Saturday, 20 December 2014

I can't create a suitable title! Apologize! ╮(─▽─)╭


So tonight there'll be football matches, Harimau Malaya vs Thailand. What do they call their team name? I don't know~

Also MU vs Aston Villa at 11.00p.m..hehe

But i'm not going to watch any of them.

Because I'll only watch if there's a TV reserved for me (only ME..*haha cheq memang ngada2 pun toksah habaqlah*). Aku takleh tengok dgn org pompuan, diorang menjerit..ya Allah aku rasa macam nk ketuk-ketuk jer mulut diorang dengan tukul. Laki pulak, hmm cukuplah abah aku sorang 😂

So here I am, waiting for Far East. 

You know, kumpulan nasyid yg famous dgn lagu Menanti Di Barzakh tuu...

To be honest, I'm not a fan of nasyid or qasidah or something like that. Tajuk yg aku mention tu baru google jer sebenarnya. Nampak tak betapa benda lagha jugaklah yg menarik perhatian aku. 

Astaghfirullahal'azim :'D

Harimau Malaya. Fight please! Apalah sangat aggregate 2-0 tu. Hehe~ if you watch UCL Man United vs Olympiakos last March, then you'll know what I mean. Ahhh I miss that moment damn much!

Oh.. Sir aku yang ajar maths sokong Liverpool. Alahai haha. Dy terkejut tahu aku minat bola. Tambah2 minat MU. Mulut sape ek yg gatal bagitau Sir -_-"

Dia cakap : Aliaa, you tak payahlah datang jumpa saya. Sape suruh sokong MU? Takpe next season saya menang. Hari tu kena belasah ngan Aliaa 3-0 adoiii~

Hahahhaah~ well, that's so funny.

So, what my friends have been saying before is true, all Liverpool supporters are like that. Next season, next season, and so it goes on and on. I'm sorry to those who support LFC..I'm just stating a fact >_<

Okay. Go ahead and get mad at me :P

Nape ramai sgt lecturers kat KMPP sokong Liverpool? Masuk tempat pensyarah tu jumpa skarf Liverpool, pergi kat pensyarah ni nampak poster Liverpool kat dinding *bapak besar O.O*

Sesungguhnya benda ni semua dunia semata-mata. Tapi aku tak menyesal pun beli t-shirt United walaupun harga dy cantiiiik sngat.

Hehe k dah. Jom layan nasyid~ :) bye~

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Tragedi 14 Disember ಠ_ಠ

Heyy! Budak baru balik Gunung Jerai kat siniii~! Hehe.
[13 & 14 Disember 2014]
Seronoklah pergi sana. Tapi aku lagi rindu Gunung Stong. Sebab pergi dengan kawan-kawan yg dh rapat cam adik beradik kann.. Khemah runtuh pun no hal~ hahaha xD
Apapun pergi Gunung Jerai best jugak. Jungle trekking seronok wooo >_< sebab blh main hujan lbat. Yay!
Malam tu ada BBQ. Main game apa aku tak ingat haha.
All was going well..
Until there's something unexpected happened.
I almost died.
*tukar background music yg sedih sikit*
On 14 December 2014,
I never thought that I would experience drowning in my life.
It's so so terrifying. I only thought that I'd die. That's the end of my life.
Macam ni ke aku mati?
Amalan aku mcm mana Ya Allah .
I wanna see my family.
Tenggelam timbul dalam air kolam. Nak cerita mcm mana ek.
So there were five of us. Dua orang tak tau berenang. Termasuk akulah sebab aku takut nak pergi kat kawasan air dalam. Kitorang pegang tangan know like linked hand to hand. Nak dijadikan cerita, sorang tiba2 panik sebab kaki tak jejak dasar kolam tu. Benda ni terjadi cepat sangat, tetiba smua tertarik ke kawasan dalam.
Jujurlah ni, aku bukan orang yg mudah panik. Dh tenggelam pun aku try berenang ke tepi because nobody was holding me at the moment. I was okay with that. My breathing was steady. Oksigen bnyak lagi hehe. Then masa aku berenng slow ke tepi, tetiba ada orang tarik kaki. Bukan tarik,.. macam rentap gitulah. Ya Allah, sape tak terkejut kan?
Aku yg tadi relax pun dh takut sebab pernafasan dah ntah pape. Tertelan air bnyak. Nk batuk tak boleh..nk mntk tolong tak boleh.. So scary.

Mana tiga orang yg pndai berenang tadi?
Ohh.. Diorang pun hampir lemas. Aigoo~ -.-
"Allah Allah Allah... This is it. I can't do anything.."
But then I knew.. Allah still wanted to spare my life.
He sent a rescuer. Alhamdulillah~
There's this boy, also a KMPP student, jumped into the pool and pulled my friend and me. Both of us didn't know how to swim, that's why.
He didn't have to pull me actually, I was more than grateful to have someone to hold on to.
Tak sempat cakap terima kasih pun.

Please know that I've said millions of 'thank you's in my head just for you.
Hutang nyawakah??
Haish~takde takde. Semoga berjaya di dunia dan akhirat .
Apapun tragedi 14 Disember ni memang aku takkan lupalah. Nak tido pun teringat the end I just stared at the ceiling and blinked until I fell asleep. Unconciously.
Tak serius pun sebenarnya. Alhamdulillah semua selamat. Boleh main air elok2 jer lepas tu. Tapi aku agak trauma haha~
P/s : ter'missed' game malam tu. The Red Devils vs The Reds. Scouser maybe~ Ehem ehem, we won again 
ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ weeee~!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

