Monday, 21 August 2017

Just a little cut


Hi. Sorry for changing the blog address again. Yerppp.. of course Miss Aliaa here did that again, that was like her fav pastime. And noooow I am very proud to announce that I've known how hard it is to invite people to read my blog. Pfft I must have their email address first! No, I'm not gonna do that anymore -.- btw minta maaf jugak to those who have received the invitation email. πŸ™ˆ I iz malu giler.
It's raining cats and dogs right now and here I am, wrapped in my super comfy blanket and refuse to get off my bed. Don't do this good girls out there... if you don't wanna lose your secret admirers. Lunch? Nahh forget that, I am desperately in need of someone to feed me 24/7 now. Because. I. Am. Spoiled. Like. That πŸ˜‚ Pahahaha!

*Awwww I got that kick, people! So rudeeee, virtually sending me a flying kick like that!*
Yesterday, I helped my mum cleaning the louvre windows in our kitchen (actually she wanted to clean every window in our house but something happened later). Am I a good girl yet? πŸ˜‰ We were happily doing that together before she decided to leave me alone since it would be so much fun to watch me do it all by myself she could do other chores. So, okay no problemo!

I was doing fine until I reached the last row, where I accidentally cut my index finger. Oh no, not fun anymore. Nice one laa aliaa, you never did anything right nowadays *slow claps*. I swear it felt nothing at first and I just stood still looking at my trembling hand. Wooooooh blooooooooood!!! *spent 5 minutes there almost hyperventilated watching the red liquid*

Minyak gamat to the rescue! Hahah >_<

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself due to that small cut until I heard from my friend, Amir that he too was injured last week during a football training and broke his ankle. Broke? Gosh huhuhu kesian that guy. I mean, my finger was all bloody and swollen, but my tights didn’t even rip. This cut is nothing, yeah yeah whatever. I can't even be called an injured person πŸ˜†

Anyway, the incident somehow made me thinking about how much I was depending on my glove at the moment (yes I wore a glove) and felt very confident that all my fingers were going to be safe (when they clearly were not!). I should've known that when you did some business with the dusty windows it also meant your (fingers)life was at risk!

Oh btw I really wore a glove ok, I mean ONE GLOVE not a pair of gloves. Hehe πŸ˜€ I wore it on my right hand only because 1) that particular hand was having some problem (thin/sensitive skin idk) so it always needed extra protection 2) didn't bother wearing both because it felt uncomfortable.

And it was my already-poor-sensitive-right hand that got the cut. Irony much?

The point is. There is no point duhh. It's just that... you can get hurt anytime and anywhere, okee. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, if it is meant to be then it will be. But still, yeaaa prevention is allllwaaaayyyyysssss better than cure!

P/s : I know I shouldn't be typing right now due to my 'injured' finger, moreover this post is very pointless and half-arse (you wanna say that ritee? sokay), but I need to pile something, I mean just aaanything over the previous entry hikhik XD So yep, toodles everybody!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Found your birthday on a Snickers box!

"I think I like someone, what should I do?"

Is that where everything begins?




No, unfortunately.

 I had that chain-message deleted as soon as I received it.




(just kidding! It's still in my inbox hehe)




Ta-dah!! This is the box!
 *look at the expiry date everybody!! >_<

Look at that daaaaate!

This coincidence isn't a novel chapter babyyyy!

•  •  •  •  •

Earlier this year, I noticed that he had deactivated his facebook, messenger too (forget instagram, he's long gone) and I was like "Mummyyyyy! Finally the time has come! He's gone forever, he's leaving me without saying anything!"

*who is he, you ask? I can't tell XD*
wuuuuuuuuuuuwuwuuu pity me T____T
Buuuuuuuut it's okay, it's okay... *now sit down, woman* because I've never gone out there being crazy and frantically throwing :"HEYYY PEOPLE, I'VE MET SOMEONE THAT I'M GONNA MARRY! HE'S THE ONE~ ulala bebeh!" πŸŽ‰

Nope, so nobody knows. Pheww~

Self-pity dismissed 😌


Then I saw his name on Messenger again. *sorry but no emoji can copy my smile here, I am just so happy!*


I still hate Messenger though.


Honestly, he's one of the reasons I'm still having that app in my phone. Other than that ummm.. oh there's none! lol *fake laughs* what a load of nonsense, I want to contact my friends also lah. But don't worry, one day when I finally decide that it is no longer useful to me, I will definitely give him this blog he'll know that I'm still alive..hehe >_<

Ok what? If I didn't post anything in a year, you too can assume that I am dead.




No, just kidding. I will never personally tell him about this blog. Never. Nehi. Fullstop. Being a blogger like me, that is just.. err.. well, embarrassing! You guys don't feel me or what?
That's right, you guys don't. T.T

Actually, there is a possibility that he might've been here before but I'm just too chicken to admit that. Remember when I stupidly put 'Dear you...' entry on facebook? And then when I more stupidly put this blog's address on instagram? Thrice πŸ™ˆ.. I don't know where to hide my face if he really has been here (and never come back).

Alright, maybe I should just ask him. Malu bertanya sesat jalan riteeee?! Wukay, but first we need to make a super short script and imagine his reply. Easy peasy :D

"...err...awak ada baca blog saya ke?"



"Oh pleasssselah, I'm studying engineering! I've got enough struggle already, no time to read your blog go away" *rolls eyes*

I'm expecting that πŸ‘†

So... I'm not gonna ask.

Phone number?

No. He's not my girlfriend. Enuff said.

Email then?

*ko ingat aku nak submit assignment? (¬_¬)/




If I uninstall messenger, that will be like me trying to shut him out of my life - without saying goodbye.

It's not nice.

Plus I don't want to.

Not until he puts this to a stop.




