Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Yea I miss you too!

Sooooooooooooooooooooo much! 

See all those 'o's in my so? That's how much. :P

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Story about a stranger

Hyeeee good morning!!! You miss me here~! Hehe.

Sorry world, I am so addicted to instagram these days therefore you can always find me there 'instastory'ing this and that all the time. #hateitformakingmelikethis

Something like this. Have you seen this on my instastory? 
Oh yeah you have ^^
This one also! Fadzil gave me this beeyootiful shirt for my birthday, *stares at chevy symbol* Tqvm fellow red devil!  although I know you don't read my blog.. and I don't know if I'll ever wear that shirt.. hahahha XD you know once I open the parcel the first thing that my dad points his finger at is that golden symbol :3

Plus... it's from a guy 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

And this! They were in my instastory too hahaha!
Told you I'm addicted >_<
Random fact about me while instagramming : I don't watch other people's instastories (except I really like you or you're related to someone that I really like... or you're the son of Abedin Januzaj) and forgetting about my own ones but always keep adding new ones to my timeline. You won't like me there seriously hehe.

🍀  ☘️  🍀  ☘️  🍀

So today there is nothing worth blogging actually. But I want to tell you a not-so-fun story which is not worth blogging either but I want to keep my blog alive just like me so... if you're feeling rajin..go ahead and read it.

🍀  ☘️  🍀  ☘️  🍀 

My family and I were at Mydin Mall last month when we stumbled into my cousin, Kak Umi Aida. So she joined us hooyay! I love Kak Umi because she's like my best friend eventhough we're 5 years apart. She's the immature one heheh 😝

Then out of the blue there was this guy appearing out of no where. Ooh hey what a nice baju melayu he's wearing - baby blue! Okay. Dismissed that.

Later I noticed that he kept following us wherever we went! (omg omg omg!). And when I say that he kept following us, I really mean it ok. From containers row to stationaries corner to cabinet stuff and etc he was right behind us. But I thought he was Kak Umi's future fiancee (who didn't talk to her the entire time), so let's just keep quiet and be nice, I told myself.

After like an hour later which felt like forever, he was a bit far from us but still at our row. My cousin suddenly said in her BIG LOUD voice, "Siapa tu asyik ikut kita jer?"

Everybody had no idea of course. And I think that guy heard her voice hahahhaa because he didn't keep up pace with us anymore. Poor guy.

But man, I really thought that he was my cousin's soon-to-be fiancee (my family too) while Kak Umi thought the other way around! Yas! Dia ingatkan lelaki tu my boyfriend (who didn't talk to her gf the entire time) wutttt! Now you get the picture rite?

He really really walked closely behind us -.-

Anyways.. I did not look at his face so don't ask laa whether he's good looking or not (but judging from his lanky figure, I guess he is lol). No no no, I was not lowering my gaze like all of you think..hekhek >_<

It's just another fact/habit of mine that I sooooooo rarely look at people's face wherever I go. Be it male or female idc, I only look at the front, to prevent myself from bumping into the wall and destroying my shiny forehead. Let's say I am about to cross path with my 'idontknowwhattocallhim', maybe I won't notice him also.

I will look like a snob. Apologies in advance, bruh 🙏🏻

Then you know at uni, I constantly made this stupid mistake by calling other people with my friends' names and smiling like an idiot. Have you done that? Wahahhaha! It was funny and sad at the same time, wasn't it?
  • Funny because they really looked like my friends from faraway. 
  • And sad because I have problem with my eyes - short sighted.
I have humiliated myself millions times already and that makes me very sad... pfft 😂.. More often than not I thought..woah not again! not againnnn! Why does my mouth is always faster than my brain? I am soooo fast that if I am walking with the gang at the moment, they won't even get a chance to stop me from calling whatever names that slip from my mouth -_____-

And then they will laugh at me. Ha-ha. Berjemaah gitew~

“Won’t you please play a song, a sad song, for my-sad--self over there…” (Violins wail in the distance)

So embarrassing.

Oh well considering that's also how I make new friends (by greeting and smiling at random strangers), I don't feel so sad anymore hehe. I love my eyes! Now stop the violins.

P/s : happy anniversary to my mum and dad. The 32nd! Look how time flies :')

Saturday, 22 July 2017

No no no not today~

Sometimes I wonder if I still look like a babygirl to my mum.


Right now, I am supposed to be at the peak of Bukit Keluang with Luni, Hasni, Ainaa, and her other four friends.

"Ma rasa tak sedap hati ni, tak payah pergilah.."

There, she said it, the sentence that was powerful enough to change our entire plan. Well, MY entire plan. Why mummy why???

I had been to Bukit Keluang before..hehe. With my classmates. Tell you what, my mum actually didn't know that I was going to hike on that day. She thought I was just...gonna build a sand castle? By the seaside Lol >_<

I went there with Cuya, Ainie, Mimi, Jaa, Iyraa, and Farhan. Yep only one male and my parents approved that.

So off to Bukit Keluang we were.

We had no problem eventhough it's weekday and not many people were there. The forest was strangely quiet though, now that I think about it, it was actually scary. But being the students who spent most of our times in the forest, we stayed calm. Long live forestry students!!! Ceh perasanlah ko kena tinggal sorang2 dlam hutan nangis gak. 🤦🏻‍♀️

It only took us an hour to reach the peak and subhanallah the scenery was sooooo beautiful. No one was there. Yayyyy! Can take lots of pics hehe!

I went home and showed Ma our pictures from the trip. She didn't look surprised. Uhh well, she didn't look like a mother who did not allow her daughter to hike Bukit Keluang. 😂

So ladies and gentlemen, of course I assumed she would let me go today. Pheww..

Nope. No chance :) She still trusted my classmates especially Farhan lah since he's already familiar with that place.

Haha so okay, I won't go.

Plus, I don't feel good also right now.

Abah tho... "bahahaha lawaknya kalau sesat di Bukit Keluang"

Excuse me, anything can happen okay .. -.-

Really why did Ma have to say that sentence? 😂