#No title

Hi and hi again!
A happy girl wanna say a few words here heheheh. *Umm well i doubt it*,I never babbling about a few things here right?'s always a lot of things muahaha O(≧∇≦)O
So, first I wanna tell you that I'll get my PSPM1 result tomorrow in shaa Allah.
Second I wanna say that
Ya Allah.. I hope a real smile will be plastered on my face, not the fake one. Because of my result (∩_∩) ameen.
Pheww~ umm what else?
Okayy I don't remember anything. Great. Just great!
Astaghfirullahal'azim -_-
Ohhh~ it's United. Yaaaap! Them!
They won again last night. I'm sooo happy. They're against Southampton.
I don't really expect a win actually hehe. Because everytime I watch them against Southampton, it will end up a draw. Like last season, we drew in both games against them. 
Scary isn't it?
Btw, I woke up at 4am, and the game had just started. Then I fell asleep..what to do? It's not like I could watch it anyway. Just stared blankly at my phone *sigh*. So I slept.
Woke up again to see
Man Utd 1 : 0 Southampton
It's from RVP :)
Then it's a draw. Pelle scored for his team whatsoever~
Okayy. Then 2nd half.
Wonder why I wasn't really shocked with that 1 : 1 result? Hahaha because.... I had a dream that RVP scored a hattrick! Yeyeah!!
Seriously, I didn't believe in dream. But I did feel a bit disappointed when I woke up again and the result was still 1 : 1.
Who knew, RVP scored the second goal! Omg~ like dejavu!!! From my dream miahahaha “ψ(`∇´)ψ
I know.. No hattrick. Haha.
Anyway, we won! Alhamdulillah. Number 3 in the table. That was great .. Ohhh nak balik rumah ..
So result tomorrow. Oh everytime I thought about result, it just made my heart thumping like crazy. Then I would relax like there was nothing in my head. Haha~ weirdo!
It's a very good thing if we can always control ourselves right?
Bye~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ something good is going to happen to everyone.
This is it! The reason for me to smile like an idiot :D

Sunday, 30 November 2014

I missed it... ⚽



Man Utd vs Hull City
I missed it.

And now I still can't believe it.

I forgot about yesterday's game T.T

How's my feeling?

I couldn't even tell.

Hahaha.. Well eiii~ that's more like a heartbroken thingy.

Lucky I wasn't at home right?

At least I knew, living in this college, no matter how much I wanna watch the match, I must stop myself.



It still felt weird deep inside.

When I saw Manchester United photo on instagram yesterday.. with caption :
FT:#mufc 3 Hull City 0. A convincing win for United, who take the three points thanks to goals from Chris Smalling, Wayne Rooney, and Robin van Persie. Well played, lads!

Oh .. you have got to be kidding me. *grinning nervously*

Seriously today? I couldn't believe I missed it. Ya Allah..

Oh yes. I felt hurt.

Don't laugh!

Hwaaaa~ o(╥﹏╥)o that's unbearable~~~!!!

Btw, I'm happy for you guys, United! 3-0. That was amazing. Already watch all the goals.

Smalling's..umm that was normal. I didn't really see it actually. Rooney's goal was good. Abah would say that the keeper was sleeping *if he's watching the game*. Hahaha slow ball~.*well I doubted he didn't*. RVP scored an amazing goal though. Yay yay!

Good job everyone!
You guys just deserve to win :'D

Yeah I was too tired yesterday after coming back from Sunway Mall. 10.30pm . I was already in my dreamworld. Sheez~
*note to mind* I don't have the energy of a woman if it comes to shopping. So tired!

My phone died.. so Man Utd fixtures remainder was useless of course T.T

Meeting the characters that I didn't even know was no fun at all. Yes I'm talking about the cosplay in Sunway yesterday. Urgh.

Still lucky though that there's no Darth Vader. He's not an anime right?
That guy~ he really scares me.

If you want to trick me with something, please exclude Darth Vader.. or else I'll kill you! hahaha.

Oh he's so scary with all that black outfit..head to toe. Creepy~ -.-

Sunday, 23 November 2014

"If we burn, you burn with us."

Sorry. Hehe that's the tagline for Mockingjay. I don't even read it at home. So let's give some honours, shall we? 
It's not that I don't have enough time *ridiculous -.-* but I give a go to these books instead:

- Love? Maybe.
This book makes me hungry all the time. Make sure you have a bag of chocolates before you start reading ^_^ I like the heroine and Ben Donovan *just his name actually*

- Thirteen R3asons Why
I never followed Jay Asher novels. But this is a must buy!! Seriously! I can't stop once i read the first page. As if I'm the one who's listening to all the tapes :)

- So Super Stylish
Umm no comment. This is a teen novel so I just love it :D


So welcome back to KMPP

Yay! 'So excited'! Ha ha ha 

Oh really..there's no place like home. There's no one like my mum. My dad. And my sisters~

I'm already missing them.
Minggu lepas buat lanskap kat rumah dgn ma. Habis tangan jadi nipis. Pedih wooo..
but i don't really mind. Anis isn't really into doing heavy know? Like 'punggah jongkong' etc. Wahaha xD

Me? Well I'm like the son of the family -.-
I'd rather do that everyday than coming here again. Haihh..

Oh.. then i went outing with my friends. Ya Allah.. my mum never allowed me to go outing since i was a kid. She's more afraid if i went by bus, it's okay actually if Abah was the one who sent and fetched me up. 

So i never asked her to let me join my friends..till last Tuesday. And she gave me greenlight!! Ngehehe . Oh so excited!
So let's go to KB Mall~

Anyway..i won't tell you what we did there. You'll be bored haha.

Just one thing!

Tada!! I finally got my own official United shirt. Ho gawd~ i was shocked to see Man Utd merchandise in KB Mall.

I took a short glance at it. So, I wasn't dreaming. My friends were already moving somewhere else

"I don't care. I'll stay here."

I just stood there, smiling. I thought it was Aira who noticed. That kid sure knew what I loved! Yay!

What a beauty~ >.< and I'm probably the beast.

Then la la la ~ paid!

So why I didn't buy the jersey?

Oh excuse me, I don't like Chevrolet symbol-look like a cross to me-, besides, it's off my budget. Ngahahaha~ 

RM299. Yeah well, beauty with price :)

Ha! Last night game ~ oh we won! I was soooo happy! I think it's worth watching eventhough I feel so dizzy otw to Penang today. We won~ yeay yeay!

Arsenal were doing great honestly. They're controlling the ball from the start seriously I could get a heart attack! That guy Sanchez was scary heww~ he tried a lot of times to score..but too bad for him that our DDG was scary too! Yay, man of the match! Congrats ^.^

And then they scored their own goal. Poor that Gibbs. Heee :D
I couldn't cheer cause felt sorry for him. So just be grateful lahh :) 1 nil.

Our second goal? Roooooonneeeeyyy~!!!! OMG! Oh My Goshh!!
Would you please stop making me admiring you? Haha kidding! 

Everytime I watched a match, I was waiting for someone to bring a solo ball like that. Exactly like that! *someone from our team of course -.-* how I loved seeing the goalie's nervous face. Theheee xP

Wahhh I couldn't help but clapped my hands really s.l.o.w.l.y . *In case not to wake up baby Durrani :)*

Well she woke up eventually. But not because of me cheering too loudly lol ~ Okay not my fault ^.^

Full time. Oh extra time 8mins. I was like "seriously??"

Then dup dap dup dap..