Guys~ of course I'm praying for the opposite, I hope there will be no stop to this. Ever.




But then, what can I do?

This world doesn't revolve around me.


Time changes people.

Meeting new person changes people too. 

•  •  •  •  •

To tell you the truth, there are times when I feel like randomly sending him messages (just to tell him that I only have one cat now... or United just won a game hahahaha πŸ˜‚ oh they won 4 nil today!!! *but I think he doesn't like MU..omg, is it Liverpool?! Is he The Reds?!). I want to do that sooooo so bad but always end up erasing everything over and over again. Plus, there's this stupid little voice from nowhere that keeps reminding me about him and I'm just like : Daymmm I miss him too. I just do! 


it's really not fun missing someone you never know.

It's ridiculous. 

Come to think about it Aliaa, what would you do anyway when you meet him one day? ( idea *maybe I'll smile? like a retard*) And what are you going to say at him? (awak ni boleh cakap kelantan tak?) Or... what if you won't even get the chance to meet him? (now that's kind of disappointing, but I think it's fine).

PERGGHHH look at her being optimistic like that πŸ˜›

Ahahaha it's okay...really.. 

You know when I look at myself, I think I don't wanna meet him at all. Surprise! Hehe.. apart of me being a total weirdo, I guess he's totally out of my league. He's a genius, smart also aaaaaaand idk anymore.. .oh wait! I was like that too >_< only I screwed up last four yrs and then bad lucks kept trailing like ants. Seeeeriously can I just stay young forever so I won't have to think about something like this? πŸ™ No?

I'm pretty sure we all know that Allah is the turner of the hearts. He owns our hearts and He can turn them whenever He wills. Whatever happens in the future, it must be best for both of us and we will be fine. Idk if that is easier said than done or whatnot... but I trust this guy and I pray for the best. I mean duuuude, we're not in any relationship. There's nothing keeping him from someone else, nothing except my prayers. That's the best thing for now, I guess.

Seung Chan is so me. 
And on a serious note, I have told my mum about you. Twice. Just let me know which version you wanna hear first. Both are interesting! Hehe ^^  there's nothing specific in our conversation nonetheless. None! So don't fret, dude :P She doesn't even know your name yet, or where you're studying, your hobby, and favorite color, food whatsoever (I don't know that either). What I told her was... well just something really simple,

"Ma, I like someone.. do you see my face right now? This is my serious face ok. Do you know what it means? It means I'm serious, of course. He's only a year older though...buuuuut you must approve him anyway thanks to the aggreement we made years ago, oh in fact, you must approve anyone that I like wahahhaha! XP. And don't worry about distance, you won't have to board a flight to be at his hometown." 

The end.

Yes, you guessed it right. 
My lovely mother is afraid of the airplane. Cable car too.

She just smiled, like an angel! Tehee! ❤

It just feels wrong to keep this from my mum, that's why I can't help but tell her. She must know that I like someone (yes you) although I don't really know about the other party (youuuu). At least she doesn't have to waste her time arranging someone for me anymore...hooyay! *coughs rainbow* But the most important thing is I want her to know that this guy (also you), will never be able to break my heart. Because I won't allow that to happen, ever.

I can already see the disappointment on her face (abah too) if I let someone like that break my heart. Someone whom I've never met. I won't let both of you downnnnnnn, parents ❤

Besides, if I compare him to Ma and Abah who have taken care of me for over 22 years now (starting in the womb, bruh), he's absolutely nothing. Yeah bloody unfair~ I know, but since he's not anywhere near halal to me so I guess it's fine! (Ok fine, this is actually me trying to convince myself not to fall head over heels for him. I think I'm failing miserably ( ̄^ ̄))




It's a shame rite, that I can't deny this feeling in the first place.

Or is it not?


oemmjiiii~ I really2 love leaving a lot of space like that!

Because it's annoying.

 Mehehe kesian, you don't know him 😜

Don't worry, no one does.




Looks like it will take me another year to be able to text you again.




Anyway, happy 22nd birthday! Again.
May you be given the best in this life and the hereafter. Ameen.




A long birthday wish? You don't need that muahahahahahhaa 😝 

*ooh demmit I cant do this!* Hey I'm truly sorry huhu 😭 .. I really really reallllllly don't know what to say. My mind just goes blank... even over text! It's like one second I'm gonna type this and then the next second 'poof!' I just can't remember anything anymore. I feel so guilty okay, you've no idea... *sighs* maybe you really have that ability on people, make them go blank? (on me specifically...). But I still like you a lot. Hehe. 

Urr.. *ehem*

Ok, moving on.




And I apologize also about last year. Terasa ehh?

 How can I forget your birthday when the first wish is still in my inbox? 


No, actually it's something else lol. Kbyeee~

Just don't forget that it's always you. 


Oh well, there's someone's birthday today.


Someone who's affecting my ability to remember my own name. 
Pfft, ahahhaha! 

No lahh. Who has such power duhhh? πŸ˜‚

So okay, I'm gonna wish early tomorrow (yeaa I won't be pretending like I forget it anymore), becauseeeeeee I dowan to keep getting nervous about this. Besides, I have other thing to be nervous about.. you know it.

What? You don't know?!

We have a game against Swansea tomorrow! 

Come on guys. Aigoo.... that will be the highlight of our day. Red Devils day. 

If they win the game, we will all feel so happy
and another three points in the bucket. Yuhuu!


But if they lose...

They will still win my heart aww..cia cia cia lol goodbyeee penguins!


(oh honey, please... they'll win)

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Hi L! Or is it El?

Hi. It's me, the laziest blogger alive.

Dear my junior Miss L, max love for all the designs that you emailed me!!!! Will definitely use one for my nephew's aqiqah invitation card, which the date is not known yet. Hehe. 

