Wednesday, 30 April 2014

No title~*again*


Hello my lovely blog readers..hehe.

Don't wanna talk about Moyes been sacked. I don't know. I'm feeling sympathy toward him. Kinda unfair, but have to admit that United are better under our Giggsy :) can't it just be him? Sobs sobs~ I don't want Louis Van Gaal. The players want Ryan Giggs.. -,-

Hope that Moyes will soon find a place where everybody respects him. Do something, Moyes! Anything that can silence all your haters. 

Enough about that. The end.

I have finished my latest novel : Julie and Me and Michael Owen makes Three. 

If you don't know anything about football (or Man Utd..hehe), you're gonna be confused. Definitely confused!! Haha xD (what do I know though? Lol)

Well, this book is published in 2001.. means, Ryan Giggs is the only player who's still in United till now.(I won't buy the book if I know that! and I'm glad that I don't. ♥♥♥)

Some names are familiar Scholes, Gary and Phil Neville, Beckham, Brown, Roy Keane, Schmeichel..etc.

And there are lots of new names for me. Gosh!

Teddy Sheringham, Fabien Barthez, Ole Solksjaer(Cardiff's manager..owwhh~)..ummm who else? Dwight Yorke..

Seriously who are you guys?? I'm completely clueless!
*you'll laugh at me if I tell you the day I start suppporting United. Hihi..*

Never mind. I'm still quite pleased with myself for catching up with everything in the novel. At least I know who are the opposing players.

I give it 5 stars ♥
No.. more. maybe 6. Hehe..

Can you imagine a staunch supporter of United ends up with a (beautiful,popular,staunch) scouser? 

World war 3~ >_<

And oh.. Bayern lost to Real Madrid. They're not that mighty then..
I'm thinking about watching their match (1st and 2nd leg)..but then I realize that I don't really like the Bavarians. Heee.. I can't wake up just to watch their match! No benefit~

So Real Madrid will meet Atletico.. yeah! 
*tak nak sokong dua-dua sebab team yang aku sokong mesti kalah* Bad omen~

Ok bye~

Thursday, 10 April 2014

sad post.. what a 'tragedy' =.=


They lost last night..

Hwaaaaa :'(



Losing by aggregate 2-4, I don't see them as the underdog in Champion League. They have tried their best to rattle Bayern's cage. But it just doesn't work out very well.

Well, Bayern score a goal at OT, United score a goal too in Allianz Arena..So what's the big deal??

After Evra scores, Bayern quickly reply with their goal. Seriously..? Tunggulah lima minat dulu ke..hahhaha

So, goodbye semi-final.. goodbye.

I wish The Blues will meet The Bavarians in semi-final. Please, please, please..

*The Red Devils will be back. Just wait*

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

No title~


Hi~ how r ya doin’? Hehehe

So it was Man United match last night. Boleh kan aku tulis kat blog buruk nih? My blog anyway >_< 

K, MU sekadar seri satu sama dengan Bayern Munich. Uwaaaa :’(

I thought they could score a lot of goals since the match was held in OT. But it’s so-oo not an easy task, right?
Every minute was so scary. I couldn’t tell how many times B.Munich tried to score, because they always had a chance! Every single minute! 
Every time Franck Ribery was in front of our goal, I thought I was going to get a heart attack. Seriously.

Anyway I was happy because one of B.Munich footballer(the scorer) was sent off. See, who told you to kick our Wazza? Accidentally? Ok fine ^.^ What was that guy’s name? Bastian something.. can’t remember.

But the next match will still be scary .. Why? Because it will be held in their stadium! Allianz Arena! Hwaaaa~

Well, never mind.. Wherever they are, I believe that MU can do it ^^
When the match was over, Abah just woke up. Yoohooooo... you are late, Abah! Mehehehe XD

He asked me : “Yaa, MU kalah? Berapa?”

And I was like” 

*heart whining like crazy*

Abaaaaaahhh!! Why did you always have a very(100x) low expectation towards MU? Why??
Jeles ler tu sebab Man City tak layak ke Champion League >.< Seri ok. Satu sama!
Pagi tadi ada kursus penyedian resume dan temuduga. Aku ingat kan habislah mata aku ni. Janganlar mengantuk masa penceramah tu bercakap. Dan Alhamdulillah best! Penceramah tu bestlah. He’s a lecturer from MSU. Name : Mohd Hairol Azmi.

Dapatlah jumpa kawan-kawan. Then baru aku tahu betapa aku amat merindui mereka, Allahu :’(. Seronok jumpa dengan diorang. Rasa nak menangis pun ada. Rindu. Serius rindu. I love you guys lillahita’ala J ukhwah till jannah, in shaa Allah!

Wani, Shaharani, Tiqah, Mirah, Fazi.. susah kita nak jumpa kan? *pout -.-* If Allah wills, then I will never forget you guys. ^_^ Eheheee~ of course I'll never forget all of you.