Giroud scored. Man, I hated that! There's still like 4mins left. I was scared. What if the result turned to be a draw? No wayy!

...Tick tock tick tock...

Time's up!

Alhamdulillah ^^ (2-1) How awesome!


P/s : Well ok. I felt so sick upon arriving in Penang. I wanna stay home. I almost cried while waving goodbye to Ma and Abah. Manja bebenor kau ni yer.
Daniel Welbeck~ I miss you!! :'( could you please come back to United?

Friday, 7 November 2014

Goodbye Semester 1

Tak sabarnya nak balik. Ma n abah mai ambik esok weheee! Banyak kot benda aku nak buat kat rumah sebelum masuk sem dua nanti ☺
•Tak nak main internet. Nak spend time dengan family jer. Dear Durrani~ aunty's gonna pinch your chubby cheeks!
•Nak habiskan novel Mockingjay. Bila ingat balik, aku beli trilogi Hunger Games masa form 4 lagi..tapi tak pernah habis baca yg no. 3 tu. Baru keluar trailer filem dia. Macam best jer. So nak bacalah :D
•Nak makan banyak-banyak apa yang dah lama aku tak makan. Mestilah masakan Ma n Abah.
Living in hostel, trust me.. I appreciate food more than anything. Kau hado?? Haha. 
•Main dengan kucing aku. Meow! Do you still recognize meeee?
•Hang out dgn kawan2 sekolah rendah? Hmmm..let see. Keliling kampung je pun. Rindunya nak naik basikal.
May all those things come true~ hehe.
Tau tak yg United lawan City hari tu.. aku expect United menang tau. Ntah kenapa. Rasa macam diorang hebat kott skrang.
Tapi kalah. Huhu. Kawan aku cakap Smalling buat stupid2 mistake smpai kena dua kali kad kuning.
Keluar padang lah dia~
Lohh..aku tak suka betul orang kutuk pemain. Sokong jelah. People tend to make mistake lah.
Rasanya tiap-tiap kali pemain dapat kad kuning or merah, bukannya diorang sengaja. Accidentally~
Tapi ntahlah. Aku tak tengok.
Takpee Aliaa. Dua games kau blh tgk nnti balik ni :) Crystal Palace n Arsenal. Malam esok Chelsea vs Liverpool. Serius aku suuuuka sgt2 tgk kelab yg hebat bertanding(?) ..err 'bertanding' ke?
Whatevah! Chelsea fighting! Crush that 'L' word~ >_<
Kalah pun 1-0 jer. Blh bounce balik pasni. Just wait and see nnti kat Old Trafford. Semangat lain sikit kalau kat tempat sendiri..kekononnya muahahaha. K lah dah aku merepek. Byee~
Goodnight!  ^_^
And oh..I'm gonna miss all my lecturers too!
Cikgu Hafeza yang baiikkk sangat-sangat. You treat my like a baby thank u very much. Computer science is so fun! Your 'bobocer'  keywords really help me during exam and quizzes. Hahaha. Btw I just stalked your profile. You've got DG52? omg cikgu.. I'm so proud of you. Almost can't believe it since you're sooooo humble (and loving. Funny too :D).
I love you cikgu. Tahun depan jumpa lagi tau. Ops! I mean second semester.. which is about two weeks from today. Hehe.
Teacher Ena yang happening. We always roll our eyes in sync whenever we see that lovebirds in our class. Youknowwho~ Hahaha. You told me I'll never know the feeling of falling in love because it doesn't hit me yet. Well I hope it will never hit me 😂! Teacher, I've always loved English class since I'm in kindergarten I guess. I'll be very disappointed if I don't reach my target. Plus I've got a teacher like you, that's a brownie point. Ting! 
Cikgu Azfa. Thank you very much. You planted the love seeds in my heart. Heee..chemistry love seeds kakaka xD It's true. I learn to appreciate chemistry once again when I almost giving up. It's hard at first. No lie. I'm not a chemistry genius ok. No. It's a normal thing if i don't understand a question eventhough I've read it almost ten times! Aigoo~ and I still can't believe my chemistry result for UPS. It's too good! *alhamdulillah* 
Cikgu Khairul Anida. The cutest teacher in KMPP with the cutest behaviour too! Oh oh..your daughter is super duper cute omg. Everything around you is cute! Haha. I love biology so much. Go go biology. Yes I didn't get A for bio in UPS *I feel so down because of this. It feels like I'd given everything for bio*..but I still can't stop loving it. You're a great teacher. Everything is about understanding each chapter, not memorizing each words. Thank youuu! Love you >_<
Cikgu Fauziah. You always brighten my days. Eventhough..umm. Who expects a biology student to love maths like crazy??? Yeah I do love maths. But not a love like romeo and juliet. You know.. can't be separated forever! I'm lying if i say that i'm surprised with my UPS result for maths. Hehe i got what i deserved. Barely passed! Hamek kau Aliaa! *sneeze!* ok, guess I'm allergic with numbers.
Noooo! I'm kidding . Seriously! But teacher, you always come up with good motivations for me. Syukran. May Allah bless you. Love u too.
Tu semua pensyarah kelas turorial. Have spent a lot of times with them, so we're close ^^ Then pensyarah kuliah : Cikgu Zuriana(chemistry), Cikgu Suhaimi(maths), Cikgu Ifrizamunirah(biology), then Cikgu Hafeza again. Hehe :)
Pensyarah amali : Cikgu Nassry(chemistry), Madam Ju(computer science), Cikgu Azman(biology).

Love them all :'D Goodbye semester 1!
Ok. Panjang pulak dowh aku sambung. Hehe. K k goodnight! :'D time sure flies!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

This is about last Monday~


Helllooo~ so today I'm writing in the middle of PSPM (Peperiksaan Semester Program Matrikulasi) ho yeah!

Today was Chemistry. Yesterday and Monday were Maths and English.

Tell you what.. I couldn't sleep on Monday night. 
I didn't know why~~~ I was so tired in the evening actually but I didn't sleep (it's bad for u to sleep in the evening).

Oh oh it's United vs Chelsea.

But no.. it's not because of that. *Ma would kill me if she knew I didn't sleep the night before my final exam because of United* Hee xD

Since I didn't feel sleepy at all, I did some revision for Chemistry. It was 1.17a.m and the rain was pouring heavily outside. I looked at Bleacher Report app in my phone. 

So~ how many minutes left? It was one nil for Chelsea. *sigh* btw congrats Drogba -.-

United. Come on :'D please..