Oh I've never talked about my exam results in this blog because... I think I'm done with my studies lol. No, actually why did I even choose forestry? Why didn't I choose chemical engineering? Or tesl? Whyyyyyy? *sorry to begin by being emo like this, woman you know* Geoscience is famous here btw, you'll love it.

Sure, I've started to get the hang of this thingy... really? Nope, idk. My only advice to all the young people out there, don't be like me. Just do and choose what you love. Yes kids, you can always teach yourself to grow fond of something that you don't like, it only takes times. Aaaaaand it sucks. 

My result was not bad (I think) : the pointer was 3.51 and yep it declined a loooooooooot compared to the semesters before which made me a little disappointed (except semester 1 because I got a bit carried away). Also, I know exactly what went wrong tehee XD

  • I ignored my list of do's and don'ts.
  • my room was so far from my JT friends' (angels sent from above all of them, I'm not even kidding) and it resulted in me being far from the mosque, usrah, ceramah agama and all that. The worst, perhaps far from Him also.
  • my excuses are so lame, aren't they? Kah!

Wukay, maybe that's all. For my co-curicular activities I don't think they're burdensome enough because I was much busier during the third semester and was doing just fine in all the courses enrolled. Based on my 'excuses' above, I think that the second one really hit me. Hard. Huhu. I really did abuse my poor soul. T.T oh my god..

don't you ever do that..

Fourth semester, hmmmmm I won't blame anyone...or anything. Of course. Well you'd meet a few people with manners down the drain just like my academic advisor said. But eventually, that was all my fault. Your fault. Basically you can't blame anyone but yourself. If people ever complained that the subjects were harder and more complicated.. lol idk, every semester I learned something new and later, by hook or by crook I'd have to manage them properly. Get used to them no matter how hard they were. I'm sure you are like that too.

Didn't reach 3.75 is fine actually. Like during the third semester, if you've been reading this blog then you know that I was super nervous because of Statistics, I even vowed that I'd be so so so grateful if I got 3.2 and above. Hahaha. But since I achieved almost a perfect gpa, suddenly a 3.51 for last semester looked soooooo low. 

It's not dean's listed anymoreeeeeee wuhuhhuhuhu..

Some people might say that pointer is not that important. I know. I know. We need powerful softskills, good attitude, blah blah blah, etc just insert whatever you want. In my opinion it is just for our own satisfaction lahh to achieve the best...soooo.. I hope you get my point there, tqvm.

Anyway, it's not fun actually getting obsessed over the cgpa because it makes me really sad when I don't achieve my target. So..just learn to be grateful. You'll definitely get more. Don't be sad. Don't be grumpy. It's not cute xP Goodbye!

P/s : L, I hope to hear from you soon! (Or maybe we'll just meet at college?) I think you don't get my reply because it goes to the junk instead -.- so here it is! I can't believe I actually made this public hahhaha. Xoxo!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Yea I miss you too!

Sooooooooooooooooooooo much! 

See all those 'o's in my so? That's how much. :P

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Story about a stranger

Hyeeee good morning!!! You miss me here~! Hehe.

Sorry world, I am so addicted to instagram these days therefore you can always find me there 'instastory'ing this and that all the time. #hateitformakingmelikethis

Something like this. Have you seen this on my instastory? 
Oh yeah you have ^^
This one also! Fadzil gave me this beeyootiful shirt for my birthday, *stares at chevy symbol* Tqvm fellow red devil!  although I know you don't read my blog.. and I don't know if I'll ever wear that shirt.. hahahha XD you know once I open the parcel the first thing that my dad points his finger at is that golden symbol :3

Plus... it's from a guy 🀦🏻‍♀️ 

And this! They were in my instastory too hahaha!
Told you I'm addicted >_<
Random fact about me while instagramming : I don't watch other people's instastories (except I really like you or you're related to someone that I really like... or you're the son of Abedin Januzaj) and forgetting about my own ones but always keep adding new ones to my timeline. You won't like me there seriously hehe.

πŸ€  ☘️  πŸ€  ☘️  πŸ€

So today there is nothing worth blogging actually. But I want to tell you a not-so-fun story which is not worth blogging either but I want to keep my blog alive just like me so... if you're feeling rajin..go ahead and read it.

πŸ€  ☘️  πŸ€  ☘️  πŸ€ 

My family and I were at Mydin Mall last month when we stumbled into my cousin, Kak Umi Aida. So she joined us hooyay! I love Kak Umi because she's like my best friend eventhough we're 5 years apart. She's the immature one heheh 😝

Then out of the blue there was this guy appearing out of no where. Ooh hey what a nice baju melayu he's wearing - baby blue! Okay. Dismissed that.

Later I noticed that he kept following us wherever we went! (omg omg omg!). And when I say that he kept following us, I really mean it ok. From containers row to stationaries corner to cabinet stuff and etc he was right behind us. But I thought he was Kak Umi's future fiancee (who didn't talk to her the entire time), so let's just keep quiet and be nice, I told myself.

After like an hour later which felt like forever, he was a bit far from us but still at our row. My cousin suddenly said in her BIG LOUD voice, "Siapa tu asyik ikut kita jer?"

Everybody had no idea of course. And I think that guy heard her voice hahahhaa because he didn't keep up pace with us anymore. Poor guy.

But man, I really thought that he was my cousin's soon-to-be fiancee (my family too) while Kak Umi thought the other way around! Yas! Dia ingatkan lelaki tu my boyfriend (who didn't talk to her gf the entire time) wutttt! Now you get the picture rite?

