ramadhan already. Why so fast?

Well~ who's da birhtday girl today???? Yeah yeah.. it's me. I'm now an 18years old teen. All praises to Allah for giving me the chance to live in this beautiful(is it?) World till now. Alhamdulillah. Then of course Ma and Abah for bringing me into this world where I learn a lot of things. Hehe xD Both of you have been so patient taking care of us, your four angels :) .

I know.. I always know that I'm your weirdest, naughtiest, stone-hearted angel. Right? Lol. Weirdest. Well my behaviours are always unpredictable. Always make both of you worry. Sorry hehe >_<


I realize everything. I know that I'm not as patient as my other siblings. I'm not a crybaby like my sis. I cry when I want to. I hate being far from both of you. But when I'm at home, I just stay in my room. Silly me! I know.

Ma, if only you know that I regret it every time I say goodbye to you.

Yes you. The one who cools me down whenever I'm mad. You, the one who wipes all my tears with your soothing voice over the phone whenever I cry here.
My dream is to be the best daughter in the world. It's not a joke. I truly mean it.

Ok my birthday girl moment is coming to an end. Let's talk about the world cup!

Congrats to Germany. My friend must be sad as he supports Argentina. Haha :D I'm not in the mood to talk about footie actually. Still feeling like vomiting when I remember the photos of people who cry because Brazil lost to Germany last week.

Isn't there any other reason that's worth their tears?

Come on. Palestinians are being killed everyday. Every minute maybe. And we cry because the team that we're supporting lost?

Where do we hide our humanity?

We don't really care because the kids that were shot are not our sisters or brothers. The women who were killed are not our mothers. The men who were beaten to death are not our fathers! And the victims are not us! So why should we care?

Yeah right. I don't know what to say if I am about to face to face with this kind of people.

I found a page in facebook. Israel Defense Force. I clicked the 'like' button. It's not that I support them..na'uzubillah. Just interested to find out what they post there.

You know? It turns out to be funny to me. Haha..I'm sorry. It's just so funny. Damn it!

They're saying Palestinians are terrorist just because a missile landed on Israel land last Saturday and destroyed some of the facilities there blablabla~. They are scared because of that!(when they have got a lot more up-to-date weapons. I can't believe it)

So, Palestinians are terrorists. Wow~

What are they then?

Guess what,

They. Are. The. Victims.

The. Bloody. INNOCENT. Victims!

Man~ i'm speechless. That's what media shows in the TV. Controlling everything to show the innocent side(which only blind-hearted people will feel pity toward them). Innocent my foot~

Whatever, as a muslim, we should try our best to help our brothers and sisters there. Maybe the least we can do is pray pray and pray.

They're too strong. I'm gutted honestly. But still remain as a pathetic coward here. They memorize the Quran. My teacher says that their hearts have dried of emotions. They're scared, frightened but they don't show it.. because they have no choice, they have to fight back. That's why Israel are afraid of them. See, once Allah throws a little feeling of fright in their hearts(do they even have one??), they're helpless. Well who do they think they are? Age doesn't matter anymore for the Palestinian kids. All that they want is peace.

BYE~ assalamualaikum

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Just go on..never look back!


Hi~ Minggu ni cuti tiga hari. Osemnya! Hari isnin tu Penang heritage day. Sebab tu cuti..so ramailah yang balik kampung. Aku nak balik memang taklah. Penatt~ 6 jam. Tiga hari jer pun.

Belgium menang haritu kan? Yay! Dapat ke quarter final ^^
Tpi lawan Argentina pulak dowh.. huhu. Sedihnyaaaa~

Ada sorang kawan aku ni, he's an indian.. from India and he supports Argentina. Huuuuu..,

He knows i love football but.. when he talks about the formation, i can't catch up anything. Lol~ just realized I don't know anything about the formation.

Then he wants to explain everything about the formation to me! Na-ah dude.

It's not that i don't want to..but it's better if I learn it naturally. Man, it's only football! It seems ridiculous if i put so much effort in understanding everything about soccer. Hahaha.

There are many things that are more important than that. Indeed, there are a lot lot lot more~our Islamic history, biology, chemistry, maths.. hee..so yeah. Thank you xD

I hope Belgium win though. But Argentina have got Messi, Aguero, Zabaleta..umm who else? Di Maria, Demichelis. Okay. I only know them. 

But still. Good luck Belgium! You guys are the dark horses. Hehe >_<

Oh. Oh. Btw Betullah Manchester United buat jersi baru. Chevrolet version tuuu.. Yes. Terang-terang salib terpampang kat dada. Apa ni? Propaganda? Sedihnya!

Aku memang selalu ketinggalan nmpaknya. Hehe. Orang pakai AIG, kita Sharp. Orang pakai AON, aku still AIG. Dah tukar chevrolet ni.. aku xkan beli dh. Tata~

Cantik jugak sebenarnua jersi ni.
Aish, what.is.that.cross.doing.over.there??! >○<
Ok bye bye~ assalamualaikum ^.^