*please don't tell me that you can't sleep because of thiiiiissss!* alright so my brain was torturing me too. Did you think i could  focus 100% on Chemistry when my phone was showing :

Man Utd 0 : 1 Chelsea

Hell no! 

So i put it in my drawer. Let's see buffer solution and hope the best for United! ^_^

I eventually fell asleep. Fuuhh~

Woke up at 4a.m and oh my ~ 1-1!!!

Fuyoo~ yellow cards.
Look at min 90+3, just like a miracle :)
I was so happy! Even more happy after watching that goal from RVP. IT'S JUST LIKE MAGIC!

Di Maria fell so cutely because idontknowwho tackled him and he got to do the free kick. Yay! Thought he was injured~ lucky he wasn't :)

It was at a time like this that i suddenly 'adored' extra times. Kekeke XP

Yeah it's not a win but at least they didn't give those bloody three points to Chelsea freely!

They just deserved it :)

Ok then. My next paper is on Tuesday. Biology ♥!

Computer Science on Thursday. Then MUET on Saturday. Goiiiing Home! Awwhhh! Can't wait!


Saturday, 18 October 2014

The GROWN up me & 20facts


Hello people!

As u see .. the title of this entry is a bit.. blugh~ haha. The grown up me?

Sorry, title and me, we never worked well *sigh -.-"

My MUET speaking test is on Monday. 

I don't want to be over-confident again. Like ...during my interview for IPG.

I talk a lot during that interview. With points. And i just thought that i could pass.

Seriously..maybe they just don't want a girl with a voice like this. A very cute one heh. As if i'm proud with it -.-

So chill Aliaa. Allah has a better plan for you. Allahumma ameen.

Let bygone be bygone. Make it a good lesson and just keep moving. Remember Ma and Abah. They give you everything. And they're from Allah. So make him the no. 1 in your life.

PSPM pulak 27/10. Pheww~

Cikgu Suhaimi *lecturer kuliah maths yg awet muda hehe* cakap jangan tension2. Even uolls xstudy lansung pun lagi. Hahaha. That means aku yang study (sikit) ni lagi lerr xyah tension kan . Kekeke .

*why so serious Aten??*


Then 20 facts about me! Tadaaaa~!

They won't make you 'ooh'ing and 'aah'ing.. I promise . Hehe. Not interesting

1. Seorang yg manja(giler). Dgn family hokayy. I look so tough whenever I'm far away from them. Like..well right now. :D

2. Garang. Hmm bolehlah. My sister says so lol >.< *memang garang pun sebenarnya..kottttt*

3. I love football. Manchester United to be exact.

Rasa macam nak tumbuk2 jer orang yg cakap pelik pompuan minat bola. Dan rasa macam nak tumbuk2 jgk orang yg minat bola sebab ada pemain hensem -.-

4. Kucing! Yahh aku suka makhluk comel ni. 'Suka' means I'll take care of them, not just caress their fur then..blah.

5. I hate compliments. Aku pun mmg susah nak puji orang. Hehe. So, let's not compliment each other. Segala puji bagi Allah. True? The only compliment that can make me 'kembang semangkuk' >_< is of course from my parents. Heheh ^^

6. Peramah. Aku suka tegur orang kat tempat yg mmg takde org kenal aku. Tetiba yg pemalu jadi friendly ~

7. Suka ignore subjek yg aku tak minat. Xelok nohh.. jangan buat camni :D

8. I'm an expert 'pretender'. Outside and inside aren't the same, guys.

9. I have a freakin' sweet tooth!

10. I don't eat fresh strawberries. They make me dizzy donno why~

11. Recently bid goodbye to k-pop(which means I don't go crazy over anyone anymore~ anyeong Daehyun)

12. My friends have never seen me cry. Ho yeah!

13. I(am a weird person) fall for someone that I know .. I'll never have the chance to be with.

14. I love English (though my grammar is still blegh~) . I love books. I love little things!

15. I forgot whether I can swim or not *whattheheck well actually I can't*

16. Third daughter of 4 siblings. All girls.

17. Have a pair of brown eyes ^^ *that's why I love listening to Pretty Brown Eyes by Cody Simpson. Lololol sakai~

18. Also got a moustache hehe ^^ orang gedik jer yg akan nmpak.

19. My mum told me if I was born a boy 18yrs ago, she would name me Adam. I'd be a really handsome Adam then >_<

20. Orang selalu cakap aku ni lembut. Aku pun tak tau, tangan aku dan semualah memang sejak azali macam ni kot. Feminine. Tapi aku suka pukul orang. Kuat pulak tu. Kesian semua kawan aku semua dah kena pukul agaknya .

Oh I'm done.  ~tothepeoplewhorequestthis~

Gambar edit memang lawa-lawa kan? Lepas tu semua orang tertipu. Ingat mukanya flawless. How pathetic. Including meeee~ >_<

You can't just judge someone by looking at their photos. The world these days is full of fake and artificial humans -.- 

So umm what else? Nothing. K bye guys (^.^)/  *wave*

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The special newcomer


Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.
Kakyen dah selamat melahirkan baby dia . 13 Oktober 2014. Aku eksited sngaaat~
She sent some pics of her babygirl. Comelnya ya Allah. I can't wait to touch that pinky cheek of hers. So cute.
Name?  I don't know. I thought it's Tengku Durrani because Kakna kept calling her that! For heaven sake~ but not official yet. As her mummy said lorr ^_^ aww KakYen, suddenly i miss you a lot. Haha :P congratulation to u and hubby.
So another girl in Nasir's kingdom >_< erk..kingdom?

We only got three heroes including Abah lol~
Lately..i've been eating a lot of sweet food. Cake *almost everyday*, dark chocolate *kejap jer habis satu bar Van Houtten yg medium size tu*. And i thought what was wrong with me? Stress ke?
Aku tak rasa stress pun. Tengok jgk gambar-gambar yg nk test tahap stress tu kan. Tak berpusing lansung. Aku nmpak dy bergerak kejap then berhenti. Macam tersekat-sekatlah. Tapi tak berpusing -.-
Ker ni tanda terlebih stress? Haha xD well i don't think so.
Eh.. i hate it when people give opinion without thinking of others.
We don't grow up with the same situation. My parents taught me differently from yours. So shut your bleeding mouth up! Annoying much!
I'm not used to being mad at others. But when i did, there's no turning back..unless it's me myself who regret it.
But why would i regret something that i don't even start?
My bestfriend will always say that i should just ignore the thing and everyone that annoys me. Because we can never run from people like them. They just do exist. For some reasons.. which i don't and don't want to know.
You find it good for you. It doesn't mean it is good to me as well.
A man's meat is another man's poison.
Goodbye~ *hugs*

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

I wanna stay home longer...