He really really walked closely behind us -.-

Anyways.. I did not look at his face so don't ask laa whether he's good looking or not (but judging from his lanky figure, I guess he is lol). No no no, I was not lowering my gaze like all of you think..hekhek >_<

It's just another fact/habit of mine that I sooooooo rarely look at people's face wherever I go. Be it male or female idc, I only look at the front, to prevent myself from bumping into the wall and destroying my shiny forehead. Let's say I am about to cross path with my 'idontknowwhattocallhim', maybe I won't notice him also.

I will look like a snob. Apologies in advance, bruh πŸ™πŸ»

Then you know at uni, I constantly made this stupid mistake by calling other people with my friends' names and smiling like an idiot. Have you done that? Wahahhaha! It was funny and sad at the same time, wasn't it?
  • Funny because they really looked like my friends from faraway. 
  • And sad because I have problem with my eyes - short sighted.
I have humiliated myself millions times already and that makes me very sad... pfft πŸ˜‚.. More often than not I thought..woah not again! not againnnn! Why does my mouth is always faster than my brain? I am soooo fast that if I am walking with the gang at the moment, they won't even get a chance to stop me from calling whatever names that slip from my mouth -_____-

And then they will laugh at me. Ha-ha. Berjemaah gitew~

“Won’t you please play a song, a sad song, for my-sad--self over there…” (Violins wail in the distance)

So embarrassing.

Oh well considering that's also how I make new friends (by greeting and smiling at random strangers), I don't feel so sad anymore hehe. I love my eyes! Now stop the violins.

P/s : happy anniversary to my mum and dad. The 32nd! Look how time flies :')

Saturday, 22 July 2017

No no no not today~

Sometimes I wonder if I still look like a babygirl to my mum.


Right now, I am supposed to be at the peak of Bukit Keluang with Luni, Hasni, Ainaa, and her other four friends.

"Ma rasa tak sedap hati ni, tak payah pergilah.."

There, she said it, the sentence that was powerful enough to change our entire plan. Well, MY entire plan. Why mummy why???

I had been to Bukit Keluang before..hehe. With my classmates. Tell you what, my mum actually didn't know that I was going to hike on that day. She thought I was just...gonna build a sand castle? By the seaside Lol >_<

I went there with Cuya, Ainie, Mimi, Jaa, Iyraa, and Farhan. Yep only one male and my parents approved that.

So off to Bukit Keluang we were.

We had no problem eventhough it's weekday and not many people were there. The forest was strangely quiet though, now that I think about it, it was actually scary. But being the students who spent most of our times in the forest, we stayed calm. Long live forestry students!!! Ceh perasanlah ko kena tinggal sorang2 dlam hutan nangis gak. 🀦🏻‍♀️

It only took us an hour to reach the peak and subhanallah the scenery was sooooo beautiful. No one was there. Yayyyy! Can take lots of pics hehe!

I went home and showed Ma our pictures from the trip. She didn't look surprised. Uhh well, she didn't look like a mother who did not allow her daughter to hike Bukit Keluang. πŸ˜‚

So ladies and gentlemen, of course I assumed she would let me go today. Pheww..

Nope. No chance :) She still trusted my classmates especially Farhan lah since he's already familiar with that place.

Haha so okay, I won't go.

Plus, I don't feel good also right now.

Abah tho... "bahahaha lawaknya kalau sesat di Bukit Keluang"

Excuse me, anything can happen okay .. -.-

Really why did Ma have to say that sentence? πŸ˜‚

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Fourth Z

18th July 2017, 11.02 pm

Sent Kakna to Hospital Besar Tanah Merah, then left her there with Abe Zul.

19th July 2017,  not sure about the time..around 1-2 am. She safely delivered her baby! ^^

Ma and Abah sent me to the hospital again, to accompany Kakna. Because husband couldn't go inside the ward unless it's visiting hour. Arrived there at 3 am something.






Kakna let me sleep beside her on the hospital bed.. hehe may God bless my sister! She's so lovely that's why she's the eldest. ❤

You know if I were her and Anis accompanied me, I'd just let my little sister lie on the floor 
(because I inherit the gene from Cinderella's stepsister kekeke~ πŸ˜‚)

We went home at 12 noon. With the handsome baby :)

Welcome to the family, Zayn Aidan. We share the same birth place! And the same birth month! >___<

Btw Zac still couldn't admit the fact that he's an older brother now. He kept asking Kakna "Mana mama dia?", "Ni baby sape?" and I was like homaigadddd this is so serious! A few seconds ago he told me that the baby looked handsome just like him!

Good luck Kakna and Abe Zul. You guys need to make a really good explanation for him lol.

Monday, 17 July 2017


B took this photo! Once a year I should post a large photo like this.
To surprise all of you muahahaha xP eyy don't stare at my teeth. They're self-conscious.
Accompanied my mum to her orchard this evening, Zara and Zarith tagged along because of me. Haih I should stop being awesome now, they're very clingy! πŸ˜›

❤    ❤   ❤

I soooooo hate it when people come to my house when I'm sleeping because my mum will wake me up (out of all people in the house) while I'm still mamai (not to mention my grumpy+smiley face that they will see after that) just to brew some tea. Buuuut, can't blame them tho because I never advertise my sleeping schedule (which of course is non-existent..duh) to the public.

Today my mum's cousin came. With her 21 y/o son, who is also my friend since high school. But we're not bestie. Actually I am not sure if we're even friends lol.

I was mamai. Like super mamai.

But I went out anyway. Settled the tea, until I saw something weird which happened to be the tea. It looked very pale. Omg I'm so done hahahaa come on~ are you okay tea sweety? I couldn't find other sachet, that was the last one and... I was stupid for using a huge teapot -.-

So, I decided to add some Indocafe to it (you know to deepen the colour hohoho πŸ˜‚). I know what you're thinking, readers. I am genius. Oh thank you! It's okay laa tea and indocafe are like relatives so of course they will click with each other.