Hi! Can i skip football a.k.a MU today? Because I'm still so damn happy to watch them win last Sunday!

Hehe xD am i really skipping this?

Sorry~ i don't want to!

De Gea was just super duper daebakk. Those continuous saves were from heaven! I was not killing him in my mind this time. The goal from Everton was just unlucky for us. Awesome match! Iloveyouguys~ wanna watch it again~~~~!

Well..I'm back to KMPP. 4 days are not enough for me. Haiiyaa~ I still wanna stay home -.-"

Tak best naik bas. Letih siott~ i slept a lot. Tersedar kejap jer, then tidur balik. Huhu.. perasan jadi baby jap. Banyak sangat tidur lol >_<

Oh..I brought this white shirt with me to matric. And while putting all my thing in the locker, i just realized that it had a Liverpool logo.

Who bought this shirt?

Nobody in my family likes Liverpool.

Ahh~ whatever. I'll just wear it. I'm not that kind of persons who burn their enemy's shirt just because they hate each other. A lot.

Actually boleh jer nk buat gitu, tpi kna readylah nk kena tarik telinga dengan Ma. Hahaha~ ngada2 nk emo pasal bola konon :P

However i still feel like a traitor. muihihihi :')

I can't believe that I even edit this pic -.-"

Oh today is Hasni's birthday. Happy birthday my friend! Stay cool and happy bebeh! May Allah bless u and grant u a happy life. Forever.

Tbh, i've hated u a lot of times for every little fight that we'd had, but trust me i never stopped loving u~ hehe. U're one of those people who come into my life and left a really huge footprint in my heart. I love u so much!

She's the one who says that i fight with her like i'm going to end her life *during our training for taekwondo*. Lol! But it's fun! >_<


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Today's event → *justreadmyentry*


Hari yang dinanti-nantikan telah tiba. Yay! Kejohanan taekwondo peringkat KMPP hari ni lah.
Sebagai seorang yang lansung takde basic dalam taekwondo.. aku happy kot dapat jgk no.4 *yes! unbelievable*

Maybe sebab dapat ke semi final.

And aku tarik diri. T.T

Heh~ ingat aku sengaja ke tak nak pergi semi final?

Please somebody examine my right foot!
It's in pain again. I'm sorry that I never pampered you my dear right foot. I'm sorry. I really and seriously am :'(

Dahlah. Tak nak ingat saat-saat berada dalam gelanggang tadi. It's scary because I didn't know my opponent's strength *even we're the same size*

I still get this one huge butterfly in my stomach whenever I remember everything that happened today. I was pushed and kicked until I was out of the line*ayat senang- bukan setakat jatuh,..tapi menggelongsor smpai ke luar gelanggang to be exact.* I could even hear the people gasped because they're surprised.

'Fall', 'Fall', and 'Fall' *mark would be subtracted*

I'm sorry ref, but I really feel like strangling you right there and then! Haha not your fault ~ you know that. My feet give in too easily.
My opponents. Heee..I don't want to say anything. Just glad that I won against them. Alhamdulillah.

Hehe >_< senang jer. Jangan bagi peluang kepada lawan kita untuk dapat markah. Pandai-pandailah defend. Kan dah tau peraturan..

Honestly aku takut. Tak kisahlah lawan aku tu memang hebat taekwondo atau lansung takde basic..

Aku memang takut kat semua orang kalau main lawan-lawan ni.
Lain laa kalau lawan kawan sendiri.. Aira n Hasni contohnya. Yelah..diorang sepak aku masa perlawanan pun takpe, nanti dalam bilik aku balas balik~ heee ^^ sorry guys ♥

Gambar terima sijil pun tak sempat snap.. aigoo~ so unexpected! *Takpe2..tnggu hari pmbhagian hadiah. Hehe :D*

Ok done. This is my first experience joining taekwondo. Wearing that chest protector and all~ a good good experience. I'll never forget it!

Tata~ have a nice day!

We got a lot of bruises~ -.-"

Monday, 15 September 2014

1st win ! \(^.^)/


Semalam United menang! Ya Allah eksitednyaaa! Hahhaa.. I'm so happy! 4 nil~!
Well I shouldn't be this surprised.

Their win has made my day somehow*but my right foot is still in pain -.-*

As usual, I only watch the highlight of the game, not the full match. Don't ask me why. Also follow the game through Bleacher Report-Team Stream app.

First scorer was our angel.. lol Di Maria *comel giler dy peluk Rooney >.<*. Then Herrera, and Rooney *love our captain!* and Mata. That handsome teddy bear hahha XD

Oh! De Gea made surprised me a little when he left the box. Lucky that Evans was right behind him to get the ball and QPR missed the chance to score. Leullz~ guess he was bored standing in front of the goal post all the time xP

Falcao almost scored when Blind gave him assist. But it was a no success. It's okay. You have a looong looong way to go man. Chin up!

I heard a rumour that Ronaldo will come back to United. If so..then it will be heaven! Wooww~

But.. we've had a lot of strikers. Too much strikers in fact. Poor RVP.. It felt like he was absent last night. :(

I hate it if the players are lack of attentions because of the newcomers. They're not kids anymore right?

Glory Glory Man United! ♥
From Manchester United official facebook page.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Martial arts *i'm lovin' it*


Hello fella(ini?) Ops! Haha :P
Fellaini kat Manchester weh..
Semalam England menang 2-0. Both goals from Welbeck.. congrats! Oh why did you leave United? Why why why~~~? 

I had joined taekwondo. Since last Thursday was super AWESOME! Hooray for myself \(^.^)/

The warming up was like an electric shock for me. I had left exercising since *idontrememberwhen* ! And suddenly POM! 'You've got to run', 'RUNNNN not jogging', 'one more time'.. -faint-

Aww it's okay since I was really enjoying it. Taekwondo was awesome honestly. Like it was really suitable for me. My body was flexible enough (I was capable of rising my feet really high) >.< what an achievement!

Result after the training : I could barely lift my feet.

In fact, my entire body was hurt. It hurt so much. I couldn't walk like usual. Felt like my feet were a bit .. (how can I explain huh?) I don't know and I had to walk really s...l...o...w...l...y. Still I tried to fight the pain and walk even faster. Great! It had became worse.

I was walking to class this morning and realized how weird the way I walk lol~ ohh i don't know what to do now.

My arms were attacked by Mr. @ Mrs. Charlie(s). Donno when did they come. I never killed any of them because ..well I'm a bit afraid of insects. And I don't like killing their species except musquitoes. Also afraid they might come to their 'killer' and seek revenge. Ok I'm talking nonsense -.-"

Anyway.. I hope my body will not ache too much anymore tomorrow. Huhu.. it has been 3 days :'D

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Ma and Abah are here!

Hi ~ ma n abah mai Penang tau. Yay! 
Anak mana larr yg x excited kan? 

I never told them to come because it could be burdensome you know Kelantan to Penang isn't like Pasir Mas to Kota Bharu k..
And they are. Dapatlah aku lari dari KMPP. Hehe.. even for a while, this is so worth it.Oh not to forget my lil' sis, Anis. Haha. Ma said she's the one who misses me.

That girl misses me? Hehee like seriously?!

Miss you too lah~ ♥

They'll go home tomorrow. Why oh why so fast?
We're staying at Seri Malaysia hotel. It's the nearest hotel from KMPP. And we don't go anywhere. Haha, I don't want too. My mum is still tired. Abah too I guess. Love them soooo much! Thank you for coming~♥♥♥

Oh, I can't watch united match. Huuu. They only provide Fox Sport for sports channel. But I still follow their score every single minute!(in my phone through Bleacher Report app) Just watching the watch ticks by made me so nervous! Fletcher got yellow card.

Half time. Still 0-0. Then Blackett got yellow card. And it's still 0-0!

Full time. 0-0. Well, better than losing. 

I think Di Maria was doing great in the match. Of course he's doing great. He should be!
He got that legendary number 7!

I'm so sad. Suddenly I think Moyes is better (eh). He must be watching the news or maybe even mumbling 'see, I told ya the players need Fergie'.  T.T

But why did LVG use that 3-5-2 formation whatsoever? Why not the usual 4-2-3-1??
Did he want to fill the holes that were left by Vida, Evra, and Rio? It's not working...we know that.

It's heartbreakingly anxious you know to see the news in the paper each day. They said United Are Not Good Enough in The Star! Last Monday I guess. Lucky my class only get newspapers on Monday and Tuesday. I can't afford to see more bad news about United.

Oh I watched Man City vs Stoke. It's no fun since I'm not The Citizen's fan. But still I couldn't stop laying my eyes on the screen *whattheheck*.  

Yeah they're struggling too. I couldn't believe how Stoke had improved a lot. It's scary.

So in the end Man City lost. 0-1. Poor Abah lol >_<

That's all. Goodbye and Happy Independence Day!

Sunday, 17 August 2014



Yahhh~ United lost to Swansea. Chill man. It's their first match. There's no point saying United are sh*tty or the manager is sh*t.

How can we judge a bunch of roses if we only see the rotten petals? *What kind of quote is that lol?*
I do feel sad. So sad.
Anyway.. haha. I don't know what to say now. Oh my.. :'D oh myyy~

Back at home, my mum knew how I'd be if United lost. Heheh~ only losing my appetite though.

Abah? He'll laugh at me of course! Can you believe it?? Haiyaaa~ that's why I never woke him up whenever I was going to watch a football match..kekeke >_< you're so noisy. But I miss watching United match with you. Eventhough you never stopped saying bad things about them.

I really mean it! He never stopped.

"Rooney had lost his spirit", "Januzaj played like a girl", "De Gea was drooling" and bla bla bla.. "They're going to lose". Oh that last sentence.. -.-

And I'd be like 'anything you say Abah'. :D

I hate whoever looks down on United (except my dad laa).

Yeah maybe you support Liverpool or Chelsea whatsoever.. but is it compulsory to be rude? How annoying.

Next they'll face Sunderland. Phew~ I'm always feeling nervous whenever they meet Sunderland. I know Sunderland is not that big like Man City but the players are really good actually.

With this failure, i hope there's no more fake fans or the 'manager-out' squad. You know, like the 'Moyes-out' thingy. I miss DM~ tralalala ~*honestly*
Ok goodbye~ and good night. Sweet dream ^_^

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Yay! Who's the new capt? ★★★★★

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Yay! Rooney has become United's new captain. LVG is so nice ;)
Five stars for him!!

I  really wanna see Roo as the captain long time ago (since Vidic leave) So yeah! He has been in United for 10 years, he deserves that! I'm so so soooo happy. *Haha what the heck.. You can't even watch their match. Don't be too excited and STOP DREAMING. Hwaaaaa T.T*

They won against Valencia last night 2-1. Abah, I really want to watch all their matches so badly. Three days more for EPL. Ahhhhh~! 

One more time, may I?


Okay enough.

Oh sorry for not updating about the case that happened in KMPP recently. I'm not a reporter btw, ok so no apologize. Hehe .

I can't update anything about it. Not until everything is ok. 
Yelahh~ What if everything that's happening is not true, right? Only cock and bull story(sum up with outsiders stories bla bla bla~. So annoying!) What do they know? They're not even the students here! Yet they tend to jump into conclusion. Typical people!

We're all doing fine. Ermm..maybe the students who lost their phones are not okay. Apart from that, nothing bad happen to us. To me more exactly.

Well I'd never seen anybody holding stick(or what they say? dagger?) attacking pupils in KMPP. Nonsense. I'd never heard any knocks at the door in the midnight. Not even once(ke sebab aku tidur mati?heheh). So i can't say anything.
Maybe that person will come back. (Or maybe that person is just among us?? who knows) We just have to be prepared. Don't be too weak or too strong. Yes just be strong but don't show it off.

Who in the world is that person actually???? -.-' haihh..
Okay i don't know too why do i pick this scary photo --"
(instead of  a photo of our new captain Roo >_<  awww! i wanna go home!)

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Welcome back! *home or kmpp?*

Assalamualaikum :)

Hye! Welcome back to KMPP! And.. selamat hari raya aidilfitri. Heee ^^

Sebenarnya kan.. aku sedihlah ramai dah pemain United berhijrah ke kelab lain. Huhu~ Vida, Evra, Rio.. why don't u guys just retire? :'(
Evra kata nak stay. Tak pun..

Haha. Teringat masa aku mula-mula tengok dulu, aku tak suka Vidic. *Jahatnyaaa!* Sebab dy bnyak sgt buat fouls. Aku ingat dia ni xpandai main. Siapalah aku nk judge dia.

Goodluck in Inter. Evra too in Juventus. And Rio.. Queens Park Ranger (eh?)~ farewell!