There you go 21 y/o son I call my cousin, I know your mum doesn't drink anything sweet so yeah this 'teaindocafe' is specially made for you. XD

Thank God he didn't say anything.

I know my mum and her cousin, they could talk for hours nonstop. And this time, I couldn't believe that the 21 y/o son also joined in. Many issues came out to which I didn't focus at all. I still wanted to sleep.

Until they talked about body weight.

Ma : S****g, berapa berat S****g?

Me : 45 kg *confidently*

21 y/o son : Yaa, beratnyaaaaaaaaaaa ya Allah.


Me : eleh, awak tu 60 kilo. Eh silap, 70?

21 y/o son : manade, tak sampai pun.

Ceyy of course laa taknak ngaku. Wateva floats your boat.

I was actually proud of myself for not taking his comment as an insult muehehhee. Ehh 45 kg is okaylaa with my height. My bmi says that I am healthy.

Honestly I am proud of myself for not taking eeeeverything that people say about my physical as an insult. For example acne.

My acne isn't bad. But they just won't heal, because I am too lazy to do anything for them.

Last two year my face was flawless (ehehhe sorry masuk bakul angkat sendiri plak en >_<) and people knew it. But starting from October 2016 idk what happened, suddenly they just came out on my cheeks. Let's not mention Miss Pimple spot, she's annoying. I didn't change my cleanser. I literally didn't change anything. And people started asking. ClichΓ©.

I don't know also guyssss, how do you expect me to explain to you guyssss?

I redha jerlah. 😁

Other people have it worst and I notice some of them are so stressed out when we mention about acne. That's why I never talk about people's physical appearances. I've said this. Not because I want them to do the same for me, but because it will be a useless talk. Acne, acne, acne. Fat. Fat. Fat. Boring.

But I am fine.

You can say anything about my acne (and body weight) hehe.

I just pity them ok, they don't have any place to stay so I give them my face.
#imnotalionanymore #imanangel

Bye bye.

P/s : My brother in law drank the tea over lunch and he asked my mum "air teh apa ni Ma?". Uh oh..

Saturday, 15 July 2017

It's just Saturday

3 minutes left! Tadah this usual entry on this usual date! Hehe. I'll write later okay?

. . . . .

Okay. Sorry I was busy yesterday.

I was never busy on my birthday.

Usually, I would just stay quietly at home. And sleep. Hehe.

Yesterday was my cousin's engagement day, ehh no, not engagement yet. Only merisik but it seemed so much like engagement thingy. πŸ˜€ There were ring, desserts, and lots of presents from both parties. Yums!

Kakna brought me out after that.

Umm maybe I never told you this before, but I always alllllwaysssss got easily tired whenever I went out with her. Her feet could be walking all over the place but my feet, they only loved the bookstores huhu. At one point I began to wonder, "Who is actually pregnant right now?" Hwaaaaaa dia tak penat ke T.T

These two asked me to take their photos like it's their 1st anniversary 
She sent me home at 11 pm, almost 12.

Thank you very much Kakna (and Abe Zul also), I already said this 10 times though yesterday, but if you read my blog then you'll get 11 thank yous hehe. Pheww.. and finally B believed that yesterday was really my birthday. That kid trusted no one only because there was no cake -.-

Oh so you wanted cake?

Then Baby, last week my birthday would be 5 days in a row because Mamayen bought cakes eeeeevery single day. Err, cupcakes laa. Mini cupcakes. From her school cafetaria. Or raya celebration. Idk.

Cupcakes are small, Makteh. They couldn't be called birthday cake.

Whatever. I'll go talk to Bucida molineti over there. Bye.

Ili's coming to my house today. She's gonna ask for my mum's permission to kidnap me hehe. Goodbye people! And thank you for the wish. I mean everybody ❤

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Goodbye T.T

Why there are so many goodbyes this month?? Why?

Can you guess who is it this time?
Hint : My baby koala
Pfft, of course you don't remember my crush.
Goodbye handsome, bye bye... sobs T.T
He tranfers to Real Sociedad. Which is okay since he won't have to face Manchester United.
Besides, the genius Mourinho *can't believe I'm typing this..nyawwwnn* also includes a buyback clause in his contract. Which is good because I want him to make a comeback one day soooo sooooo badly. 
So, Real Sociedad ey?
 At first I want to follow their instagram but then change my mind
30 seconds later because I can't understand a word -.-"
He seriously needs to come back T____T
I've no word, guys. Okay, okay..goodbye.
P/s : Now my fav number is 8 muahahahahhaa! XD

Monday, 10 July 2017

Yesterday's story is history

Omoooo it passed 12 o'clock already T.T

So yesterday was B's birthday. Don't ask me about her age because being the good aunty that I am, I'm not sure about it hekhek XD (alaaah it's either 4 or 5, I forgot okay)

This kid doesn't age at all...
Baby, please don't grow up being a heartbreaker..hehe

Yesterday is also the day Wayne Rooney officially transferred to his old club, Everton. Yes, our Wayne, our Wazza, our United hero, our captain. I felt like my heart was being ripped out :'( but it's okay, he moved at the right time, to the right club.

Tbh I couldn't remember if I ever despised him for the way he played or decisions he made while in United.. because this man always knew what he's up to. But, emm, he almost left the club though in October 2010 hahaha πŸ˜‚ and fortunately at that time Januzaj was no where near my radar. So did Manchester United, so of course I didn't care. *scoff*

Goodbye legend, goodbye! ❤️
This guy wrote his name in the club history forever,
and perhaps no one will ever come close to beating his record.