Everything will be different. Sobs2~

Buttner pun tetiba hilang. Apa ni? Sape laa yang nk keluar lagi. Or maybe nak kena jual?
Manchester United are joining a lot of friendly matches now. Yeah MUtour. And they kept winning lol ^^

7-0 against LA Galaxy. ( roo, reece james, welbeck, young)
3-2 against AS Roma. ( roo, mata)
5-3 against Inter Milan. Penalty! ( young, kagawa, fletcher, chicha, cleverley). Fletcher wears the captain armband. Err..why not Rooney?

And today they're against Real Madrid. Win again! 3-1. ( young and chicha. I thought the second goal is from Rooney, actually it's Young). Please don't say that Real lose because Ronaldo only plays for a very short time. They still have Bale. United pun ada Rooney, RVP takde kann? fair and square >_<

Guess what, LVG is soooo sweet. During their training, he even hugs Roo after he does the corner kick >_< aww~ so sweet! Haha..

Can't wait for 16 august!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Happy Birthday to Me~! Lol >_<


Hello people~ or should I say humans? Haha.. today's nuzul quran, 17 ramadhan already. Why so fast?

Well~ who's da birhtday girl today???? Yeah yeah.. it's me. I'm now an 18years old teen. All praises to Allah for giving me the chance to live in this beautiful(is it?) World till now. Alhamdulillah. Then of course Ma and Abah for bringing me into this world where I learn a lot of things. Hehe xD Both of you have been so patient taking care of us, your four angels :) .

I know.. I always know that I'm your weirdest, naughtiest, stone-hearted angel. Right? Lol. Weirdest. Well my behaviours are always unpredictable. Always make both of you worry. Sorry hehe >_<


I realize everything. I know that I'm not as patient as my other siblings. I'm not a crybaby like my sis. I cry when I want to. I hate being far from both of you. But when I'm at home, I just stay in my room. Silly me! I know.

Ma, if only you know that I regret it every time I say goodbye to you.

Yes you. The one who cools me down whenever I'm mad. You, the one who wipes all my tears with your soothing voice over the phone whenever I cry here.
My dream is to be the best daughter in the world. It's not a joke. I truly mean it.

Ok my birthday girl moment is coming to an end. Let's talk about the world cup!

Congrats to Germany. My friend must be sad as he supports Argentina. Haha :D I'm not in the mood to talk about footie actually. Still feeling like vomiting when I remember the photos of people who cry because Brazil lost to Germany last week.

Isn't there any other reason that's worth their tears?

Come on. Palestinians are being killed everyday. Every minute maybe. And we cry because the team that we're supporting lost?

Where do we hide our humanity?

We don't really care because the kids that were shot are not our sisters or brothers. The women who were killed are not our mothers. The men who were beaten to death are not our fathers! And the victims are not us! So why should we care?

Yeah right. I don't know what to say if I am about to face to face with this kind of people.

I found a page in facebook. Israel Defense Force. I clicked the 'like' button. It's not that I support'uzubillah. Just interested to find out what they post there.

You know? It turns out to be funny to me. Haha..I'm sorry. It's just so funny. Damn it!

They're saying Palestinians are terrorist just because a missile landed on Israel land last Saturday and destroyed some of the facilities there blablabla~. They are scared because of that!(when they have got a lot more up-to-date weapons. I can't believe it)

So, Palestinians are terrorists. Wow~

What are they then?

Guess what,

They. Are. The. Victims.

The. Bloody. INNOCENT. Victims!

Man~ i'm speechless. That's what media shows in the TV. Controlling everything to show the innocent side(which only blind-hearted people will feel pity toward them). Innocent my foot~

Whatever, as a muslim, we should try our best to help our brothers and sisters there. Maybe the least we can do is pray pray and pray.

They're too strong. I'm gutted honestly. But still remain as a pathetic coward here. They memorize the Quran. My teacher says that their hearts have dried of emotions. They're scared, frightened but they don't show it.. because they have no choice, they have to fight back. That's why Israel are afraid of them. See, once Allah throws a little feeling of fright in their hearts(do they even have one??), they're helpless. Well who do they think they are? Age doesn't matter anymore for the Palestinian kids. All that they want is peace.

BYE~ assalamualaikum

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Just go on..never look back!


Hi~ Minggu ni cuti tiga hari. Osemnya! Hari isnin tu Penang heritage day. Sebab tu ramailah yang balik kampung. Aku nak balik memang taklah. Penatt~ 6 jam. Tiga hari jer pun.

Belgium menang haritu kan? Yay! Dapat ke quarter final ^^
Tpi lawan Argentina pulak dowh.. huhu. Sedihnyaaaa~

Ada sorang kawan aku ni, he's an indian.. from India and he supports Argentina. Huuuuu..,

He knows i love football but.. when he talks about the formation, i can't catch up anything. Lol~ just realized I don't know anything about the formation.

Then he wants to explain everything about the formation to me! Na-ah dude.

It's not that i don't want to..but it's better if I learn it naturally. Man, it's only football! It seems ridiculous if i put so much effort in understanding everything about soccer. Hahaha.

There are many things that are more important than that. Indeed, there are a lot lot lot more~our Islamic history, biology, chemistry, maths.. yeah. Thank you xD

I hope Belgium win though. But Argentina have got Messi, Aguero, Zabaleta..umm who else? Di Maria, Demichelis. Okay. I only know them. 

But still. Good luck Belgium! You guys are the dark horses. Hehe >_<

Oh. Oh. Btw Betullah Manchester United buat jersi baru. Chevrolet version tuuu.. Yes. Terang-terang salib terpampang kat dada. Apa ni? Propaganda? Sedihnya!

Aku memang selalu ketinggalan nmpaknya. Hehe. Orang pakai AIG, kita Sharp. Orang pakai AON, aku still AIG. Dah tukar chevrolet ni.. aku xkan beli dh. Tata~

Cantik jugak sebenarnua jersi ni.
Aish,! >○<
Ok bye bye~ assalamualaikum ^.^

Saturday, 21 June 2014

It has been a month here :)


Hello~ Hello~ Hello~

What's up? Ehh, tadi kan.. tadi kan pi outing. Hee~. Rasa macam lawaklah. Aku tak pernah-pernah keluar dengan kawan-kawan sebelum ni (even to Pasir Mas), tiba-tiba boleh outing di P. Pinang? Hebat x? Oh..what the??

Anyway, just temankan kawan aku jaa sambil nak kenal Pulau Pinang. Abah call awal-awal lagi, tanya pergi dgn sape? Sape yg drive? Ok tak? Then last sekali abah bagitau yg dia beli handphone baru. Ha? Ececehh.. cam nak show off jer Abah nii.. jeless! Ok. I love you Abah, kirim salam kat Ma n Anis.