Tuesday, 4 July 2017



Seperti yang aku bagitau dalam post sebelum ni, actually post yang zaman bila lagi ntah, aku nak cerita pasal Heritage English Learning Program (HELP), program yang aku dapat elaun tu, yang kena mengajar bahasa inggeris budak-budak darjah 4 dengan 5 tu, hari Jumaat Sabtu tuu. Tapi sorry ler tak boleh cerita semua, sebab aku dah lupa πŸ˜‚

Bulan ni insyaAllah akan diadakan majlis penutup. Tapi aku tak tau bila hehe. Phone aku problem sekarang so aku tak tahu apa-apa. Tapi tak payah risau sebab aku yang bijak ni sudah pun menyebarkan nombor mak aku kat semua orang. Bagus enn.. japgi ada yang call minta duit raya XP




Untuk program ni which is under Dato' Pa, aku ditempatkan di SK Kalai bersama 11 orang lagi fasi. Semua students ada lebih kurang 100 orang. Ramai okee. Pastu akan ada seorang teacher untuk lead lecture. Fasi-fasi ni cuma membantu anak murid buat latihan je. Pastu adalah lagi aktiviti-aktiviti lain untuk pastikan diorang tak rasa bosan. Aku rasa tugasnya lebih kepada fasi lol.

Ni masa minggu kedua, aku tengah struggle nak ingat nama adik-adik comel kat situ,
siap tulis nama ikut warna baju kott. Pastu esok lupa balik kakakakka XD

Kelas bermula pukul 8 pagi sampai 5 petang. Aku kan... kan awal-awal tu dah tak berapa berkenan dengan program ni sebab terpilih (ehh pastu rajin pulak ko mohon then siap pi iv bagai -.-), bila tengok jadual yang packed macamtu jadi bertambah murung XD

Maaflah tak jelas lansung gambonye~
Tapi syukur kepada Allah sebab pada minggu first aku dah boleh adapt. Budak-budak semua friendly namateyy ^^ Aku ingat lagi hari first masa semua lelaki pergi solat Jumaat, fasi yang perempuan ni kemain bersungguh-sungguh appoint aku untuk bagi tazkirah dekat budak-budak. So okaylah aku start. Sebab memang ada dalam jadual pun.

"Nanti rotate tau?" kata Aliaa kepada sahabat-sahabatnya. Semua setuju πŸ‘πŸ»

Pejam celik pejam celik, sampai minggu last aku jadi ustazah tak bertauliah -.-

Tapi seronok! Sebab semua orang nak dengar apa yang kau cakap ^^

We divided those kids kepada lapan groups ; GREEN (3), YELLOW (3), RED (2).

Dah boleh agak kan function colour tu? Hehe. Kalau Green memang budak-budak yang pandai, Yellow pun sama but slow sikit jer, then kalau Red ada yang tak boleh membaca dengan lancer lagi. Saaaangat menguji kesabaran.

Kadang-kadang ada jugak timbul perasaan nak ajar group Green jer every week, tak nak lansung ambik Red. Jahatnya iolls 🀦🏻‍♀️

Tapi kan,

Group Red tu kot yang buat aku appreciate cikgu-cikgu kat luar sana. Hahaha. Daripada ajar diorang guna kamus, sampailah diorang boleh faham apa yang soalan tanya. Kena marah pun tak pernah nak ambik hati T.T sobsobs...

Barisan fasi yang sengal ❤️
Terlebih nur pulak aku hehe
Fasi-fasi ni jugak selalu buat games (macam-macam games, bagus kan?  sebab teacher suruh sebenarnya pahahaha) untuk adik-adik sebab nak bagi diorang have fun sambil belajar. Yelah takkan aku jer yang nak murung sebab kelas pukul 8 sampai 5, mesti diorang pun murung ni.


end up, diorang rindu (T.T) cepat giler rindunya.. Duhhh kids, tolonglah jangan bagi kitorang hard times tambah-tambah dah nak dekat minggu akhir kott.

Masa minggu yang takde kelas, siap whatsapp lagi fasi-fasi tanya asal minggu tu takde? Rindu nak belajar lagi.

Whaaaat? Takkan diorang tak happy lansung kelas takde? Weolls happy giler kott especially tuan punya blog ni sebab beliau dapat balik rumah weheeee! 

Haritu (bulan Mei tak silap) masa si koordinator bagi ucapan, dia ada cakap "This is like... the last time you will be able to see these kakak² and abang² faces.. sebab diorang dah nak exam, jadi dah tak boleh datang mengajar korang. So minggu ni buat yang terbaik, jangan nakal-nakal, dengar kata diorang okay?"

Aku dah berair mata, sikiiiiiiiit lagi nak menitis... Apeniii Aliaa this is soooo not you! πŸ˜‚

Pandang kanan, fasi sebelah aku dah menangis. Whayyyyy?

Last amendenya koordinator?~ aku orang Kelantan kott mestilah boleh terjumpa kat mana-mana ishh.



Aku pernahlah missed kelas sekali, sebab clash dengan field trip.

Lepas tu ada sorang budak lelaki ni tak datang kelas jugak esoknya. Darjah empat.

Kawan aku semua mati-mati ingatkan dia tak datang sebab aku.

Betul niiii?

Iyerrr, sebab budak tu asyik tanya mana Kak Aliaa.

Duk cari kau jer siap cakap nak kau ajar dia.


Whatevs~ I think he was absent because he went balik kampung or something.

Apapun aku dah perasan muahahahha XD

Btw, nama dia Aiman Danish πŸ˜ƒ ke tak? Aku keliru sebenarnya sebab ada sorang lagi nama Ieman Danish. Muka diorang hampir sama, pastu bestfriends pulak, dua-dua pakai kopiah, duduk sebelah-sebelah. Sejuuuuk mata akak tengok kome dua orang.

Si Aiman/Ieman tu markah paper English dia meningkat giler tahu? Masa exam bulanan, dari gred C ke A. Dah pandai buat karangan semua. Aku terharu plus gembira plus macam-macamlah >_< sebab...umm.. dia kan selalu cari aku..ahaks.

Kakyen : Dia score sebab cikgu dia pun ajar jugak. Bukan sebab uolls.

What a mood spoiler my sister -..-

So, nak kata apa eh? Alhamdulillah aku dapat jugak peluang mengajar budak-budak kat sini (walaupun tak dapat Ipg dulu uhuk uhuk). Sokay, no regrets. Lagipun aku tak rasa profesion guru ni sesuai dengan aku. Tak tipu ok. Aku garang, kurang tahap sabar tambah-tambah dengan budak-budak degil.

Aku kan Lion..lupa eh?

Oh mesti lupa kan sebab aku tak macam Lion? :D AHAHHAHAHAHAHA love you!

Ps : Tetiba aku rindu dekat ustaz Ezani, entah mengajar kat mana sekarang. Ni ustaz yang ajar aku bahasa Arab masa form 1 dulu... pastu dia pindah, yang selalu panggil aku Aina (tak kisah pun sebab memang orang selalu ingat aku nama Aina), yang baikkkk sangat macam ayah-ayah kita, yang buat aku sayang giler bahasa Arab :)
Before start kelas wajib ikut dia baca niat belajar ni dulu sampai aku dah ingat.. I mish!

Sesiapa yang bakal menjadi guru (aku tau ramai), bolehlah amalkan.
InsyaAllah semua akan dipermudahkanNya. You can do it!

Friday, 30 June 2017

*insert crying+laughing hysterically emoji*


Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy~! Finally guys, I am late I know.. but I just want to say how happy I am to have another girl replacing my position in this organisation! (not gonna explain further because honey it's not important).

Okay, so it has been a year collaborating with JB (k fineee he doesn't look like JB at all). A year! you know which organisation that I'm talking about ritee? 😁

What else can I say other than it was a good experience? Tehee~

Even though... oh well I felt a bit annoyed at first because the seniors kept saying that it would be awesome for us to work together. Awesome? Seriously? Heh I still don't get it, because he told me that he didn't know anything  -.-"

This partner of mine a.k.a JB (should stop calling him that, sorry readers) a.k.a Haikal is from geoscience course, which is known as the busiest course in my university *roll your eyes now*, and I know... I know that I'll be left alone later on. Duh~ I even prepare myself for that. *wink wink*

My friends also tell me (annoyed again): "Dear Aliaa, you have to get ready to be veeery busy because Haikal is going to have a lot of field works bla bla blah. So do your job and manage your time properly okeng???"

And I thought : Hello~ as if I won't have any work to do -,-





But you know what?




I WASN'T LEFT ALONE! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~! XD

Thank you very much, team leader. Hehe.

I'm sorry for being unaware about your existance all the time. Well~ I do that to all people *blows nails* tbh I really thought that he's busy 24/7, that's why I never tell or ask him to do anything. But really, there is still a little bit of this and that that I can't do on my own. I lack lots of things and I know it. So... thanks again for these one, two...ten months ehh? I guess.. lol whatever, I have Wani okay. Now everything has ended and that's what matters..yess! πŸ˜‚

Searching for JB, aren't you?

I felt a bit sad during the interview day (in May) and somehow regretted that I didn't try this once more. Anyways.. Good luck to the new girl (and boy) ^^

P/s : Everybody loves JB. As expected πŸ˜’ All my friends love him you know.. plus he's quite famous too (yeah, shocking). They always compliment him and oooh, they also thought that he's going to be the next NYDP. No wonder I was always jealous. He's the good one and I automatically become the black sheep... psshh.


Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Raya 2017

Assalamualaikum and hi guys! Happy Eid from me and my family ^^

Look.. Anis is doing her homework right now. She said 'sakit kepala' loooots of time. Let's not disturb her okay. Oh before that, I wanna make a confession.. fuhhhh.. I am so so soooo annoying to my little sister (she only laughed it off though...okaylaa sometimes she's mad too). I always annoy her and annoyingly have no idea why I love doing that so much. If I were her, I'd have slapped myself long time ago and never woke up again hekhek.

Ok the end of my confession.
I don't have anything to share about my raya also guys.
So, the end of this entry. Jk XD

On the 1st day of syawal, my long, long eyelash had decided to fall into my left eye and that's it, that's how it killed me on that day -.- I woke up earlier than anybody else. Like.. too early I think.

Ma made nasi dagang. Anis baked cakes. I did not do anything hahaha πŸ˜† oh come on, I was still trying to fix my sleeping habit (it's like a total hurricane now, so I slept again) and doing something else, besides saving Jan for the 1507th times from Captain Hook's army which were also known as my nieces and nephews. They just couldn't bear seeing Jan resting nicely on my bed. Those cheeky kids.

Hari first balik kampung macam biasa.
You see... camera filter these days didn't make sense anymore.
Anis was unhappy because I stole her spotlight ngahaha XD and
don't ask me what's with that face, I only exist in this photo, guys. Have mercy.
I still got duit raya, thank you aunties and uncles~ muahss. Anis should thank me because I didn't make any effort to look younger (or cuter) than she is lol or.... I'd get more duit raya wohohoho.. now bow to big sissy.  And as always, no one spelt my name correctly on my sampul *sigh* except my sisters. But that's only because I wrote it on my own. Kakna and Kakyen were busy with their kids Captain Hook's army, so it become my job to fill the sampul duit raya for them. With names.

A.L.I.A.A become this :

Alya - Alia - Alyaa - Aliya  
(they tried.. so it's okay)
Aliyah - Aliah
(I've never heard people calling me with a 'h' at the end.
This annoys me. Honest.)

I forgive all of them because of the duit raya πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

P/s : last but not least, I also sent a hari raya greeting to that ghost number hehe because we need to spread looooove! XD but got no reply. I am sad.