"I love you too~ ok!"

Aku hepi sangat bila Abah jawab macam tu. You know sebelum ni masa aku kat Lati, bila cakap I love you pun, Abah akan jawab camni : "yes" @ "okay" jerr. Ma xpayah cakaplah, always I love you too". See, woman is always sweeter! Berbeza dengan laki kan?

Tapi, since datang Penang ni, Abah dah jadi macam Ma. I loikee >_<. Sweet! Maybe sebab jarak jauh kan. I miss him, Ma, and Anis. Apapun tiap-tiap hari call. I can hear their soothing voices eeeeeverydayyy~ alhamdulillah. Ini pun nikmat ^_^

Oh about my sis. Kakyen kan pregnant. I don't know whether it's my eye or what. I see her baby bump gets cuter each day. *bukannya aku tengok hari-hari pun. Just dalam gambar* Comeyy giler >.<. Masa pergi Johor hari tu (last jumpa kakyen), I touched her growing tummy. It felt, oh my! I donno~ felt so comellah!

Seriously, she has got the cutest baby bump on earth! Semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya.. for Kak Na too :)

Umm..nak aku cerita pasal suasana kat KMPP tak? Perlu ke? Haihh.. rasanya cam tak sesuai kot. Cuma.. aku harap dengan doa my family..and my own prayer.. I won't be influenced with anything bad here. Serius kena pandai jaga diri.

Allahu.. aku datang nak belajar. Kan Aliaa kan? Tuntut ilmu Allah. That's it!
Wassalamualaikum. With love ♥ Aliaa
Still AIG >_<

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

No title~*again*


Hello my lovely blog readers..hehe.

Don't wanna talk about Moyes been sacked. I don't know. I'm feeling sympathy toward him. Kinda unfair, but have to admit that United are better under our Giggsy :) can't it just be him? Sobs sobs~ I don't want Louis Van Gaal. The players want Ryan Giggs.. -,-

Hope that Moyes will soon find a place where everybody respects him. Do something, Moyes! Anything that can silence all your haters. 

Enough about that. The end.

I have finished my latest novel : Julie and Me and Michael Owen makes Three. 

If you don't know anything about football (or Man Utd..hehe), you're gonna be confused. Definitely confused!! Haha xD (what do I know though? Lol)

Well, this book is published in 2001.. means, Ryan Giggs is the only player who's still in United till now.(I won't buy the book if I know that! and I'm glad that I don't. ♥♥♥)

Some names are familiar Scholes, Gary and Phil Neville, Beckham, Brown, Roy Keane, Schmeichel..etc.

And there are lots of new names for me. Gosh!

Teddy Sheringham, Fabien Barthez, Ole Solksjaer(Cardiff's manager..owwhh~)..ummm who else? Dwight Yorke..

Seriously who are you guys?? I'm completely clueless!
*you'll laugh at me if I tell you the day I start suppporting United. Hihi..*

Never mind. I'm still quite pleased with myself for catching up with everything in the novel. At least I know who are the opposing players.

I give it 5 stars ♥
No.. more. maybe 6. Hehe..

Can you imagine a staunch supporter of United ends up with a (beautiful,popular,staunch) scouser? 

World war 3~ >_<

And oh.. Bayern lost to Real Madrid. They're not that mighty then..
I'm thinking about watching their match (1st and 2nd leg)..but then I realize that I don't really like the Bavarians. Heee.. I can't wake up just to watch their match! No benefit~

So Real Madrid will meet Atletico.. yeah! 
*tak nak sokong dua-dua sebab team yang aku sokong mesti kalah* Bad omen~

Ok bye~

Thursday, 10 April 2014

sad post.. what a 'tragedy' =.=


They lost last night..

Hwaaaaa :'(



Losing by aggregate 2-4, I don't see them as the underdog in Champion League. They have tried their best to rattle Bayern's cage. But it just doesn't work out very well.

Well, Bayern score a goal at OT, United score a goal too in Allianz Arena..So what's the big deal??

After Evra scores, Bayern quickly reply with their goal. Seriously..? Tunggulah lima minat dulu ke..hahhaha

So, goodbye semi-final.. goodbye.

I wish The Blues will meet The Bavarians in semi-final. Please, please, please..

*The Red Devils will be back. Just wait*

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

No title~


Hi~ how r ya doin’? Hehehe

So it was Man United match last night. Boleh kan aku tulis kat blog buruk nih? My blog anyway >_< 

K, MU sekadar seri satu sama dengan Bayern Munich. Uwaaaa :’(

I thought they could score a lot of goals since the match was held in OT. But it’s so-oo not an easy task, right?
Every minute was so scary. I couldn’t tell how many times B.Munich tried to score, because they always had a chance! Every single minute! 
Every time Franck Ribery was in front of our goal, I thought I was going to get a heart attack. Seriously.

Anyway I was happy because one of B.Munich footballer(the scorer) was sent off. See, who told you to kick our Wazza? Accidentally? Ok fine ^.^ What was that guy’s name? Bastian something.. can’t remember.

But the next match will still be scary .. Why? Because it will be held in their stadium! Allianz Arena! Hwaaaa~

Well, never mind.. Wherever they are, I believe that MU can do it ^^
When the match was over, Abah just woke up. Yoohooooo... you are late, Abah! Mehehehe XD

He asked me : “Yaa, MU kalah? Berapa?”

And I was like” 

*heart whining like crazy*

Abaaaaaahhh!! Why did you always have a very(100x) low expectation towards MU? Why??
Jeles ler tu sebab Man City tak layak ke Champion League >.< Seri ok. Satu sama!
Pagi tadi ada kursus penyedian resume dan temuduga. Aku ingat kan habislah mata aku ni. Janganlar mengantuk masa penceramah tu bercakap. Dan Alhamdulillah best! Penceramah tu bestlah. He’s a lecturer from MSU. Name : Mohd Hairol Azmi.

Dapatlah jumpa kawan-kawan. Then baru aku tahu betapa aku amat merindui mereka, Allahu :’(. Seronok jumpa dengan diorang. Rasa nak menangis pun ada. Rindu. Serius rindu. I love you guys lillahita’ala J ukhwah till jannah, in shaa Allah!

Wani, Shaharani, Tiqah, Mirah, Fazi.. susah kita nak jumpa kan? *pout -.-* If Allah wills, then I will never forget you guys. ^_^ Eheheee~ of course I'll never forget all of you.