Sunday, 18 June 2017

15 y/o who can't wink

I had Wood Physics test yesterday.

Do you know that it wasn't the best day of my life? AHAHAHA of course you don't know but I'll tell you why.

It's because PD101 final episode was aired on the night before my exam, while I was happily revising my notes. My million words notes! 😁 Me being silly as always just stopped doing whatever I was doing at the moment and watched this show instead (live-streaming guys), hoping that my baby Kim Samuel would win hehe.

He's the one who can't wink! Shooo cute πŸ˜‚

This lil precious thing!

And guess what?

He got number 18.

Hahahahahaha so funny.. Who the hell made his ranking drop that much?! Who?!

Man, I was so heartbroken.

I was so sad.

Honestly I am still sad.

I just hate how the voting system works.

They only vote for the pretty faces.

They don't even care about talent.

Samuel has failed three times to debut, since he's with Seventeen for god's sake, now he only deserves a ranking like Somi 😒 hwaaaaa!

Why did they do this to him?

He cried. Amagadddd T_____T

I downloaded PD 101 just because Samuel was in it. Only because of that 15 y/o kid! Now look what had happened to him? And now look which folder just made it way into recycle bin. Hehe. RIP those evil 10 episodes. How dare they give him so much screentime only to get a higher rating. What a dirty play.

Precious jewel was eliminated so...

Tapi okay jugak dia kalah, I won't have to follow Wanna One anymore, yay! Everything happens for a reason, Sammy. Everybody knows he doesn't deserve that rank.. he's so talented and people know it.

P/s : Yesterday I sat at the back row in the exam hall and I swear all my friends who passed by (I mean all of them ok) just patted me on the back and muttered 'Samuel~~~~'. I was like 'Whaaaaaaat? guyssssss don't do this to me please just go..go go go!' Embarassing mo~ *next time be careful with your instastories XD

Today I think I did okay for MP pheww I think I did okay ha-ha-ha-ha you know what it means when I think??~, next paper is on 20/6 - wood anatomy. Sorry for being here, I need to write this asap before I forget aaaand don't forget to pray to Allah to let us meet with lailatul qadar hehe. Bye~

Monday, 5 June 2017

I went to CH again!

Maybe you'll vomit just by reading the title muahahaha. Cannot ok, nanti batal puasa. XD

Excuse whatever you see above..
Well if my parents go, wherever they go, I'll definitely follow.

It was last Monday, when my mum suddenly said :

"Jom try puasa kat sana..."

"Jommmmmmmm" answered everyone except baby Iskandar. Hehe.

We went there on Tuesday.

Only me, Ma, Abah, and Anis. Yassss! No distraction from all those kiddos!

When I didn't listen to my brain and was feeling
genius enough to go picking strawberries.

Lepas tu pengsan..
Say haiii kat Jan.
Dia dah nak kena pindah kelab lain next season hwaaaaa 😭
I hate Mou. 
Gelak apa ntah dia ni 
Hehe whatever Hawanis, funny how she always looks so
good in every photo. Sila perasan :p
And then... there's this girl who doesn't want to go home.. *go slap her*

Lain kali tak payah pergilah bulan puasa, penat nak jalan-jalan >_< sekain~ doakan aku,
final start 10 haribulan ni. Pastu raya! 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Thank you again :) lol whatevss

I will never understand why there are some people who can't see good things happen to others. 

Deep deep deep inside~ I still can't forget it though 😏 haha. It was horrible laaaaa, kiddos.
Really. Please don't try it on anyone.

My friends told me to delete the previous entry.

And now it's gone.

I mean not entirely gone muehehe...
 of course not.

I'm sorry to all of you who have read it. 

Thank you to all my friends who tegur me directly without feeling scared or anything. You guys rock! ❤ 

So it's true then, no matter how good you are to everyone, there will always be some people who try to hurt you. Every single time. 

But it's okay. As long as you're on the right path and He knows that, you're good. 

You're good :)

Thank you for making up that story. Thank you very much.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

They made it!

Guys, they won the UEL!!!!! Omg I'm so happy 😭😭😭

You see, they didn't manage to secure the top 4 in PL. But it's okay, this win would cover that (at least they win something okayyy).

I really teared up once the game was over. Lol so much drama this kid hehe. Well, aliaa being aliaa XD
Got this from facebook. See, Rooney was holding the trophy πŸ˜‰❤❤❤
Tbh it was sad seeing him play nowadays (for this game also) and if last night was the final moment of him, I just want to cry again tsk tsk.

It really hurts because he may be gone next season 😭😭😭

Thank you for the past 13 years, legend. It was a very long period 😒😒😒😒😒 just staylaaaaa... pleeeeeeaaasse. Whatever~ I hope that he'll stay (and improve again for sure).


Saturday, 20 May 2017

A quick hi!

Hi guys! Woah this activating-deactivating fb thingy is making me crazy. Really! I can't wait to leave my editor job.
* * * * *
I post this countdown everyday, and yes people, I already scheduled all of them but once I deactivate my account, all the scheduled posts just vanish! Wossssshhh into thin air 😭

What should I do???
Final exams are in two weeks and I'm sooo nervous. Well, actually not really. There's still like too many works to do, same old work at the end of the semester bla bla blah.

A complete pandemonium is right in my head. Yay me!

But don't worry, we will make it :)

Btw, I want to go home this Tuesday (I will!). And then come back to uni on..umm maybe Saturday? Haha saje nak bagitau. I really want to watch UEL final. My babies are going to play yayayayyyyy  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


I'll think about that again. Umm so yeah, goodbye! Wish me luck :)

Next time I will update about that one english learning program that I join. It is awesome!! No it's more than awesome seriously I love all the kids, where do we buy them haaa? >_<